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    [–] Your unpopular Dark Souls opinions? ScowlEasy 1 points ago in darksouls

    Gotta agree with you here. Just finally bought (and beat) the dlc recently; don't really have any desire to play it again.

    [–] [Spoilers] About Snoke after TLJ... ScowlEasy 1 points ago in MawInstallation

    Abeloth? Maybe the phantom of some old dark sider has been awoken? Because I wouldn't mind seeing Kylo seeking out old sith temples.

    [–] Without revealing its name what is your favorite video game? ScowlEasy 1 points ago in AskReddit

    "There's no way you're taking Kairi's heart!"

    "Darkness is the heart's true essence"


    "Got it memorized?"

    The KH series is infinitely quotable.

    [–] What conspiracy theory is probably true? ScowlEasy 32 points ago in AskReddit

    36 TSA employees were discovered to have been on terror watch lists, several with direct access to planes on the ground.


    [–] Kid Buu absorbs Darkseid. Kirby absorbs Thanos. Who wins between Kirbos and Dark Buu? ScowlEasy 1 points ago in whowouldwin

    I don't know what power Kirby would get from absorbing Thanos

    The amazing ability to unknowingly sabotage all of your plans because you subconsciously believe you don't deserve it!

    [–] "Dormammu, it's Billy Mays here, and I've come to bargain!" Instead of Doctor Strange, can Billy Mays persuade Dormammu to leave Earth and never return? ScowlEasy 1 points ago in whowouldwin

    Seeing as how time doesn't exist in the dark dimension, Dormammu's experience of the rounds might go something like this, in which case Billy Mays with the Eye of Agamotto should take this pretty easily.

    [–] [Fullmetal Alchemist] In the end, did King Bradley truly loved his wife? ScowlEasy 4 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    Bradley was shown time and again to have emotion but he often confused it with instinct and some other biological processes.

    Bradley was a human before becoming Wrath, so that might have affected things.

    [–] Gwyn is a bullshit boss ScowlEasy 2 points ago in darksouls

    Imagine being a living god wielding insane power and then turning into the bed of chaos

    [–] [Star Wars] How does a blaster beam kill a storm trooper? ScowlEasy 3 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    Thats why Storm troopers try to intimidate the populous rather than fight,

    Rebels can afford to use deadly military-grade weapons, stormtroopers have to keep the peace.

    [–] Men of Reddit, what creepy things have women done to you? ScowlEasy -40 points ago in AskReddit

    What the fuck kind of dumbass question is this? She was sexually harassing him and the first thing you comment is "Was she hot?"

    "Hey this lady was touching my crotch without my consent"

    "... were you attracted to her? Did you like it?"

    congratulations on being a jackass.

    [–] Chapter 162 - Links and Discussion ScowlEasy 1 points ago in BokuNoHeroAcademia

    I think he's seriously afraid of the fact that two potential supervillians he's personally fought are still a threat. And what's more, The league of Villains just got exponentially more dangerous.

    Imagine; after all that the LoV just takes all your hero work and uses it to become stronger. That's scary.

    [–] Chapter 162 - Links and Discussion ScowlEasy 1 points ago in BokuNoHeroAcademia

    Not idiotic, just possibly insane. He seems to take "instructions" from the weather report on that radio around his neck. Based on Kirishima's flashback he seems intelligent enough; but then again he's only had two real appearances so we don't really know yet.

    [–] Chapter 161 - Links and Discussion ScowlEasy 1 points ago in BokuNoHeroAcademia

    Option 3:

    Eri still has huge mental scars from living with the Eight Precepts and struggles to use her quirk at all

    [–] Chapter 160 - Links and Discussion ScowlEasy 1 points ago in BokuNoHeroAcademia

    twice the sand, double the glass

    [–] Chapter 157 - Links and Discussion ScowlEasy 1 points ago in BokuNoHeroAcademia

    However Chisaki was also talking about developing a serum that could restore the quirks and selling them to the heroes.

    [–] Unpopular opinion thread ScowlEasy 1 points ago in darksouls

    Let's be honest here: Dark Souls is not as hard as people claim it to be. Dark souls only has one difficulty; nothing more, nothing less.

    There is always something you can to to make it easier on yourself.

    Okay, if it's one of your first runs (<2-3) and you haven't read any guides/watched any help videos, Dark souls is a hard game. Fighting the Bell Gargoyles at lv.15 with un- upgraded equipment while fatrolling (because you're not sure how END or equip burden works) is hard.

    But you know what's not hard? Tearing through the gargs in less than a minute because you're lv.30 with a +5 weapon and solaire summoned to back you up.

    • Upgrade your equipment.

      • Higher stability = less stamina drained when you block.
    • Level up your character a little more

    • Upgrade your pyromancy flame.

    • Use the white sign soapstone for 100% risk free boss practice

    Kill the dogs first

    [–] Unpopular opinion thread ScowlEasy 0 points ago in darksouls

    Except that Solaire's giant, glowing yellow, "Look at me!!!" summon sign is literally directly in front of the boss fog. Andre can upgrade you weapon, shield and armor to +5 if you want, and bonfires are so close by there's no chance of losing souls from dying twice in a row.

    There are so many things you can do to make that fight easier. The only people saying" it's too hard!!!" are the ones that just gave up after 2 tries.

    [–] [LOTR] How Powerful Would Thor be in The Lord of the Rings World? ScowlEasy 2 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    Yes. Presumably Frodo would live out the rest of his normal lifespan, albeit living in the undying lands could affect that.

    Valinor is essentially a paradise. In the LOTR universe It is definitely not heaven; but if a mortal man went there he would assume that it was. Every good quality you could use to describe something, Valinor has that turned up to 11.

    Remember how amazing and awe-inspiring the elven kingdoms looked in LOTR movies? Valinor makes those look like washed-out sandcastles in comparison.

    Frodo needed to go there because he couldn't live in middle earth any longer. Carrying the ring left grave spiritual wounds on him that would've never healed over time. Living in Valinor was a great honor given to the saviour(s) of middle earth, but it was also the only way Frodo would be able to live in peace.

    [–] [LOTR] How Powerful Would Thor be in The Lord of the Rings World? ScowlEasy 1 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    Valinor is the land that the Valar+Maiar live in. Also known as the undying lands; it's where Frodo, Gandalf and the elves left for at the end of the lotr series

    [–] [DC]I'm a Green Lantern corps AND a Justice League member, but both groups need me in a different big universe's-fate-deciding battle at the same time. Which group takes priority? ScowlEasy 2 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    In case nobody checked that link, Drktzry RRR is:

    Dkrtzy Rrr is a bio-sentient mathematical equation first discovered by the mad mathematician Timph Rye, who sought to prove that willpower could be derived formulaically. Dkrtzy has been known to invade the brains of his enemies and erase them, a subject of much debate across Oa. Dkrtzy RRR never attends Green Lantern Corps meetings as it can only be perceived by the Guardians of the Universe.