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    [–] What is the biggest unanswered question from your favorite movie? ScowlEasy 68 points ago in AskReddit

    She believed she was a slutty, unlovable whore and saw Forrest as an innocent, perfect, almost angelic figure.

    Also: the only person who genuinely loves her for who she is is mentally handicapped. Forrest doesn't really seem to understand Jenny's issues, and will only love her in the simple way he can.

    In some sense Jenny would be taking advantage of him; nothing she could do would ever change the way he feels about her.

    [–] “I Hate Everyone in the White House!”: Trump Seethes as Advisers Fear the President Is “Unraveling” ScowlEasy 3 points ago in politics

    Fear is addictive. You make someone afraid, and you can control them. Keeping someone afraid is exactly the same as keeping someone addicted to heroin: too much, and they'll seek help; but just a little bit here and there, enough to take the edge off but never really satisfy, and they'll be a customer for life.

    Now, people don't like being afraid; just like how people don't like being addicted to heroin. So to get around this you "justify" their fears with distorted information and half-truths. You tell them "see? you're right to afraid. Those people are dangerous. Your negative feelings about them are okay."

    After enough time of this, day after day, and you will begin to hate people you've never even met.

    And someone'll be making money off of that.

    That's really fucked up.

    [–] VaatiVidya - Dark Souls Lore: Izalith Translated ScowlEasy 1 points ago in darksouls

    Little late to the party, but I really like this; there's some really interesting things these "cultured/civilized Izalith" ideas could lead to.

    [–] I love how everyone has trouble with different bosses. ScowlEasy 2 points ago in darksouls

    Also, you spend a ridiculous amount of time exploring, testing out/upgrading different weapons, finding those niche hidden items,etc.

    Second time around you can beeline from place to place and streamline your playthrough by entire days' worth of time.

    [–] What is the greatest video game weapon of all time? ScowlEasy 27 points ago in AskReddit

    Plus you're fighting enemies made of literal darkness. The keyblade is the least weird thing about the KH series.

    [–] [Punisher] Is Frank Castle destined for Hell upon his death? ScowlEasy 6 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    There was also a time where some angels gave him divine weapons and recruited him to help kill demons.

    [–] Weakest Disney character that could solo most of Warhammer 40k? ScowlEasy 30 points ago * (lasted edited 18 days ago) in whowouldwin

    Actually, bloodlusted Stitch might be a good bet. He was made to destroy advanced alien civilizations.

    People forget how durable he is; dude can no-sell direct hits from large alien plasma guns (idk how Lilo+Stitch alien tech compares to other universes, but it's impressive nonetheless)

    [–] [vampire mythologies in general] why do vampires burn in the sunlight? What is it about their biology that makes them so combustible? ScowlEasy 11 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    Also some older vampire stories gave them an uncontrollable compulsion for counting things or untying knots (for some reason).

    All you had to do to was throw a handful of rice on the ground and they would obsessively count every grain, allowing you to escape.

    [–] Ohhh...It's called Lordran because it's run by lords ScowlEasy 1 points ago in darksouls

    Also the guy is able to travel to Lost Izalith and the freaking Kiln of the first flame, which is no small feat.

    [–] [Fairly Odd Parents] Why were Cosmo and Wanda sent to Timmy Turner and not some kid in a third world country like Somalia? ScowlEasy 4 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    Vicky was also intentionally torturing him physically, mentally and emotionally; while his parents never seemed to care or notice. Dude was absolutely the most miserable child on earth.

    [–] [Mulan] Why couldn't Mushu wake up the great dragon when he hit is bong ScowlEasy 0 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    He wanted Mushu to be the one to go, as Mushu was the one who could actually help Mulan.

    How the hell were they supposed to know that this girl, with no relevant training or experience, would make it through training while pretending to be a man, fight the huns, defeat the huns and KILL SHAN YU IN SINGLE COMBAT.

    Like, if general Shang showed up and personally requested Mulan's help, then I could see them actually waking the GSD. BUT; Mulan ran away from home to fight in the war, for all they knew she was gonna take one look at that training camp and run her ass back home.

    Looking at it on paper, even sending Mushu was barely necessary.

    [–] [Witcher] Why aren't the remaining Witchers more concerned that no new Witchers are being trained? Monsters are breeding everywhere, and there will be no one to take care of them after the dozen-or-so living Witchers are killed, eventually. ScowlEasy 9 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    Added to that, the presence of larger nation bodies with more regimented structures, militaries and capabilities

    Even a medium sized nation could deal with a serious monster here and there. Granted, there would be a lot of casualties; but those larger monsters don't appear often enough to cause serious, lasting damage.

    Humanity's greatest asset is it's ability to work together. Monsters can dominate in small battles; but humanity's sheer numbers will win given enough years.

    [–] Post-Episode Discussion: S03E10 - The Rickchurian Mortydate (Season 3 Finale) ScowlEasy 24 points ago in rickandmorty

    I was so excited that Jerry's character arc of him becoming his own man would culminate in him telling Beth no and choosing to stay separated. But no, of course Jerry has to move back in with them.

    Oh well, at least we can look forward to "season 1, but more streamlined'

    [–] [LOTR] How common was interracial marriage in middle-earth?? ScowlEasy 1 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    Nope. Extremely long lived, yes.

    Elves don't really "die" from old age; but eventually hundreds and hundreds of years will weigh on them until they just kind of of fade away into a spirit wandering the land. That's why all the elves were leaving for the undying lands in LOTR; they had grown tired of Middle Earth and didn't want to stay there any longer.

    Elves can be reincarnated into a new body; but for some reason many choose not to.

    [–] Malekith the witch king (warhammer) Vs the witch king of Angmar (lotr) ScowlEasy 5 points ago in whowouldwin

    The problem with trying to do direct comparisons with LOTR/Tolkein characters is that "power" is much more subtle and metaphysical in LOTR than in other works; being "more powerful" is not a direct increase in fighting ability like it is in DBZ or DC/Marvel. (which makes it pretty fun to debate actually).


    That being said; Witch King of Angmar gets his ghostly shit kicked in. Dude's actually pretty solid in a straight fight; but anyone with some real magical power/abilities (not just "I make men afraid") is gonna outclass him. Just taking a brief look at Malekith's wiki pages makes me pretty certain that this is what would happen.

    [–] [DC] If Clayface suddenly stopped doing his villainous antics and got a job - what sorts of jobs would he do and rack him the most cash? ScowlEasy 6 points ago * (lasted edited 21 days ago) in AskScienceFiction

    This needs to be higher. Clayface actually stopped being a criminal and was a pretty good detective for a while.

    [–] [Rick and Morty] Why aren't there any Beths or Summers in the citadel? ScowlEasy 5 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    Anybody that digs up a dead Rick and tries to use his portal gun + tech would be deemed a radical by the citadel. "Radicalizing a Summer" is most likely a bs excuse for "She disagrees with the citadel and we don't like that".

    [–] [General Fantasy] Why are werewolves most allergic to silver? ScowlEasy 1 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    and salt affects a myriad of things, being an impossible barrier or a compulsion to count.

    Sidenote: Some of the older vampire stories gave them an uncontrollable obsession with untying knots or counting things. This compulsion was apparently so strong that if a vampire was chasing you all you had to do was throw rice on the ground to distract it.