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    [–] Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 165 - Links and Discussion ScowlEasy 3 points ago in TokyoGhoul

    Also, anybody they bring with could get poisoned and potentially drag the group down. Even if they brought 10-15 people, most of them would be dead weight before they even have a chance to fight.

    [–] [DISC] The Promised Neverland 79 ScowlEasy 19 points ago in manga

    It's just that the cards are so stacked against Emma & co that even a half victory is a huge achievement. The slightest mistake could result in devastating consequences; which gives the feeling that catastrophe is around every corner.

    [–] You get one melee weapon of your choice. Can you clear Dark Souls? ScowlEasy 2 points ago in whowouldwin

    I think acquiring the powers of He-man is much more important the the sword itself; you could kill all of the DS bosses with a dagger if you're skilled+patient enough.

    That being said, even with the physical buffs from the sword this isn't going to be easy. Most bosses in DS could kill you in one or two hits; and you're not undead, so you won't respawn at the previous bonfire. You would have to fight extremely intelligently in order to survive.

    [–] Are there any examples of super human feats of strength and endurance without the use of magic in the lore? ScowlEasy 9 points ago in teslore

    It cooooould be considered reality manipulation if you really want to stretch it; but any person in-universe would soundly define those as magic.

    [–] What is the most evil smal change they could make in the remake to total get veterans off guard? ScowlEasy 3 points ago in darksouls

    Poison can stack more than once and purple moss only works on one stack at a time. Stood in the swamp too long and got poisoned three times? Too bad, gotta use three purple mosses to fix it.

    [–] [DC] We always talk about Batman's fantastic prep and physical capabilities, but we never talk about what makes him "The World's Greatest Detective" ScowlEasy 48 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    What about "The long Halloween"? It takes place right after Batman: year one; which is before he develops any advanced "solve the plot" tech.

    The events of the story unravel over the course of about a year, which really puts the focus on Bruce's detective skills and his relationship with Gordon/the police.

    [–] Is it in any way possible to magically brute-force the Dwemer back into existence ScowlEasy 2 points ago in teslore

    Couldn't you just use the Razor to cut the skin off of Numidium, potentially freeing them?

    [–] [X-Men] If Wolverines bones were coated in adamantium, how come his teeth weren't? ScowlEasy 15 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    In addition to this; Adamantium is insanely expensive. Even covered in Adamantium, Wolverine's teeth could still get knocked out anyway, wasting millions of dollars in the process.

    [–] [DISC] The Seven Deadly Sins 255 ScowlEasy 9 points ago in manga

    Even though they repeatedly stated that you need to be worthy of the sword to wield it, it still feels like an asspull lol. The only thing Arthur's done to prove himself worthy to rule Britannia is... be offscreen for most of the series?

    Maybe the sword works like Mjolnir; if Arthur has a moment of weakness it could leave him... which would make it even more of a pain in the ass, actually.

    [–] [DISC] The Seven Deadly Sins 255 ScowlEasy 1 points ago in manga

    It's like a blend between the avatar state and "One for all" from BnHA

    [–] [Star Wars][John Carpenter's The Thing] Would the Thing willingly get eaten by the Sarlacc Pit? And, if so, would the Thing be able to replicate the Sarlacc? ScowlEasy 3 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    2 things to add to this that make the Sarlacc-Thing even more terrifying:

    Sarlacc reproduce from planet to planet through spores; which would give the Thing easy interplanetary travel by stowing away on passing ships.

    The Thing would have extreme longevity from the Sarlacc's centuries long metabolism. Only needing the barest of nutrition for decades would make it nearly impossible to put the Sarlacc-Thing down for good.

    [–] Harry Potter vs Hermione Granger ScowlEasy 16 points ago in whowouldwin

    Something we never see in fantasy fiction are characters who are willing to save the world, but are aware of their limitations, and whilst being shit at it, still actually help.

    Neville Longbottom.

    [–] [DISC] Hajime no Ippo 1203-1204 ScowlEasy 3 points ago in manga

    do some commentating or something.

    Remember how crazy Ippo's analytical mind was? He grew a crazy fight IQ by religiously studying his opponents and watching their fights nonstop. Put anyone else in Ippo's body and they would have never beaten people like Volg, Sendo, or Sawamura.

    [–] [Godzilla] Godzilla is tremendously resistant to extreme temperatures, physical violence and radiation. But what about tremendous physical force applied to a small area... like say... a tungsten rod dropped from orbit, aka a Rod from God. Could that scramble his brains? ScowlEasy 5 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    There are iterations of Godzilla who have been hit by meteors and walked it off.

    Some of Godzilla's cells were launched into space, went through a black hole, mixed with some space crystals, which then grew into SpaceGodzilla (who was one of the strongest enemies Godzilla's ever faced).

    Godzilla is insanely strong; the only beings that have seriously hurt him were some of the strongest in existence.

    [–] [Harry Potter] Which house do you think has the biggest hookup culture? ScowlEasy 14 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    And they're all bookworms! You know for a fact that a Ravenclaw would do plenty of research on sexual activities.

    [–] What is the most terrifying wikipedia page to read? ScowlEasy 9 points ago in AskReddit

    Varg went to his appartment and stabbed him to death. He's out of jail now, but continued his solo career (Burzum) while incarcerated.

    For those that aren't huge nerds; "Burzum" means "darkness" in Black Speech, the fictional language of Mordor in The Lord of the Rings.

    For some reasons metal bands really like LOTR, but hey, I'm not complaining.

    [–] Mike Tyson with brass knuckles vs. A 6 year old with a lightsaber ScowlEasy 13 points ago in whowouldwin

    If you think a 10 year old can stare Mike Tyson in the face and not run away screaming then you're insane.

    [–] [Star Wars] Isn't becoming a Force Ghost more of a Sith move? ScowlEasy 3 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    included in the "balance" she finds is 'birth and death, peace and violence'. But when she senses the presence of "something else" calling to her,

    This is the important thing, the dark side isn't the "death" to the jedi's "life". Practitioners of the dark side seek to prolong their life, cheat death, and gain power at any cost. They manipulate the natural laws+forces of the world and twist them out of shape, bending them to their will. The dark side is unnatural.

    [–] Your unpopular Dark Souls opinions? ScowlEasy 1 points ago in darksouls

    Gotta agree with you here. Just finally bought (and beat) the dlc recently; don't really have any desire to play it again.