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    [–] Toyota Super CVT-i transmission [2448x3084] Scozzar 1 points ago in ThingsCutInHalfPorn

    It's just a feeling you get from the transmission trying to find the right gear ratios. Like a rubber band I guess. It's hard to explain the feeling without experiencing it first hand.

    [–] r/PoliticalHumor in a nutshell Scozzar 1 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    The admins. I know there's a good chance that nothing will happen but it's worth a shot. You got nothing to lose.

    [–] Weekly /r/ShitPoliticsSays Discussion Thread - September 15, 2018 Scozzar 1 points ago in ShitPoliticsSays

    Yeah I know, I've seen that too. It probably just gained too much steam and doesn't make sense to remove such a popular post.i always try to give the moderators benefit of the doubt. They're only human after all.

    [–] Toyota Super CVT-i transmission [2448x3084] Scozzar 13 points ago in ThingsCutInHalfPorn

    Some CVTs are programmed to feel like it has gears to reduce the rubber band effect

    [–] r/PoliticalHumor in a nutshell Scozzar 5 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    You could try reporting them. I mean, it's worth a shot. That's harassment.

    [–] dream car / unicorn purchased! officially in the stupid-fast wagon club Scozzar 3 points ago in cars

    Yeah but they're different price categories too though. Eh, you can't check all the boxes without spending lots of $$$

    [–] The Blue Wave In Texas Recedes: Ted Cruz Up Big Over Beto O'Rourke In Latest Texas Poll Scozzar 7 points ago in Conservative

    Yep it got so bad that the mods added a political filter to the sub and people were bitching how "their message wouldn't reach out" and that the mods were "censoring" them.

    There are two users who I would love to name right now for entertainments sake (although I won't), who are responsible for well over 70% of the toxicity in that sub. I've reported them both countless times for incivility yet they are still there every time I visit.

    [–] Weekly /r/ShitPoliticsSays Discussion Thread - September 15, 2018 Scozzar 1 points ago in ShitPoliticsSays

    There would be too many threads to post then!

    I get why we have the rule of comments only. I'm guilty breaking Rule 8 here because sometimes the whole thread is just so juicy, but this sub is about highlighting asinine comments, not threads. I've been told to just tell people in the comments to read the whole thread if it's truly stupid.

    [–] “I want Trump to end his life in prison after all of this. I want his family to do time in prison. Resignations are not enough.” Scozzar -4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in ShitPoliticsSays

    Yeah here's what they posted:

    To the TotesMessenger bot's responder u/Scozzar:

    What crimes?

    Here's an example:

    Here's another:

    Classic rich ass Donald Trump vehemently denying any wrongdoing while simultaneously paying out millions to end any further inquiry into fraud:

    Let's not forget Obstruction of Justice:

    The unending violations of the Emoluments Clause:

    And of course there's multiple conspiracy crimes with knowingly working with Russia:

    EDIT: There were unnecessary "there's.


    Edit: none of those are crimes. If they were, the media and lawyers would have been all over it. The fact that nothing came of these proves that nothing done was against the law. I'm sure there are thousands upon thousands of lawyers just itching to get Trump on any little thing, yet nothing happens... It's almost like nothing he did broke the law.

    Not to mention most of the sources for that post are pure propaganda. Huffington Post? NPR? Washington Post? They're all sources that have the leftist agenda ingrained in them.

    [–] /r/Chicago thinks Mexicans are incapable of supporting Trump Scozzar 91 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in ShitPoliticsSays

    I love it, they can't stand the idea that an immigrant sees the light. Look at those downvotes. They can't handle it!

    SPEZ: Ooooo my Zooicide cherry has been popped

    [–] Damn white people and their *shuffles deck* knowledge of weather Scozzar 0 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    We could just report the subreddits to the admins and have them banned probably within the hour. They are r/drama replications. Should be easy enough.

    [–] got this gem for $850 :,) Scozzar 3 points ago in Volkswagen

    Show her some extra love by reading some posts over at r/autodetailing

    [–] Liberal California's Poverty Rate Is Highest In The Nation Scozzar 5 points ago in Conservative

    We went from a two party legislature to a one party dictatorship ramming nonsense after nonsense bills through on the taxpayers dime.

    [–] My boyfriend’s tortoise Silvia! Scozzar 2 points ago in tortoise

    It's all fun and games until it poops on that paper. Looks like it took a while to get all those circuits nice and neat too.

    Is that the Nilsson & Riedel book? Those drawings look familiar..