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    [–] [2017 VW Golf] Front-Passenger brakes wearing differently than other three brakes? Scozzar 1 points ago in MechanicAdvice

    Maybe. I bought it brand new so it has OEM pads on them. I took the wheel off yesterday and felt the rotor and it's grooving quite a bit already. It should be under warranty anyway so I'll take care of it as soon as I can.

    [–] Cars in USA. Scozzar -6 points ago in cars

    You're not wrong. It's a shame the repeal failed.

    [–] [2017 VW Golf] Front-Passenger brakes wearing differently than other three brakes? Scozzar 1 points ago in MechanicAdvice

    So at low speeds and high speeds, braking doesn't cause the car to veer. I did, however, notice a slight vibration when lightly braking at low speeds. Like the last few feet before a complete stop. Not sure if that's just normal though.

    [–] Road trippin' machine Scozzar 3 points ago in Volkswagen

    I agree!

    My only complaint with the platform is the seats (too flat and hard to get comfortable in) and the armrest position on the driver door. Other than that it is super smooth, and I get +40mpg going 70mph.

    [–] Trump administration greenlights $324M border wall in Arizona Scozzar 1 points ago in Conservative

    Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but the wikipedia page for the California high speed rail has a Business Plan document under the "Further reading" section. It gives pretty much all the information about the project so far and additional costs.

    [–] Trump administration greenlights $324M border wall in Arizona Scozzar 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in Conservative

    Initially, the whole High Speed rail was budgeted to be 40 Billion. We're just about to finish phase I (out of 2 phases) and we're already pushing 80 Billion. This rail will be between 150 Billion - 200 Billion dollars by the time it's done, mark my words. Not only that, phase one isn't even done yet. They don't plan on finishing phase I until 2029.

    On top of that, it will never break even either. We're dumping all of this money into this project with no hope in paying it back through fare. We're building our own money pit.

    EDIT: Added some more accurate numbers.

    [–] Cities With the Worst-Maintained Roads in the United States Scozzar 6 points ago in coolguides

    Yeah, the California subreddit is r/politics-lite. I was shadowbanned for having a conservative opinion...

    [–] Cities With the Worst-Maintained Roads in the United States Scozzar 21 points ago in coolguides

    According to this source (not sure how accurate it is), California spends 471k per mile of road. Coupled with sheer land size and roads, this would make it very expensive to have good roads in a state this large. Coupled with variable weather throughout the state, they're constantly having to repair. Florida might be more expensive per mile, but the repairs are minimal since it just rains in Florida and they have less road to manage.

    Texas is a bit different since the weather is variable (seriously it was below freezing in Dallas this past week) but they privatize the roads. It's about $250k per mile in Texas. They have better roads despite having 675,000 miles of road to manage, whereas California has just 394,000 miles of road. Yes I know, there are TOLLS but they're not that expensive. Highest I've seen is $2.00 in the heart of Dallas. Still pales in comparison to San Fransisco.

    California MUST use CALTRANS (unionized) for any public works projects, like road building and high speed rail, hence why the cost per mile is higher for roads and why the no speed rail will turn into a $200 billion dollar project.

    If California wants to have better roads, they need to look into reducing the cost per mile instead of taxing the be-jesus out of us. Other states have shown privatizing road work can be done successfully, cheaper, and more efficient.

    [–] "What's funny about all these posters who complain about /r/politics is they all have a long post history on /r/the_Donald" [+1152, 1 Silver ] Scozzar 5 points ago in ShitPoliticsSays

    Yeah politics is brought up in pretty much every thread that makes it to the front page. Only the subs with strictly enforced "no politics" rules got through 2016 relatively unscathed.

    [–] Drying method? Drying Aid? Scozzar 3 points ago in AutoDetailing

    I use a "Dry me a river" waffle weave towel from the Rag Company + Meguiars D15601 Synthetic Spray wax as a drying aid.

    I will use the sheeting method to get a lot of the residual water off that car, the fold the waffle weave up, spray a few pumps of the spray wax on the towel and start wiping the water away.

    For waffle weave towels, a drying aid is recommended. For plush towels it's not needed as much, but since waffle weave towels are low pile, a drying aid to help it glide along the service works great.

    [–] Weekly /r/ShitPoliticsSays Discussion Thread - November 11, 2018 Scozzar 1 points ago in ShitPoliticsSays

    Nah, not me. I'm escaping because California is so idiotic. I would never bring it with me. I'm not a california liberal :P

    [–] Weekly /r/ShitPoliticsSays Discussion Thread - November 11, 2018 Scozzar 16 points ago in ShitPoliticsSays

    Acosta has a long history of being a douchebag as seen in all of the compilation videos of him...well being a douchebag.

    He routinely defied the White House rules and thinks he's above the rules. Moving the mic away from the White House aides and trying to speak over other people and the president seems like more than justifiable grounds to bar him from attending the press conferences. He's disruptive and only grandstanded when he was called on.

    Hopefully this will be an open and shut case. CNN loses, Trump wins, CNN says the judicial branch is fascist, CNN sucks it up and send LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE BUT ACOSTA to the White House press conferences.

    [–] Weekly /r/ShitPoliticsSays Discussion Thread - November 11, 2018 Scozzar 3 points ago in ShitPoliticsSays

    Yeah I know. I keep applying but hear nothing back...I think I'm being discriminated against because I'm Californian :P

    [–] Weekly /r/ShitPoliticsSays Discussion Thread - November 11, 2018 Scozzar 4 points ago in ShitPoliticsSays

    I'm trying to get to Texas, but the job search sucks for out of state people like myself :(

    [–] Weekly /r/ShitPoliticsSays Discussion Thread - November 11, 2018 Scozzar 16 points ago in ShitPoliticsSays

    I just saw the post in r/politics about how my state (California) now has a democratic supermajority to overturn a veto. This is actually kinda scary to think about. And I know I always roll my eyes when I see people who say they cry and have panic attacks and need medication because drumpf, but they have no reason to since really nothing has changed in day to day life.

    However, state politics are much more visible to its citizens than federal. California elected "Gun-Grabbin" Gavin Newsom for governor. He's the most left governor we've had. Strongly anti 2A, strongly anti-anything Trump, pro open borders, pro single payer healthcare, anti prison (which we desperately need more of), and the state Democratic supermajority legislature will push any asinine, backwards bill through.

    Things I'm expecting to happen now that the most left democrats have the state all to themselves:

    1. Even more restriction on firearms to the point where it is such a hassle and costly process (even moreso than it already is) that it won't be worth it to purchase a firearm at all.

    2. Increased crime from lack of prisons. We're already seeing effects of releasing "non-violent" offenders with increased larceny in my area. My friend had the tailgate stolen off his truck. Cops told him it's more common than it used to be. People steal because it's so easy in CA and all they get is a slap on the wrist, that's even if they get caught. Cops are too busy dealing with the gangs.

    3. To make up for Trump's tax reduction, California will further increase taxes to pay for the "No-speed" rail. What was supposed to be a ~80-100 Billion dollar project is now looking to be nearly 200 Billion since they're not even done with the first phase and it's already at 90 Billion. On top of that, they're going to attempt to pass a single payer bill that would further hurt the middle class, driving more to other states. Where I'm at right now in California, about 55% of the residents are on government subsidized Medi-Cal, which basically means with single payer, that almost half the state will be piggybacking off the other half.

    4. Increased illegal immigration. With California already spending upwards of 30 Billion a year on illegal aliens alone, we're fucked because Gavin will refuse Trump's wall. It's only going to get worse unless chain migration is ended and a wall is built.

    I need to get the hell out of here while I can still afford it. People who say this state is the best state haven't lived here or don't pay taxes. Watching r/politics jerk each other off about how all the great stuff they can do because they have free reign is sickening. I'm glad Reddit doesn't represent the average population but California's population (SF and LA) are far from average.

    Give it 5-10 years and this state will be Detroit 2: Electric Boogaloo.