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    [–] Soaking it up. Seanji6 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in backpacking

    Yes! Great eye! Had to rep the chucktown on my trip!

    [–] Soaking it up. Seanji6 3 points ago in backpacking

    Well my Aussie friend. If you get to the continent of South America and want to get to Peru. Lima is your best bet. Also South America is amazing, if you have any questions about it you’re welcome to reach out to me. Been to most of Latin America.

    [–] Soaking it up. Seanji6 0 points ago in backpacking

    Day packed. Backpacked through South America when I took this.

    [–] Soaking it up. Seanji6 1 points ago in backpacking


    [–] Soaking it up. Seanji6 5 points ago in backpacking

    It’s an amazing place. One of the highlights of my travels through out Latin America. Peru is magical in generally but the sacred valley is so cool.

    Ps from the US, it’s really easy and pretty affordable to get there!

    [–] Soaking it up. Seanji6 2 points ago in backpacking

    Charlie on the ridge!

    [–] Soaking it up. Seanji6 2 points ago in backpacking

    Feel lucky everyday. Very grateful I worked so hard to earn it. To fully appreciate it.

    [–] Soaking it up. Seanji6 1 points ago in backpacking

    I didn’t! I was a rookie traveler at that time and didn’t have the foresight to get my ticket/permit to climb it. I want to come back and do a trail and wayanapicchu.

    [–] Soaking it up. Seanji6 3 points ago in backpacking

    You’re absolutely right it does. It was a stop on a 2 month journey and wish I allocated more time to it. I loved Peru. Have back to Lima since but gotta get back to the sacred valley.

    [–] Soaking it up. Seanji6 5 points ago in backpacking

    Thank you! You’re gonna love it.

    [–] Soaking it up. Seanji6 7 points ago in backpacking

    Regretfully I didn’t, I ran out of time but I hope to return to complete the Inca or the salkantay trail. Good luck if you do!

    [–] Soaking it up. Seanji6 22 points ago in backpacking

    Indeed it is, Inti Puku aka the Sun Gate.

    [–] Always making excuses Seanji6 0 points ago in quityourbullshit

    !remindme 1 day

    [–] 4 years ago my life changed forever. Seanji6 3 points ago in backpacking

    I know and I was young and dumb. I regret that I became part of the problem. As much as I love this picture. I tell those who want to do it not to and I was wrong. I’m sorry and wish I was more conscientious of that at the time. I think I was just so excited. No excuses tho. I acknowledge what I did was wrong.

    [–] 4 years ago my life changed forever. Seanji6 5 points ago in backpacking

    Let’s see yours! Seriously mind blowing. It was the end of a 60 day trip and man when I got there it was something emotional.

    [–] People that have defended your home against intruders, what is your story? Seanji6 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I was living in a very narrow street in a colonial style house that was skinny but went back into the property. Facing the house from the street there was a tiny driveway and a little fence that ran up to the house and the front door of the bottom level. In the fence was a door that led up to a stairway which directed you to upstairs (where I lived). At the time it was a changing neighborhood that was very much still in not the best part of the old city I live in. Behind it was a tiny carriage house that back in the day was used for caretakers/ mother in-law suite, whatever. I came home one night from working as I normally did. Opened the little door in the fence and made my way up the stairs. As I got almost all the way up I see a guy coming from behind the house near the carriage house and yelled at him. I said, “hey, who are you? To no response I got nervous “yo, who the fuck are you?’ He heard me and proceeded to tighten the strings around his hoodie to conceal himself more. At that moment I knew, I was getting robbed. I ran up that last few steps to upstairs and was immediately grabbed by another guy from my back in the darkness behind my punching bag. I freaked the fuck out and in true fear started screaming”get the fuck off me”, “get the fuck outta here!” In my frantic state I noticed dude coming towards the entrance of the stairs and began to come up. Some how I was able to to throw my body backwards repeatedly and slamming my head against dudes and his against the wall. He tried to keep my wrapped up but let go. I ran down the stairs as the guy from behind the carriage house was drawing his gleaming pistol off the street light. Converged with him mid way up the stairs as the gun is pointed at my face and the only thing they said to me or I heard in the entirety of this attempted robbery was him saying “O shit.” I grabbed him by the collar and literally yanked him and jumped off the stairs landing on top of him in the gravel in front of the door of the fence. His snot was all over my shirt from the impact. I’m all cut up on my side where I hit as well. All I was I was trying to do at that point was to keep him from grabbing his gun and shooting me. With one hand I was keeping the gun away from him, hitting him in the face hard and trying to yank that fence door open and get out of there. We were blocking it. As I’m desperately trying to get out of there. The guy from upstairs dips out on his accomplice and bolts down the street. As that happens I’m able to get free and get that door open and run the opposite way down the street. Guy who I just was struggling with takes off in the direction of his friend. I see neighbors who were friends of mine at the time terrified asking me if was ok. Telling me it looked like animals fighting in desperation to get out of the fence door. I was trembling. As the assholes cut the corner I noticed blue lights as my Roomate was getting pulled over. They ran right past him. Asshole Roomate has a tail light out or some shit. I was so confused. At that time. I partied a lot with some local guys and may of had things in my house these guys may of wanted. I didn’t go to that cop right away because I wasn’t sure what the hell was going on, talked to my neighbors and my Roomate who was a rambunctious crazy fella who freaked out. Ran to the as we called then the urban market at the base of our street acting a fool and almost getting his ass whooped by people in there as he was accusing people of trying to rob his boy. I called the cops about an hour later and reported the attempted robbery, I knew that I had to even tho with my statement of what happened they weren’t gonna find these guys or likely even try. Those assholes never got shit off me but ultimately I got really lucky I didn’t get shot in the face. I did end up getting intel from neighborhood guys I was cool with that it was literally two kids. They had seen my Roomate and I partying with our friends who were from this neighborhood on a consistent basis and we liked to smoke the good stuff. Apparently they thought I was the source and could take it from me. They would’ve been disappointed. Nonetheless, found out one was 16 and the other 17 and months later the older kid ended up killing someone over a robbery. So as dumb and crazy as it was a successful defense I’m crazy lucky.

    Buzzed writing this and wanted to get as descriptive as possible pardon if it seems like I’m rambling. Also grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. I possibly am. Shit was really crazy and had me paranoid for months walking up to my dark ass apartment at late nights. Thanks for reading all this if I did. Felt obliged to share my story.

    Tl:dr. Pretty much almost got robbed by two assholes and I fought them off. Lucky to have gotten away with my life because one of the guys ended up killing someone at a later time.

    [–] My badass chefs after working 14 being one of few bars open today. These guys kick ass. Seanji6 1 points ago in Charleston

    Well I appreciate that. The whole for the people thing definitely has that vibe. I wish in my buzzed state I would’ve refrained from posting at all. The amount of backlash and negativity directed at me is something I’ve never experienced and it’s horrible. My bar has gotten such negative responses. All of us are here voluntarily so we can make money. Rent isn’t gonna wait for any storm. As far as the traveling goes. I pretty much dedicate my life to it. 4 jobs no social life so I can go and explore. I can definitely give you some advice if you’re genuinely interested

    [–] My badass chefs after working 14 being one of few bars open today. These guys kick ass. Seanji6 2 points ago in Charleston

    Yea man it sucks. Something so well intended can be construed so negatively. I never said I currently work boh