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    [–] We are Compulsion Games, who made Contrast and We Happy Few. Ask us anything! SeattleMana 1 points ago in PS4

    What's the most important thing you would you recommend to game developers who rerelease a widely talked about game back to the public? (ie dealing w expectations / making major changes to the game etc)

    [–] Graphic of total MLB Postseason appearances SeattleMana 48 points ago in baseball

    In Seattle we got our own version called the "all nothing" lifestyle and it's as sweet as a bottle of bleach

    [–] My uncle who works at Nintendo sent me this SeattleMana 1 points ago in smashbros

    Wait til you see what dark echo goku looks like

    [–] Oh my god I get it, you love me. SeattleMana 103 points ago in Eyebleach

    "And the wittle bunny rabbit will join me in r/TheCuddlePuddle with his long long ears"

    [–] Interesting quote from Doug Baldwin on Wilson's progress in training camp SeattleMana 13 points ago in Seahawks

    This is a large block of text. As many of you are now unable to rest your eyes on a colorful photograph or boldface heading that could be easily skimmed and forgotten about, Hawk fans collectively recoiled Wednesday afternoon on r/Seahawks when confronted with a solid block of uninterrupted text. Dumbfounded citizens from Bellingham to Walla Walla gazed helplessly at the frightening chunk of print, unsure of what to do next. Without an illustration, chart, or embedded YouTube video to ease them in, millions were frozen in place, terrified by the sight of one long, unbroken string of English words."Why won't it just tell me what it's about?" said Olympia resident Charlyne Thomson, who was bombarded with the overwhelming mass of black text late Wednesday afternoon. "There are no bullet points, no highlighted parts. I've looked everywhere—there's nothing here but words." "Ow," Thomson added after reading the first and last lines in an attempt to get the gist of whatever the article, review, or possibly recipe was about. At 3:16 p.m., a deafening sigh was heard across the country as the nation grappled with the daunting cascade of syllables, whose unfamiliar letter-upon-letter structure stretched on for an endless 500 words. Children wailed for the attention of their bewildered parents, businesses were shuttered, and local governments ground to a halt as Americans scanned the text in vain for a web link to click on. Sources also reported a 450 percent rise in temple rubbing and under-the-breath cursing around this time."It demands so much of my time and concentration," said Tacoma resident Dale Huza, who was confronted by the confusing mound of words early Wednesday afternoon. "This large block of text, it expects me to figure everything out on my own, and I hate it.""I've never seen anything like it," said Mark Shelton, a high school teacher from Anacortes who stared blankly at the page in front of him for several minutes before finally holding it up to his ear. "What does it want from us?" As the public grows more desperate, scholars are working to randomly italicize different sections of the text, hoping the italics will land on the important parts and allow everyone to go on with their day. For now, though, millions of panicked and exhausted Americans continue to repetitively search the single column of print from top to bottom and right to left, looking for even the slightest semblance of meaning or perhaps a blurb.Some have speculated that the never-ending flood of sentences may be a news article, medical study, urgent product recall notice, letter, user agreement, or even a binding contract of some kind. But until the news does a segment in which they take sections of the text and read them aloud in a slow, calm voice while highlighting those same words on the screen, no one can say for sure.There are some, however, who remain unfazed by the virtual hailstorm of alternating consonants and vowels, and are determined to ignore it.

    [–] Fountain of Dreams is looking as beautiful as ever in Ultimate SeattleMana 92 points ago in smashbros

    generic butthurt comment that "favorite childhood character" isn't included so it's not ultimate but actually the worst game ever made

    [–] Look who is at Camp today SeattleMana 43 points ago in Seahawks

    I say we keep Kam around for the leadership boost just like Ichiro still hangs out with the M's doing his Ichiro thing

    [–] Found a cat while hiking SeattleMana 964 points ago in Eyebleach

    Cat looking like it ready for r/TheCuddlePuddle

    [–] [Divish] Robinson Cano will begin his rehab tonight with @RainiersLand SeattleMana 69 points ago in Mariners

    All we need is Segura to get back from .309 to .330, Junino to become Augnino, Seager to get out of his season long slump, Haniger to do the early-day Haniger thing again, Dee to the Dee thing again, Maybin to prove us right, Cano to jump RIGHT back into midseason form, Heredia to hit just the baseball on occasion, Healy to bump up his avg, and Romine to just not hit into a double play on every at bat and WE FINE