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    [–] Small problem I have with One Piece so far. Almost 300 episodes in. Seba7290 2 points ago in OnePiece

    Good decision. The timeskip is where the anime really hits the shitter imo.

    [–] Nazi getting what he deserves Seba7290 0 points ago in instantkarma

    That guy is a piece of shit, but violence is never the solution to a problem. I don’t feel like we should be advocating for this.

    [–] per... so... na... Seba7290 29 points ago in PERSoNA

    I headcanon that he actually legit wanted to fucking kill himself on that rooftop but instead awakened a persona

    [–] Zombieman VS Alucard Seba7290 10 points ago in OnePunchMan

    I highly recommend watching the abridged AFTER the original. Most of the jokes won’t make sense unless you have watched it.

    [–] Guys i rrally like it its really good 😍😍😍😋😶 Seba7290 1 points ago in okbuddyretard

    Did how it be whn I kill a Libtard in fortnite 😂😂😂😂

    [–] Stand tier list Seba7290 2 points ago in StardustCrusaders

    Where is Made in Heaven?

    [–] My intelligence doesn't invalidate my autism. Seba7290 6 points ago in autism

    Intelligence isn’t even part of the diagnostic criteria. Have these so-called “professionals” even read the DSM-5?

    [–] Any Advice? Seba7290 2 points ago in autism

    Well, that certainly makes things more difficult

    Try signing up for things in your community. You might meet some people there.

    [–] What a beautiful duwang *chew* Seba7290 230 points ago in ShitPostCrusaders

    immediately followed by Killer Queen dabbing

    [–] New magaka in town. Seba7290 2 points ago in ShitPostCrusaders

    Josuke is also apparently swapped with Usopp from OP in this universe

    [–] Would you rather be born blind or become blind at the age of 30? Seba7290 1 points ago in WouldYouRather

    I’m thinking it could be worse to become blind as you would know and grieve what you lost, whereas a person born blind never knew anything else.

    [–] Shanos the one woth infinite power Seba7290 4 points ago in Bossfight

    The hardest choices require the strongest wills

    [–] Happy 9th birthday to the subreddit! Seba7290 1 points ago in OnePiece

    You should get an unique OG flair or something

    [–] Hit or Miss (merunyaa) Seba7290 0 points ago in hentai

    Shadman has ruined this for me for all eternity