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    [–] A blogger tries to get a free hotel - posted in local news as a lot of drama entailed Sebastiangus 1 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    I'm out of the loop and the googling I did made me think it is a South Park episode? Is that true?

    Edit: South Park

    [–] LAOP lays down the law and changes the mind of an ignorant man! Sebastiangus 1 points ago in bestoflegaladvice

    Reminds me of the time I woke up when my bisexual roommate had loud sex(in the shower) with his boy and girlfriends when I slept three meters away. I would be okay with if it was any other time during the day then (22-07, like swedish law let's you complain about) in the middle of the night and I was sleeping. That is no reason to evict someone though (I felt).

    However he was later evicted cause he was breaking way too many other laws under my roof which the police felt I would be responsible for since it was my apartment(and he was just living in a room). Just wanted to share this legal situation when I in the end kinda had to go to the law(living court) to deal with the situation.

    [–] Trump: US could use some ‘good old Global Warming’ to heat up cold states Sebastiangus 1 points ago in worldnews

    I mean they are not wrong, even Sweden have positive farming effects from global warming. One could also say sending 50 - 70 000 Estonian's to die in Siberia was good to keep global warming at bay. Doesn't mean it's the right thing to do.

    Edit and PS: I like Sweden the way it has been cold and such like it is supposed to be.

    [–] When a company want's you to fill out a half hour of questions that your cv answers Sebastiangus 1 points ago in work

    Sweden isn´t much diffrent to be honest. In some professions you can be fired because of your personality (even though your personality was the reason they hired you to start with). You can also let someone from any profession go for "personal reasons".

    There are also six months unpayed internships where you just never get to continue at the end(thoose are the best). Or the only offering 50% which really means 75%-100% when thjey want it if you say no they will give you the "shittier" work. Or get mad at you as if your saying no is not okay.

    [–] When a company want's you to fill out a half hour of questions that your cv answers Sebastiangus 1 points ago in work

    Yeah, recruiters/headhunters/employment companies are kinda in a category for themselves. I remember I had worked short time gig for three days where I worked really hard with the same company I was looking to work for again(and taking a interview again). So the second time there were like countless of people being on interviews. I remember one person who had a t-shirt which said "fuck you" or something kinda distasteful and I was just thinking "yeah I don´t think he will get the job". However to the interview basicly all they were looking for was how much experience I had with delicacy cheese and meat products while they were hiring for a cashier position(which I at the time had five years+ experience of. It was one of the more odd interviews in my life cause she really downgraded me and was like "Yeah you aren´t that great you haven´t done this other stuff that we aren´t hiring for".

    I have worked for more headhunter's after that just to get a job when I don't have one and after two-three month's the job seems like something really alien from what they said it would be. It really wants me to need money less. Or save more? Maybe they are both working together.

    [–] When a company want's you to fill out a half hour of questions that your cv answers Sebastiangus 1 points ago in work

    The second row of quotes is you replying to the person(from a employee perspective I am guessing) posting this on linked-in as a reply to them? I´m asuming anyone who travels to a interview and goes back is wishing for something to change workwise. Otherwise you wouldn´t waste your own time in such a inefficient way (traveling to the interview and then going back).

    [–] When a company want's you to fill out a half hour of questions that your cv answers Sebastiangus 1 points ago in work

    That can be but I feel like it´s super unlikely they get frauded by someone searching for a job so often that they need to put someone through questions they shemselves probably would have a hard time answering. It honestly makes me want to counter with "How are you gonna treat me as a employee" questions. Just to make sure they are not frauding me and actually seriously searching for people to do work.

    [–] Why is suicide illegal? Sebastiangus 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in Jokes

    Honestly just felt like I had to clarify. Didn´t realize you were touchy or think about it to be honest. I was the exact same when dad was talking about general stuff today and I just felt so touched personaly cause I felt like I didn´t fit to this person he was talking about. Was glad that he didn´t mean me. Basicly I said "But that´s not me though I have been depressed for two years".

    Edit: put a better link for more context

    [–] Why is suicide illegal? Sebastiangus 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in Jokes

    I am also a veteran (three years), I didn´t really mean anything more about it other then historicly they did that not to long ago. Honestly when I thought about it in my head writing it I was thinking I think this is funny sarcistlcy and sad also.

    Edit: Regarding spies though, it kinda is that touch and go though if you look at the laws. Edit2: As having had alot of problems with suicidal issues I don´t know if it helps you like me joking about suicide (not that many comedians do it) but I love how Norm McDonald jokes about suicide(can give a link if your intrested. Everyone is diffreewnt though Edit3: Only reason I found this thread was cause I was searching for suicide jokes cause they kinda help me deal when it´s really dark.

    [–] Why is suicide illegal? Sebastiangus 1 points ago in Jokes

    Or they can just go back to shooting thoose people and get it over with like they probably did in wars before... I mean there is a cost issue with mental health.. compared to this option.. I guess that's more what spies get though.

    [–] A man went into a hotel and asked to see the boss Sebastiangus 1 points ago in Jokes

    Kinda reminds you of the style of Norm Mcdonalds non jokes. They are quite good. :)

    [–] How does one levitate in the easiest way? Sebastiangus 1 points ago in Jokes

    Hm.. that´s what my laugh sounded like.

    [–] I'm new here. Sebastiangus 1 points ago in CasualChat

    Hey, man what's up?

    [–] A tight turn! Sebastiangus 4 points ago in aww

    I didn't know there was a thing as good reposts.