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    [–] I mean... He makes a case Sedna1989 5 points ago in niceguys

    why does he need a picture of your boobs then? he has his own set of tits...

    [–] Not me, i asked the girl if i could post 😂😂 Sedna1989 1 points ago in niceguys

    Sure but you have like one main sign that you get asigned by birth... (yeah yeah the rest of them too) Never felt like „such a libra“ just because that‘s my ascendant... If you‘re all the signs what‘s the point of it anyway?

    I guess in the end it comes down to believing in stuff like that or not.

    [–] Not me, i asked the girl if i could post 😂😂 Sedna1989 11 points ago in niceguys

    My main signs are: ALL OF THEM!!

    Does this guy get that you usually have only one zodiac sign?

    [–] I'm making a short film about synesthesia! Tell me your experiences! Sedna1989 2 points ago in Synesthesia

    oh and it helped me a great deal learing languages. Especially Japanese Hiragana and Katakana (My first language is German)

    [–] I'm making a short film about synesthesia! Tell me your experiences! Sedna1989 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in Synesthesia

    I first discovered it in school (about 12-13 years old) when my teacher explained it to the class. I was sooo surprised that it wasn’t the norm! I have a few forms of synesthesia which are kind of intertwined. (all association types)

    Grapheme-color synesthesia: all my numbers and letters have a colour. for example A is red and Z is black. 1 is black and 2 is orange. Numbers have also „layers“. I don‘t know if I can explain that in a logical way though... 0 is white, so the numbers from 0-9 have a white undertone. from 10-19 the black of the 1 is the undertone. from 20-29 it‘s orange. for every 0 added there is another layer. so for 0-99 it‘s white, for 100-199 it‘s black. 0-999 is white and 1000-9999 is black and so forth. the individual numbers have also a bit of the colour of the last digit. 21 for example is orange with a hint of black (from 1).

    Spatial-sequence-synesthesia: those numbers are arranged from bottom right ascending gradually to top left. I can easily zoom in and out of the whole thing to count or do calculations. actually I don‘t really have to calculate, I just see it by zooming in and out. have tried to visualize that but failed so far. 😑 also the alphabet, hours, days, weeks and months are arranged too, also coloured of course 😉. (those i‘ve drawn, if the pictures are of any use to you let me know)

    OLP (ordinal linguistic personification): All letters and numbers have genders and sort of personalities (more like friendly/likable and not friendly). I tend to like people more when they’re names have a colour I like. 0-9 all odd numbers are male, evens are female. For the letters it‘s mixed. most are male though, i think.

    chromatic-personification-synesthesia: People have colours. Most of the time it‘s determined by the first letter of their name. For example J is yellow so Janice and Jonas are yellow as well. But that doesn‘t seem to be the only origin. A is red and L is orange, but I know a blue Alina and a pink Linda. It‘s also possible that two people with the same name have different colours. I‘m still searching for reasons and explanation why/how the colours are assigned the way they are.

    If you want to know anything else about any of the above let me know.

    I also participated in a study about synesthesia a few years ago if that is of any use for you. :)

    [–] What do 7, Wednesday, and August have in common? Sedna1989 2 points ago in Synesthesia

    Colours don’t match for me but they‘re all male.

    [–] Zoophile + Twitter = Content Sedna1989 1 points ago in iamverysmart

    I always thought i‘m the only idiot who can‘t get that damn word right. Glad to hear others exist.

    [–] Guy asking strangers for a free gaming pc Sedna1989 4 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    and todays price for „acting like a salty five year old“ goes tooooo...

    [–] One of you would be so lucky to have him!!!!! (He posts this shit on an almost hourly basis) Sedna1989 5 points ago in niceguys

    Unfortunately that might be the case... It doesn‘t seem like his friends just tell him how great he is. At least one is smelling that the guy isn‘t happy. Sadly his self reflection already ends there.

    [–] My GF gets these at least twice a week from customers. Sedna1989 2 points ago in niceguys

    A friend of mine gets messages and friend requests like these on a regular basis too. She‘s a doctors assistant and the guys meet her in the practice. Don‘t really talk to her or have the courage to ask her out and then creep on her via social media. She also had middle aged married men messaging her about wanting some fun etc.

    [–] My GF gets these at least twice a week from customers. Sedna1989 3 points ago in niceguys

    Well, you’re the one balking his plans so shame on you and your toxic masculinity lol.

    Oh my the logic of this guy...

    [–] Not sure if this fits here but...when a guy doesn’t get the hint that you’re not interested (I am a lesbian and have informed him of this) Sedna1989 2 points ago in niceguys

    For them the whole universe revolves around their dick... Of course they think OP is just a lesbian cause she hasn‘t tried their dick yet. Imagine the achievement of turning a lesbian straight by your dick magic. XD Sad though.

    [–] Guy who found me on r/coloring just wanted to motivate me to lose weight Sedna1989 4 points ago in niceguys

    Hey OP, I hope you don‘t let dickheads like that one get too close to you. You can be proud of what you‘ve achieved. Noone can take that a way from you. :) And the coloring looks awesome btw!

    [–] I hate the world. Sedna1989 2 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    Never in my life has it occurred to me that i could have something cheaper cause i‘m already paying for other stuff. „I‘m already paying my rent, can i please have all my groceries for free?“ wtf?

    [–] Certainly not mine but.... "Healthy Female Of Breeding Age" Sedna1989 1 points ago in niceguys

    I‘m pretty sure he‘s a robot trying to keep is human cover.