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    [–] You guys have an amazing city! Senor_Martillo 8 points ago in Portland

    I think the west coast states could be happy in a divorce, like a smart, successful woman leaving an abusive spouse. What was left of the US would sulk, threaten, and whine as soon as their massive subsidies from California were withdrawn. When the ridiculous irony of their “freedom vs socialism” narrative was laid bare. When they were left to support their own shitty spending habits without those left coast elitists they love to hate.

    New Canada would be bangin’ though! A coast to coast, Arctic-to-Mexico powerhouse that just doubled its population and GDP.

    [–] You guys have an amazing city! Senor_Martillo 23 points ago in Portland

    There was a proposal I heard a while back to have OR, WA, and CA secede and join Canada. That would be pretty epic.

    [–] Plus sized bars/clubs? Senor_Martillo 22 points ago in Portland

    Head to anything east of 82nd and south of Powell. You should find what you’re looking for.

    [–] All in the name of safety Senor_Martillo 333 points ago in Libertarian

    Are you all out of the “Diversity and Inclusion” paper? Those other two are so early-2000’s.

    [–] What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping Naked Senor_Martillo 1 points ago in sexover30

    Pro tip: if you’re spamming a subreddit to get clicks on your own site, don’t make your user name the same as your website url.

    TLDR for those who don’t want to encourage spammers: sleeping naked is comfortable because it airs out your junk.

    [–] Anyone remember this? Senor_Martillo 7 points ago in sandiego

    Equis Hachay Arrey Emme. Baja California, Mehico.

    [–] Eagle eyes Senor_Martillo 1 points ago in pics

    The fuck is wrong with that girls face?!!!

    [–] NSFW - My SolidWorks final Senor_Martillo 3 points ago in SolidWorks

    Reciprocating sidewalk chalk?

    I don’t see what’s nsfw about that.

    [–] Mountain Lion held off by loyal Lab Senor_Martillo 1 points ago in natureismetal

    That’s also a tiny specimen, either a runt or a juvenile. I’ve only ever seen one in the wild, while riding in Oregon, but it was huge. My guess was about 250lbs, 6 foot body and a 6 foot tail. There’s no lab on earth standing up to a cat like that if it decides to have a bite.

    [–] I had a good time in Wales Senor_Martillo 0 points ago in pics

    It’s right outside of Gwynnfrllygcch.

    [–] Rosetta (Comet 67P) standing above Los Angeles Senor_Martillo 1 points ago in space

    Some say a comet will fall from the sky Followed by meteor showers and tidal waves Followed by fault lines that cannot sit still Followed by millions of dumbfounded dipshits And some say the end is near Some say we'll see Armageddon soon I certainly hope we will I sure could use a vacation from this Stupid shit, silly shit, stupid shit One great big festering neon distraction I've a suggestion to keep you all occupied Learn to swim, learn to swim, learn to swim 'Cause Mom's gonna fix it all soon

    [–] Too many Lampreys Senor_Martillo 1 points ago in natureismetal

    You know it, and his number was probably lower than ours.

    [–] Too many Lampreys Senor_Martillo 40 points ago in natureismetal

    Viewing room at Bonneville Dam?

    [–] If you could shrink down any ocean dweller to be happy in your tank what would you buy next? Senor_Martillo 6 points ago in ReefTank

    A school of bluefin tuna. Then I could pluck a couple out every so often and have the CUTEST little plate of sashimi.

    [–] This morning Race for Autism at Balboa Park. Your friendly neighborhood Spider-man Senor_Martillo -1 points ago in sandiego

    You know what the race cars sound like?


    [–] There’s something wrong when people come together in celebration to torture an animal to death while mocking his despair. Senor_Martillo 1 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    Fucking Spaniards do some sick shit.

    Check out the “festival” where they set a goat on fire then toss him from the bell tower of the church.

    Or the one where they hang up hundreds of dogs, beat them to death and leave the carcasses up like tree ornaments.

    [–] Rocky Mountain Element 70 Senor_Martillo 3 points ago in MTB

    Any bike is better than no bike, and 300 bucks is a pretty easy price point. Not much in the way of decent rides at that price.

    Go for it!