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    [–] I made some filet mignon. Thinking of using leftovers for a sandwich at lunch tomorrow. Between a microwave and toaster oven, what's the best way to reheat it? How can I make my sandwich the best it can be? Senor_Martillo 13 points ago in AskCulinary

    Nah’s the trick:

    Slice the beef super thin Heat up a cup of beef bullion broth in the microwave. Dunk the slices in the hot broth for a minute or so. Pile on toasted sourdough. Instant amazing French dip sandwich. Beef reheated without getting dried out, over cooked or nasty.

    [–] Resources for learning surface modeling? Senor_Martillo 2 points ago in SolidWorks

    Check out Daniel LaVoie’s surfacing tutorials. There’s an Audi R8, an F16, and some others.

    It’s very much a rote tutorial, just telling you exactly what steps to take with no real instruction, but by the time you get through it you’ll have touched on the important functions. Plus have a sweet model for your portfolio.

    [–] Jumping Sand Dunes Senor_Martillo 20 points ago in gifs

    Neither of these mental midgets has a whip flag, designed to prevent this exact scenario.

    [–] Piracy - Where do libertarians stand on it? Senor_Martillo 3 points ago in Libertarian

    It’s not on the government to prevent copies of your stuff. If you make a product that you feel you deserve exclusivity on, its up to you to find a way to protect it. That can take many forms: technology based DRM protections like you might find on a video stream, or contractual agreements to not duplicate like you might see at a concert venue “No recording allowed”.

    If you let your shit out in the wild without those protections, that is the very nature of the public domain. Somebody making copies of your work later on doesn’t take anything away from you. The only putative harm you could claim is a loss of POTENTIAL customers, but the fact is they weren’t your customers since the product was already available and they chose not to buy.

    Protect your own product and make it good enough and competitively priced enough that people want to pay for it.

    It ain’t the gubmints bidness.

    [–] Lightweight breathable pant suggestions? Senor_Martillo 5 points ago in Construction

    Check the Kuhl Revolver. It’s a mountaineering pant so it’s gusseted to move freely, lite and breathable, and pretty tough (for a summer pant) nylon material. A little spendy but totally worth it IMO.

    [–] Sack with feces on my belly gave me self-confidence and made me sexy Senor_Martillo -1 points ago in pics

    So like, if I wanna hit her in the shitter, do I have to pull the bag out first?

    [–] A Michigan cannabis farmer standing with his crop in 1910. Senor_Martillo 13 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    It’s so tedious using the /s.

    It’s like having to explain a joke, takes all the fun out of it.

    [–] A Michigan cannabis farmer standing with his crop in 1910. Senor_Martillo 62 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    That was before the negroes and the spaniards from New Orleans took up marihuana with their “jazz” music.

    After that, it was clear the devil’s weed had no place in polite society.

    [–] China could overwhelm US military in Asia in hours, Australian report says Senor_Martillo -1 points ago in worldnews

    AND make sure you do ALL this after you’ve squandered trillions of dollars making bomb craters in the sand somewhere else. Oh and don’t forget to pay for all of this by borrowing from the Chinese.

    [–] Any liberal preppers out there? Senor_Martillo 5 points ago in preppers

    Here’s where you’re dead wrong: “the majority of dems” don’t support anything of the sort. The extreme leftist position on things like transsexuals is just that: extreme.

    Unless you’d also agree that “the majority of Republicans” support gutting the EPA, shoot to kill orders at the border, gay conversion therapy, banning abortion even after rape, and so on. Those are the extremes. 99% of everyone is somewhere in the middle.

    [–] Unpopular opinion: Being wealthy isn't a crime Senor_Martillo 17 points ago in Libertarian

    So you’re tired of being shamed? Big deal, nobody cares what you feel except your loved ones.

    Everyone is entitled to advocate for their own prosperity. The wealthy manipulate the legal system and use every tool at their disposal to remain wealthy. The poor don’t have the same tools at their disposal so they use what they do have: larger numbers and free speech.

    [–] Sur-Ron X SHREDS In Hare Scramble Race! Atkinson IL Senor_Martillo 2 points ago in ebikes

    Love my little Sur Ron. I take it out to our local frequently alongside my KTM 350, it’s a perfect size for my 11 year old son. I think I have more fun on the Sur Ron.