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    [–] Beautiful cabin on lake winnepesaukee Senor_Martillo 2 points ago in pics

    They might have an ejector pump and a line running ashore. I’ve seen similar setups around my grandparent’s place in Georgian bay

    [–] Do libertarians care either? Nah! Senor_Martillo 2 points ago in Libertarian

    That one legged woman has a huge dong

    [–] Building an enduro e bike from alibaba Senor_Martillo 1 points ago in ebikes

    Had a stealth bomber. It sucked.

    Now have a sur Ron X. It’s awesome.

    [–] Virgin Atlantic Flight Reaches 801 MPH as Furious Jet Stream Propels Faster Than Sound Barrier Senor_Martillo 1 points ago in news

    Got a bonus from this very phenomenon last month. Flying home from Shanghai to SF with a ripping tailwind, went gate to gate in under ten hours. Flight is scheduled to take 12.


    [–] being able to hit your target. Senor_Martillo -4 points ago in Libertarian

    These memes are retarded.

    Not a single one of you is ever going to “take up arms against the government” or “load rifle with libertarian intent” and we both know it.

    [–] Nightly Off Topic - The Grass Is Always Greener Senor_Martillo 1 points ago in sexover30

    I keep thinking there’s a life where I can actually enjoy what I have instead of grinding my whole goddamn face to the bone working. I seriously feel like I’m gonna work myself to death before I can chill the fuck out and live.

    43, Two kids, married almost 20 years, more happy years than not. Sweet house in California. Big fat income and a mortgage that could sink a 3rd world country. I’m spinning in the wind wondering what if. What if I pulled the plug and moved to Tahoe or Oregon? What if we went waaay overboard and liquidated everything and moved to Costa Rica or Mexico? My income would fall by half or more but might I actually be happy? My kids would piss and moan about what we left behind, but honestly fuck em. They don’t lift a finger in this circus, it’s of our own making, plus they’re showing serious signs of affluenza. Rich and uncaring children who don’t know any sort of adversity or want. We move heaven and earth to create this life for them and they don’t care, not really, because they don’t know any different.

    Fuck I need a drink. Hope my liver lasts longer than my vesting schedule.

    [–] Gillibrand campaign event interrupted by woman seeking ranch dressing Senor_Martillo 8 points ago in nottheonion

    Unfortunately it’s proven so effective that “crumb-faced toddler” is likely to be our new gold standard for political discourse.

    [–] Being a young rookie at a construction site is...interesting Senor_Martillo 6 points ago in Construction

    Clean stuff up nonstop. If you’re not actively doing something else, be running a broom or shopvac or picking up.

    [–] Ironic Senor_Martillo -3 points ago in dankmemes

    This “loads rifle with libertarian intent” meme is fucking stupid.

    None of you are ever gonna take up arms against the government. You know it and I know it, so why don’t you just stop.

    [–] PTC Creo vs Solidworks Senor_Martillo 3 points ago in AskEngineers

    Solidworks: easy to use, intuitive interface, very common across many industries. Also buggy, crash prone, and simply stops working once you hit a certain files size (this varies by computer. Some give up around 100mb, others will take up to 300)

    Creo: a miserable torturous interface that leaves you banging your head into the desk and wondering why you didn’t go into finance. Also very powerful and stable. Only crashes once in a blue moon, and if you built it right the first time, will rebuild exactly the same way forever.

    [–] AND WHO’S GOING TO PAY FOR IT? Senor_Martillo 1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Republicans are so smart, like when Bush and Rumsfeld has the Iraq war paid for with captured oil!

    Hardly cost us a penny, that one time.

    [–] 37 years old and built this van. I guess adulthood hasn't kicked in yet. Senor_Martillo -7 points ago in MTB

    I may be in the minority here, but I find the whole #vanlife thing to be kind of lame. Precious and pretentious.

    You don’t need a 100k dollar van to go camping and bike riding.

    [–] More than 900 dead in Madagascar measles epidemic Senor_Martillo 12 points ago in worldnews

    Yeah but I have a Gwyneth brand vagina steamer so I’m good.

    [–] Are all vaginas the same? Senor_Martillo 2 points ago in sexover30

    Geez man, you gotta lead up to your fantasy gradually

    [–] Diversity initiative in engineering recruiting - I’m concerned we are reverse discriminating. Senor_Martillo 19 points ago in AskEngineers

    So make those extra benefits apply strictly on the basis of income. That way you’re racially “fair” AND the change will disproportionately help historically disadvantaged communities.