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    [–] The secret of laundry. Serdones 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    I've never really separated whites. Never outright turned a white shirt pink or anything that severe, but I do think my white shirts start to look dingy over time. But maybe I could still restore them with bleach or something. Would be nice for my 2011 CM Punk shirt to look more vibrant again.

    [–] Randy Orton Being Smooth. Serdones 3 points ago in SquaredCircle

    What a sneaky snek.

    [–] Pokémon: Let's Go! NEW trailer with TV show theme Serdones 1 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    So excited to pick Pikachu up after work. The nostalgia trip is going to be so strong.

    [–] Oh yeah Serdones 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    I work at a call center and have made anywhere from 80-300 calls per day, depending on the workflow.

    I still beg my wife to call the dentist for me.

    [–] What's an American city that tends to get overlooked but you think more people should visit? Serdones 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Mom's family still mostly lives in OKC. She's actually driving there today to visit her mother, who's not doing well. I was out there a handful of times growing up. Don't remember it super well, but I always had a good time when we visited. My grandma took me to the bombing memorial once and that was pretty memorable. It'd be interesting going again as an adult who can actually go sightseeing on his own.

    [–] What's an American city that tends to get overlooked but you think more people should visit? Serdones 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Wife and I live in Colorado and have family in Phoenix, so we always drive through Albuquerque on our way to visit. Definitely a cool-looking city. First time we drove through together we even visited the restaurant used for Los Pollos Hermanos in Breaking Bad. What a treat!

    We keep wanting to make plans to visit for the balloon festival, but something always comes up. We live in Colorado Springs, which has one too, but the one in Albuquerque is supposed to be way bigger.

    [–] People that have finished high school, do things really get better after high school? How do you not give up? Serdones 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I do think at least my mental and physical health are better than when I was in high school. I was overweight throughout middle school and high school, although I did drop 40 pounds my senior year and felt a lot more confident going into college. But I think my mindset on the weight loss wasn't the healthiest and I wound up gaining all of it back anyway, and then some. Only this past April did I start losing weight again in preparation for my wedding in August. Now I'm in the 160s for the first time in my adult life.

    And as long as I'm talking about physical health, if you do ever have any physically strenuous job, follow all the safety procedures and take extra precautions if you can. Right out of college I hurt my back really badly working at a grocery store. Probably could've been avoided if I'd worn a back brace like my manager had recommended, but I thought I'd be fine. Still have back issues. In general, nagging injuries can start to pile up after high school.

    As far as my mental health, I still struggle a lot with the sort of social awkwardness and anxiety that make my day-to-day workplace interactions pretty stressful/embarrassing. Takes a long time for me to get comfortable enough with someone to where conversation feels natural and breezy. But it also doesn't really bother like it used to. There's not as much pressure in my workplace to fit in or have a big social circle as there was in school. I'm married and nearing my late 20s (26th birthday is Saturday), so me being a homebody isn't that unusual. Lots of adults with families are or have to be because of kids.

    As far as fulfillment, right now I feel a little mixed. Growing up, I was always really interested in gaming and TV, but we hardly ever had money for either. Now I make enough money to afford pretty much all the games and VOD subscriptions I want. But now I also have a massive backlog of games I have zero chance of ever catching up on, and yet I still keep buying new releases too. Probably a habit I should break. In any case, I am still pretty happy with the fact I am able to provide so much leisure activity and products for myself and my wife, even if they're not as "fulfilling" as I'd imagined they'd be as a kid.

    My biggest success in life right now feels like having a stable and happy marriage with my wife. We've only been married since August, but we'd been dating for six years beforehand. We just feel really solid. Right now I'm happily helping support her while she wraps up school, while we make more long-term plans for kids, possible relocations, etc. Obviously unforeseen circumstances could complicate things, but right now I feel pretty fulfilled with my romantic life. We also have a very good doggo named Korra that we love very much.

    The biggest struggle going on in my life right now is my own career. Since sixth grade, I wanted to be a writer and definitely didn't ever want to work in a call center like my mom always did. Spoilers: I work in a call center and don't write. To be fair, it's a pretty cushy, low-stress call center job that pays well and I was promoted in less than two years, so in some ways I do feel accomplished. But I still battle with the sense of not fulfilling my childhood dreams. However, I deal with it by reminding myself that I should still be proud of my financial stability and career growth, even if it's not really in the field I imagined. Also, I can still always go back to writing in the future.

    I guess in general, I get by trying to appreciate every win, no matter how small, by remembering that most struggles are only temporary, that my most common suffering is self-inflicted (stress, guilt, worry, etc.), and that I don't need to compare my life to anyone else's.

    [–] What website do you no longer go to, but was once a favorite? Serdones 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Bummed I had to scroll so far to find this. But yeah, I was pretty obsessed with Habbo (specifically .com) from like 2006 to 2011, although I'd go back on and off for a few years. I was mainly into the RPG scene, which is SUPER nerdy and lame, but it's how I learned to type quickly.

    [–] What website do you no longer go to, but was once a favorite? Serdones 1 points ago in AskReddit

    When I finally started using Reddit myself, FunnyJunk's hatred of Reddit seemed super weird in hindsight, considering how Reddit's broken up into essentially hundreds of communities.

    [–] Why does every news article hate Fallout 76? Serdones 4 points ago in fo76

    Sure, but like a week or two isn't enough time to fix all the issues uncovered during a beta. Any beta that close to release is going to be pretty close to the final product. Other games have had betas that close to launch, but didn't receive the same amount of negative coverage. The simple truth is that Fallout 76 has more than the average number of issues. Doesn't mean it's an outright bad game, but the issues are there and shouldn't be dismissed as media bias or bandwagoning.

    Of course, this being an online multiplayer game, it's absolutely going to evolve over the next couple years with updates. If No Man's Sky can come back from its abyssal launch to be a respectable game with a decent following, Fallout 76 can definitely improve from how people are thinking about it right now. And the people playing from day one are going to get to see that progress first-hand. That's cool.

    [–] Why does every news article hate Fallout 76? Serdones 4 points ago in fo76

    I'm all for enjoying what you love and not letting criticism get you down, but a lot of games journalists actually attended preview events. Plenty of people had enough of an impression to share their opinion in preview coverage. And considering Bethesda didn't send out review copies before launch, of course outlets are going to double down on their preview coverage. You can say, "Oh, well they're trying to get clicks," but then why aren't they negative about every game? I'd also say it's an exaggeration to say "every news article" hates Fallout 76. I've read/watched plenty of coverage that was more "mixed" or even optimistic.

    Like I said, enjoy what you want, but I do think it's pretty delusional to act like people don't have good reason to be unsure/cynical about this game. Bethesda's openly said to expect the game to be buggy, lots of preview footage showed the game to be poorly optimized in several areas, they didn't send out review copies again, there was the weird business with PC players not being able to uninstall the beta, they randomly made physical copies available for sale/pick-up several hours before their launch. It's a weird release. None of this is typical. Doesn't mean it's a "bad" game. But it sure justifies a lot of the negativity, which also REALLY doesn't just extend to games media. A lot of your average social media users are likewise pretty cynical. Again, it's looked kinda shady. Like what you like--I know I will. But don't create a false victim complex and ignore all the legit concerns people have.

    [–] Alexey Pajitnov — Soviet programmer, the inventor of the game "Tetris" 80s Serdones 1 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    I wonder if he's still making money off Tetris, especially with that rad-looking Tetris Effect out now.

    [–] Home, Rob Vital, Digital, 2018 Serdones 2 points ago in Art

    Right? I clicked without looking at the sub and was disappointed it wasn't r/gaming or something. This would be a gorgeous video game.

    [–] American Arrogance Serdones 13 points ago in MURICA



    [–] Why did Raw ending go over so many people head?(dave/bryan rant) Serdones 6 points ago in SquaredCircle

    It totally makes sense for Miz to make that comment. He's being a dick. We know NJPW does fill bigger venues than "bingo halls," but it's still overall a lot less financially successful company than the WWE. Makes sense for an arrogant heel to be dismissive of the world's second biggest wrestling promotion.

    [–] American Arrogance Serdones 62 points ago in MURICA

    Fair enough, but our system is the best cuz 'Merica.

    [–] Visual Guide of Quick & Easy Color Combinations Serdones 2 points ago in coolguides

    This will come in handy while playing Red Dead Redemption 2.

    [–] No way! Serdones 42 points ago in ShitPostCrusaders


    [–] i’m not Todd Howard Serdones 12 points ago in ElderScrolls

    The smart fridge port is pretty fresh too.

    [–] Quick reminder. Serdones 1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Think I saw that dude on the middle right while exploring the woods near Rhodes at night.

    [–] Steve Jobs said it first Serdones 0 points ago in gaming

    You really haven't enjoyed a mobile game? You're missing out, there are some real gems.