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    [–] LPT: Never buy "light" coconut milk. It's the exact same product but with more water and much less actual coconut milk, for the same price. If you want low calorie, buy full fat, add water and make a bigger batch. Servuslol 1 points ago in LifeProTips

    Also like... someone has to ship this around the world on big container ships and trucks pumping out insane amounts of nasty shit. Paying extra to move what is effectively some water in addition to the actual product can't be good. I would hope the supply chain puts water in at the last possible moment but I doubt it.

    [–] Small twitch streamer broxh_ who streams content about wood carving tries to return money to his viewers after they sub to his channel Servuslol 20 points ago in videos

    I can sub for free with Twitch Prime which I have anyway. I'm not sure what that gives him but if it's any monetary value then I feel like this guy will do something really good with it.

    [–] can we acknowledge that the dev who posted this is very wholesome? Servuslol -4 points ago in apexlegends

    Yeah this is how we'd prefer it! The line between the person who actually 'develops' a game is super blurry in games so anyone who contributes to the game's development is a developer.

    [–] not-a-traditional foot IK I've been working on Servuslol 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in unrealengine

    That terrain is probably the most impossible terrain you could test this on as well. Not too shabby!

    [–] Non-Social Distancing Servuslol 3 points ago in Cinemagraphs

    Very much so. Do watch if you have a moment spare. You won't regret it.

    [–] Nicewigg's complaints/requests for Competitive Apex Servuslol -1 points ago in CompetitiveApex

    Specifically I mean where people say "everyone wants X" or "everyone agrees that Y is bad", such as in the comment above.

    Of the people who play a game that has a significantly sized playerbase, the overwhelming majority is silent (like, weirdly silent). Around 99% of players do not interact with communities or the support team or twitter or anything, they just play. If your playerbase is somewhat smaller, the vocal player percentage tends to increase slightly but not dramatically.

    Another aspect of this problem is that the players in that 1% tend to be particular types of players too, which often means that they're already forming opinions based on what's important about the game to them, and why they're so engaged with it (in this sub, for example, it wouldn't be unreasonable to imagine that the readers and participants are going to be most interested in the competitive aspect of Apex but are probably less interested in story or cosmetics or social aspects. Overwatch, as another example, also seems to have a story-hungry community).

    There's also another weird problem. Vocal players aren't likely to drop off, even if they consider the state of the game to be quite dire. They are normally the players who stick around the longest. Way more of the transient players (and those less likely to be vocal) leave far quicker, this contributes to the slight increase in vocal player percentage mentioned earlier.

    So, those are a few things. I hope they're at least interesting, sorry for not citing any sources (perhaps someone else can dig something up).

    TL;DR: Basically, as a developer, you can't only respond to the players who voice their concerns, there are many, many other players who won't ever tell you what they like or don't like, they'll just stop playing.

    [–] Nicewigg's complaints/requests for Competitive Apex Servuslol -2 points ago in CompetitiveApex

    There are so many issues with the concept of "listening to the community". I hope that's something people realise.

    [–] NHS Staff Servuslol 17 points ago in unitedkingdom

    We should probably pay these people a bit more and give them some funding.

    [–] I Created a Box Overlap (Zone) Weather and Particle System! Servuslol 3 points ago in unrealengine

    The weather thing is awesome but I couldn't help but notice the long coat. That rocks!

    [–] Heavy metal knitting competition in Finland Servuslol 35 points ago in funny

    I've been to Finland a few times and I felt so at home. I love enjoying things without needing to let everyone around me know I'm enjoying them!

    [–] Bolivian Salt Flats Timelapse Servuslol 2 points ago in gifs

    This looks like one of Timestorm Films/Martin Heck's behind-the-scenes videos but I can't find the right one so here are some links for some more cool stuff that'll blow your mind.

    Even if it's not their stuff, go lose a few minutes watching his stuff anyway, you won't regret it.

    [–] (big) heads will roll. Servuslol 2 points ago in ImaginaryCharacters

    I would play this game :)

    [–] It sinks so fast! Servuslol 1 points ago in thalassophobia

    The bigger problem you'd need to worry about is if there was a constant and large stream of bubbles coming up from below you. It sounds weird because bubbles go upwards but... Have you tried swimming upwards in air?

    [–] View from the surface of a comet Servuslol 2 points ago in BeAmazed

    I imagine digital sensors can still pick up cosmic radiation because it's really not too different to light so it would just be reacting the the energy that was hitting the sensor in almost the same way. I would imagine that the reason we normally don't see this sort of effect on modern footage from space is we've fitted filters for this sort of stuff over the camera sensors. They're probably on this camera too but I bet it can't shield all of it.

    [–] Low MMR Misconceptions About Dota Mechanics - Please Help! Servuslol 1 points ago in learndota2

    I don't think shrapnel works on towers in the current version of the game.

    [–] What free things online should everyone take advantage of? Servuslol 22 points ago in AskReddit

    Don't worry, this person is just helping the people who will be writing this up as an article on another website!