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    [–] One year of learning SeveQStorm 1 points ago in electronics

    Wow, seriously, thank you very much for the detailed response. I honestly didn't expect it.

    I have used Eagle before to create a very simple and purely passive PCB (pretty much just replacing some unstable wires with some more sturdy epoxy), ordered it from elecrow and, what can I say, it works. Eagle did the job but not really conveniently. So I suppose I'll give DipTrace a shot. Maybe that's more to my liking.

    Again, thank you very much!

    [–] Asses out SeveQStorm 1 points ago in StraightGirlsPlaying

    Jesus Christ! It was meant funny, god dammit! Don't ever call us Germans humorless ever again!

    [–] Bigger than you thought SeveQStorm 3 points ago in BustyPetite

    Nope, aren't. Same here.

    [–] do you like my braids? πŸ’• SeveQStorm 1 points ago in PetiteGoneWild

    Oh yes! And everything else I can see. And highly likely also everything I can't.

    [–] Asses out SeveQStorm -2 points ago in StraightGirlsPlaying

    Yes, I'm totally aware of this. But in this game the options are fixed. They are F, M and K. Even if he didn't want to reject one, he'd have to. And the order in which he gave the numbers translates to the order of the letters given by me.

    [–] One year of learning SeveQStorm 1 points ago in electronics

    Alright, sounds like I could give it a try then. It's not that expensive anymore to have the PCBs manufactured. Only the time it takes to get it shipped... Just to figure out that all ten samples contain a lethal error... and you have to wait another couple of weeks to get your design working... only to find another error...

    Anyway, sounds pretty easy! So, what software do you usually use to create your PCBs? And do you populate and solder them yourself?

    [–] I recently went to a wedding where I was one of the few single guys there. SeveQStorm 1 points ago in pics

    Thanks for the advice. I'll have a look over there. Probably helps me get a little less depressed of my age.

    [–] My tiny little kitchen in my 150 year old Virginia farm cottage SeveQStorm 3 points ago in CozyPlaces

    That's one cozy little kitchen. But damn, it's so small (at least what we can see)! If I wanted to prepare some meal of more components than frozen pizza in that kitchen together with my wife, we'd have to draw numbers...

    [–] Fun at the beach SeveQStorm 2 points ago in TrueFMK


    As we can't really see their faces unfortunately I'll go for the bodies. In this order.

    K - great body

    F - awesome body

    M - top-shelf body

    All three easily M anyway.

    [–] When I give my wife the controller (x-post from r/rocketleague) SeveQStorm 1 points ago in Unexpected

    This exactly. Only that my wife tried to play Colin McRae Rally... it looked exactly like this.

    [–] I recently went to a wedding where I was one of the few single guys there. SeveQStorm 3 points ago in pics

    I mean, I'm married. More or less happily (who in this world is 100% happy?). But I feel so goddamn old when I see young people fall in love for the first time and how they just start to experience each other, start to experiment, start to feel like that. I miss this so much. And I'm only 37.

    [–] I haven't seen this warm up technique before. I like it. SeveQStorm 2 points ago in VolleyballGirls

    Oh I have seen this technique. Just not to warm up but to heat up.

    [–] One year of learning SeveQStorm 3 points ago in electronics

    What I'm struggling with is EMC... I just don't know yet how to use all those analog parts to help make my PCB work under certain conditions. Or why to use this or that capacitor. I mean, designing a complex PCB has to include a lot of math calculating capacitance, resistance, inductance, impedance etc... Or doesn't it?

    [–] Alien dildo SeveQStorm 0 points ago in suctiondildos

    Likely. Even her real name. Question is if they are on reddit, read your comment and are willing to share this information. Quite some maybes.

    [–] Collage SeveQStorm 8 points ago in RachelCook

    Thirding this. Altho not necessary because there are uncensored nudes of her

    [–] Bernese Tippy Taps SeveQStorm 3 points ago in tippytaps

    If I had a bernese I'd have called him Sauce.

    [–] Asses out SeveQStorm -9 points ago * (lasted edited 14 hours ago) in StraightGirlsPlaying

    Yes, but it's called KMF KFM these days

    /e: I know that the game is called FMK. KFM (not KMF, my bad) is the translation of the order 2 3 1.