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    [–] [NSFW] My wife and I preparing for tonight's game SexWaffles 15 points ago in CHIBears

    If Trubs aint kissin, those tittiess be missin.

    [–] A creator is focused on producing a progeny without or lesser flaws, but a flawless creator has lost the reason to create progeny. How can this be reconciled given an unassailable divinity? SexWaffles 0 points ago in atheism

    By all means I accept the logic completely. It's the why that places me outside the reasoning why any religion that states their god/religion/founder is without flaw. It completely removes any reason to create something outside of that. Any other reason removes that perfection.

    [–] Jake Gyllenhaal & Billy Bob Thornton SexWaffles 11 points ago in TrueDetective

    John Hamm and Krysten Ritter. Sarcasm and grit for days.

    [–] god damn it SexWaffles 5 points ago in CHIBears

    ANGRY FUCK YOU QB er don't, yeah don't feel bad about playing the NFC champs this close.

    [–] Done with the US map slideshow. Mapping after 6PM US from any central/east gateway is lagfest central and not worth the headaches. SexWaffles 1 points ago in pathofexile

    Might try it just for map bosses. Most map areas are semi-ok on lockstep until I hit the arena.... then it turns into total pause-step dog doo. I wasn't sure if I should just start my evening on a less busy gateway or try something else on the network settings.

    [–] TRUBISKY IS GOD HALFTIME UPVOTE PARTY SexWaffles 24 points ago in CHIBears


    [–] r/NFL Roast of: The Miami Dolphins (2/32) SexWaffles 2 points ago in nfl

    We made AFC playoffs? That would be a pretty good magic trick ;)

    [–] Let Freedom Ring SexWaffles 1 points ago in CHIBears

    Might be The Gun Store in Vegas. You can purchase a number of magazines for a variety of different full auto and other rifles and shoot them at the range. When I went I couldn't pass up trying out a WWII era side action German MP20. Fun shit.

    [–] Cutler will be in the booth this season SexWaffles 9 points ago in CHIBears

    What I wouldn't give to see him taking drags off a Malboro Red while sipping on a bottle of Wild Turkey during the commentary...