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    [–] The Skywalker Saga - All Posters finally together. SgtFrozenFire 1 points ago in StarWars

    Prequel:brown-ish OG:blue and grey Sequel:red and blue

    [–] Oh the good old days SgtFrozenFire 1 points ago in memes

    I lost my shit back then

    [–] No homo SgtFrozenFire 53 points ago in memes

    It’s sad that there’s good feminists in the Middle East and Africa that are actually fighting for their rights and there’s the feminists here that complain when a men physically needs to spread their legs so their penis doesn’t hurt. It’s just sad.

    [–] Sweet dreams SgtFrozenFire 1 points ago in memes

    I travel the world and the seven seas, fucking ladies without condoms then leave

    [–] i'M vEgAn SgtFrozenFire 2 points ago in memes

    eW iS tHaT rEgUlAr MiLk GeT tHaT aWaY fRoM mE yOu KnOw CoWs GeT rApEd RiGhT

    [–] Sneak 100 SgtFrozenFire 1 points ago in Rainbow6

    That Monty is the most blind mf I’ve ever seen

    [–] First meeting of Minecraft club SgtFrozenFire 1 points ago in Minecraft

    This is absolutely beautiful you guys are lucky my school Doesn’t allow clubs

    [–] Not just the men but the women too SgtFrozenFire 0 points ago in memes

    Wow if this was actually real that would be sad