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    [–] Goodnight, sweat prince Sgt_Saints480 11 points ago in Amry

    I miss Shim already O7

    [–] George Washington’s Birthday FFA Sgt_Saints480 22 points ago in army

    If you’re drunk the only thing you get at jack in the crack are the frackin taco’s!!!!!!! Extra ranch packets por favor!!

    [–] Help getting SSD1 to work from home? Sgt_Saints480 0 points ago in army

    Hey high speed, did you try calling the help desk? Or was reddit your go to?

    [–] Honest opinions on MOS options Sgt_Saints480 10 points ago in Militaryfaq

    35F the security clearance alone is worth it

    [–] Weird question where do national guard soldiers stay during drill Sgt_Saints480 4 points ago in nationalguard

    Depends, I typically go home every night some people who travel long distances stay the whole weekend. This weekend we have an overnight so everyone will be having a big sleep over party in the armory. All based on what the training schedule is.

    [–] Packet mos/reclassify help Sgt_Saints480 8 points ago in army

    Is Fuck Cooks still a thing on here? Cuz i kinda wanna say Fuck Cooks

    [–] Is there anything good about serving in the Army? Sgt_Saints480 2 points ago in army

    It doesn’t get more “ adventurous” then beating off in a 130 deg port a john, while mortars are raining down all around you.. Hooah!!

    [–] Previous Medical History Sgt_Saints480 1 points ago in Militaryfaq

    Head over to the recruiter thread over at r/army they can help you out

    [–] What do you guys do when you get horny while deployed? Sgt_Saints480 6 points ago in army

    Beat off in a 130 deg port a john.. we’ve been over this before.

    [–] 25q to civilian jobs?? Sgt_Saints480 1 points ago in army


    Check them out, most of the people in my unit work for them .

    [–] Where are you fellow members from? Sgt_Saints480 3 points ago in Volkswagen

    Originally: Vineland, NJ Currently: Phoenix, AZ

    Past: 65 beetle, 2009 Jetta GLI

    Current: 2017 Jetta SEL, Mk1 Rabbit

    [–] Odds of getting approved for secret clearance with 31B Sgt_Saints480 7 points ago in nationalguard

    Just be honest and explain everything, honesty goes a long way

    [–] Superbowl while at BCT Sgt_Saints480 14 points ago in army

    Of course make sure you ask for pizza and wings as well, might as well go for it all and ask your Senior Drill Sergeant to foot the bill on a keg