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    [–] Out of curiosity who’s the highest ranking reddit member here Sgt_Saints480 7 points ago in nationalguard

    Promote Ahead of Peers you are now an 0-12 and are the highest ranking member here. Congrats!!

    [–] What exactly is the Army like? Sgt_Saints480 1 points ago in army

    Canyon state in Queen Creek?

    [–] What Happens At Reception Sgt_Saints480 2 points ago in Militaryfaq

    Nah man in all seriousness. A lot of hurry up and wait, in processing, paper work, getting your head shaved, medical exams all that good stuff

    [–] My gaming name is Sniabra ;) Sgt_Saints480 10 points ago in RoastMe

    Napoleon dynamite went and had a sex change

    [–] Any California Guard Recruiters Here? Sgt_Saints480 7 points ago in nationalguard

    Or try over at r/army , they have a monthly recruiter thread. I’m pretty sure theres a few guard recruiters there

    Edit:recruiter thread

    [–] I found this on Google Sgt_Saints480 3 points ago in WTF

    God damn cat eating hero!! We need you back ALF!!

    [–] 20 and had plenty, kill me please 🤠 Sgt_Saints480 2 points ago in RoastMe

    Mirrors cant talk and lucky for you they cant laugh either

    [–] What in tarnation...? Sgt_Saints480 8 points ago in WTF

    Normal day in Arizona

    [–] Forbidden rule: re enlisting after first completion contract Sgt_Saints480 3 points ago in Military

    I got out of the coast guard, a year later I joined the army. Just stay free, enjoy life, grow a gnarly beard that birds want to nest in.

    [–] Yes it was an actual dance competition and she won Sgt_Saints480 -6 points ago in gifs

    I didn’t believe in love at first sight... until now

    [–] Help me identify these signatures (2/2) Sgt_Saints480 38 points ago in NYGiants

    Ottis Jerome Anderson aka O.J. Anderson

    [–] Child support joining the military Sgt_Saints480 1 points ago in Militaryfaq

    It will automatically come out of your check at some point. Call and let your cade worker know whats going on so you don’t fall into arrears .