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    [–] When bot wants to smorc you so hard ShadowLiberal 2 points ago in hearthstone

    To be fair, The Darkness has a ton of removal cards that have to target a minion. He might not have had much better options in his hand then stealing a taunt minion, and he knows he can rely on drawing more removal.

    More then any of the other final bosses, he gets really fucked over with the cloak of invisibility because of his inability to target anything with stuff like Mind Control & Entomb.

    [–] People who have been using Reddit for years, what are some of the biggest changes you’ve noticed in its some of its communities over time? ShadowLiberal 23 points ago in AskReddit

    Did you know in 2008 reddit was all in on a Republican for president (Ron Paul)?

    Libertarians tend to be very over-represented in online communities, and Ron Paul is in many ways a Republican in name only, he's actually a Libertarian.

    Also it's because of that above reason that Liberals don't mind him as much. Ron Paul was perfectly willing to criticize the GOP on stuff like the Iraq war (a then very hot button issue in 2008).

    [–] I know it's not much, but I went from rank 12 this month to finally hitting rank 5! ShadowLiberal 1 points ago in hearthstone

    Certain decks just seem to really struggle more at lower ranks.

    I had barely more then a 40% winrate with Pirate Warrior when I tried it in the rank 7 to 9 range. But now ever since hitting rank 5 I've got like a 55% win rate with it, it took me to rank 4. (I don't tend to care about my rank after hitting 5, I just play to slowly grind out more wins for golden portraits at that rank)

    [–] TIL that 2 students were arrested and sentenced to 7 years in prison, in Portugal for "raising a toast to freedom" in 1960. The news of this inspired British lawyer Peter Benenson to lay down the foundation for one of the largest human rights organizations in the world, the Amnesty International. ShadowLiberal 77 points ago in todayilearned

    Europe used to be just as much of a chaotic mess as the Middle East is today. That's why both World Wars originated with them. That's why George Washington warned us at the end of his presidency to stay the fuck out of foreign affairs, he was saying to not get dragged into Europe's constant fighting. Europe only cooled off and settled down after WW2.

    (There was a lot more fighting elsewhere besides Europe in WW2 yes, but many of the major players, including 2 of 3 Axis powers and 1 to 2 of the 3 Allied powers were European countries) (I say 1-2 allied powers because it depends on how you count Russia. Geographers count Russia as being in Europe rather than Asia because it's capital is in Europe)

    [–] - The Least Popular Rastakhan's Rumble Cards ShadowLiberal 2 points ago in hearthstone

    I'd wait at a minimum until the set rotates to wild.

    Blizzard has events periodicly to let you gain packs from old Standard sets, so you could potentially open the same bad legendary again if you dust them now.

    [–] - The Least Popular Rastakhan's Rumble Cards ShadowLiberal 11 points ago in hearthstone

    If only there was something to grant it Charge the turn it was played, or at least Rush.

    If only there was a way to grant Charge/Rush to the copies of Arena Patron that were summoned by the Overkill.

    Oh right, Blizzard took that away years ago when Grim Patron was the terror of the meta. Funnily enough though, I honestly don't think Arena Patron would see much play even with the Rush attribute, except in aggro heavy meta's. You basically have to pray your opponent has weak minions to pull it off consistently.

    [–] I have played every day since day 1 open beta and after more than 5 years I finally achieved this milestone. ShadowLiberal 2 points ago in hearthstone

    My progress is pretty pitiful despite being a closed beta player.

    For years I played a lot of unranked because it was easier to do my dailies quicker. I have only 1 golden hero (overall I'm like 62% of the way there if you count net wins on all 9 heroes).

    To be fair though, one of my heroes is 24 wins away from a golden portrait, the only reason I don't grind out those 24 games now is because they've been my most successful class at climbing to rank 5 in Wild, and I don't have anywhere near as much luck with the other 7 classes at rank climbing.

    [–] TIL humans use 100% of their brains and it's only a myth that we're using a smaller percent. ShadowLiberal 1 points ago in todayilearned

    The ones in my area use 40% of the traffic light at once, guess mine are better than yours. Except when they use only 20% of their lights at once.

    [–] Gamers of reddit, what is an old game you would like to be remastered? ShadowLiberal 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Honestly, still scratching my head that they choose to Remaster Warcraft 3 over Diablo 2.

    Diablo 2 is older and is missing a ton of features that people expect in ARPG's, and many have trouble running it on newer computers.

    Warcraft 3 is new enough to have almost every modern RTS feature people would expect (other then unlimited unit selection, which is less of an issue given the lower food limit), and then Blizzard showed in Starcraft Remastered that they don't add new functionality people expect in an RTS (like workers auto-harvesting resources you auto-rally them to).

    [–] Brawl isn't that fun with my luck. (20 mech discount cards left in the deck) ShadowLiberal 21 points ago in hearthstone

    ... Why wouldn't you just insta-concede as the mage in that scenario? 0% chance of winning with those cards.

    [–] Dear Blizzard, ShadowLiberal 5 points ago in hearthstone

    Yet Blizzard doesn't like my money enough to let me buy her in their store. I bought the Hunter hero in their store years ago.

    [–] I unpacked my first golden legendary! ShadowLiberal -6 points ago in hearthstone

    Simple explanation: Blizzard is horribly inconsistent. See Deathwing's son not being a Dragon even though he is.

    [–] Regarding competitive integrity in Hearthstone esports ShadowLiberal 1 points ago in hearthstone

    The win trading is separate from the cheating accusations.

    The cheating in question was stream sniping in a separate tournament.

    [–] New Card - Omega Devastator ShadowLiberal 80 points ago in hearthstone

    Honestly, my first thought was "Is this a reddit prank?" because I thought the art work was an exact match to Omega Defender.

    [–] New Card - Rafaam's Scheme ShadowLiberal 10 points ago in hearthstone

    True, but then you'd have to wait a turn for your 2/2 imps to attack.

    [–] TIL that there are over 89,000 children on the Sex Offender Registry (some as young as 7 years old!) ShadowLiberal 3 points ago in todayilearned

    It doesn't do any good to put anyone on such a list.

    'Sex Offender' is too broad a term that includes way too many crimes that the average person wouldn't call a sex offender.

    [–] TIL that there are over 89,000 children on the Sex Offender Registry (some as young as 7 years old!) ShadowLiberal 3 points ago in todayilearned

    The law hasn't kept up to technology in other areas either.

    Emails that are older than 6 months are considered abandoned under decades old laws, hence prosecutors/police don't need a search warrant to get them.

    Some states have modernized age of consent laws with 'Romeo & Juliet' laws to stop it from being a crime if a 16 year old has consensual sex with a 15 year old. But I don't know of any places that fixed the law for 'child pornography' with sexting. (aside from one state that accidentally legalized sexting when trying to crack down on it. Essentially the law said first offenses would be dealt with in Juvenile civil court, which doesn't exist, hence they accidentally made it impossible for anyone to get a first strike conviction, and impossible for it to escalate to Juvenile criminal court)

    [–] TIL that there are over 89,000 children on the Sex Offender Registry (some as young as 7 years old!) ShadowLiberal 0 points ago in todayilearned

    These men were contacting an 11 year old child to solicit her for sex! Why aren't THEY on the sex offender list??????

    I'm going to guess that hopefully the age of the 'offenders' isn't listed on the registry and these people thought she was an adult. I hope.

    [–] TIL that there are over 89,000 children on the Sex Offender Registry (some as young as 7 years old!) ShadowLiberal 3 points ago in todayilearned

    There was a comic about this some years ago I saw at SMBC. Essentially a guy in hell tells Satan "Go on torture me! I dare you! There's nothing you can possibly do to me that can't be turned into some kind of bizarre sexual fetish!".

    [–] TIL Black Mormons couldn't become priests until 1978 when their Prophet had an unprecedented revelation that the "time had come" to allow it, after which black people thanked him for his "many hours" begging God to permit it. ShadowLiberal -1 points ago in todayilearned

    I was told in school they let women vote specifically to hinder the power of the Mormons and prevent polygamy from ever being legalized. Because the thinking was men might like the idea of polygamy, but women wouldn't ever stand for it, so politicians would be too scared to even think of legalizing it if they'd piss off all the women voters.

    [–] TIL Black Mormons couldn't become priests until 1978 when their Prophet had an unprecedented revelation that the "time had come" to allow it, after which black people thanked him for his "many hours" begging God to permit it. ShadowLiberal 1 points ago in todayilearned

    From what I understand, it's not that they're decedents of Cain, the belief is that all people with black skin are evil.

    Essentially in all of the bible Cain is the ONLY person ever described as having dark skin. So some people (who were already quite racist) took that to mean that the bible says all people with dark skin are evil. Some southerners in the US (pre-Civil War) used that as one of their justifications for enslaving black people. They also liked to quote parts of the bible that said slavery was fine (as long as you obeyed certain rules).

    If you ask theologians today about that old interpretation of Cain they'll say it was a willful mis-interpretation to justify their own pre-concieved racist beliefs.