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    [–] TIL Samsung accidentally issued 2,000 employees 1,000 shares of stock for 37 minutes before realizing the error. 16 employees sold during that time for approx. $9,000,000 each. ShadowLiberal 11 points ago in todayilearned

    These days bots literally do like 95% or more of the trading on stock markets. They react instantly to news way faster then any human can in buying and selling decisions.

    A few years ago a hacker hacked into the twitter feed for a well respected news organization and tweeted that a bomb had gone off in the White House and President Obama had been injured. The trading bots read the tweet, and within nano seconds were selling off a bunch of stock in a panic at the hoax tweet. The panic over the tweet was estimated to have cost investors $100 million dollars.

    [–] TIL about Andy George who spent $1,500 and 6 months making a single sandwich completely from scratch. He did absolutely everything from making his own cheese to harvesting his own wheat. He made his own salt and made his own oil. He grew sunflowers and collected their seeds to extract fat. ShadowLiberal 1 points ago in todayilearned

    The Garfield cartoon did this decades ago.

    Essentially Jon got tired of paying high grocery store bills (especially with Garfield eating so much), so he decided to start a garden so they could live off their own food.

    They have a ton of trouble with the garden, including a pesky Groundhog that steals/eats almost everything.

    At the end of the episode when they're sitting around the table eating a meal from the garden Jon calculates that they spent over $100 for every individual crop on the table (a head of lettuce for example is over $160).

    [–] Biggest change on PTR ShadowLiberal 1 points ago in heroesofthestorm

    Newer players would also do it for the needed gold I imagine.

    [–] this is truly the pinnacle of not only rank 23 gameplay, but hearthstone coding as well ShadowLiberal 18 points ago in hearthstone

    It took me 2 minutes of staring at the screen and the replies to figure out what the hell was wrong here that caused the OP to make a thread about it.

    I forgot Warsong Commander no longer grants charge.

    [–] New Mexico sues Google, Twitter for illegally collecting data on children ShadowLiberal 1 points ago in technology

    Mississippi's Attorney General is infamous for showboating with cases like this.

    He's really loved by Hollywood and copyright maximalists for basically being their lapdog with some of the lawsuits he's filed for them in the past.

    [–] Apple's $1,000 iPhones are turning it into a luxury brand — and it could lose a whole generation of customers ShadowLiberal 1 points ago in technology

    They rip you off outrageously for going for the pay by the month plans. It's a tax on the poor.

    Save your money and just buy the phones up front.

    [–] Apple's $1,000 iPhones are turning it into a luxury brand — and it could lose a whole generation of customers ShadowLiberal 1 points ago in technology

    Honestly, if you have no clue what you want I'd suggest just going to a phone store and looking around, or asking the sales people for something similar to some model phone that has a headphone jack.

    I buy cheap phones because I think spending $600+ dollars on a phone is outrageous. Both times I bought models I had never heard of before walking into the store. The second time around I had a different model in mind to buy when I went to the store, but decided I liked a different one on the shelf better.

    [–] TIL James Franco got a “D” in his acting class at NYU while also filming 127 hours - the movie he was nominated for an Academy Award. ShadowLiberal -1 points ago in todayilearned

    Yeah... being nominated for an award isn't as great as it sounds. It could just mean that they literally threw a bunch of money at the people who make the nominations.

    Google "Adam Ruins the Emmy's" and you'll see what I mean. It's literally just legalized bribery to advertise films and shows.

    [–] New Mexico sues Google, Twitter for illegally collecting data on children ShadowLiberal 0 points ago in technology

    For once?

    New Mexico made the news a year or two ago for being the first state to outlaw civil asset forfeiture. This is hardly the first good thing they've done.

    [–] 15 European gambling regulators unite to tackle loot box threat ShadowLiberal 5 points ago in heroesofthestorm

    Other things that people used to insist "there's no evidence/studies to prove it's harmful" includes Cigarettes, & Asbestos. Not everyone saying some new thing is harmful are tin hat wearing conspiracy theorists. And it's far more then just gamers saying that lootboxes are just like gambling and could get people (and especially kids) addicted to it.

    [–] I played both of my naturalizes because I'm bad but my opponent had my back ShadowLiberal 2 points ago in hearthstone

    That's what I was going to say.

    The OP has so much health that their opponent pretty much has to use minions to win, which would let the OP slowly kill his Mecha'thun. All while the OP can hero power for more armor.

    [–] This why melon has ruined wild - this is on turn 5 ShadowLiberal 3 points ago in hearthstone

    Because drawing 4 cards for 4 mana, and being able to build your deck around it being the specific 4 cards you need for an "I win the game" combo is really fucking broken.

    Psychmelon is so OP in wild that these decks would probably still see a ton of play if Psychmelon cost 10 mana instead of 4.

    Also those Standard decks you mention lack pieces in the 7/8/9/10 mana slots, making Psychmelon not as viable an option due to having less combo pieces that it can help you draw.

    [–] This why melon has ruined wild - this is on turn 5 ShadowLiberal 1 points ago in hearthstone

    The problem is Dirty Rat is a dead card against Even Shaman which is also more common.

    It seemed like my opponents always have the worst luck with Dirty Rat and pull my big minions on the board with Dirty Rat.

    [–] This why melon has ruined wild - this is on turn 5 ShadowLiberal 1 points ago in hearthstone

    ... but wouldn't that make your own win condition far more inconsistent because of Witchwood Piper pulling a dirty rat instead of Bran?

    [–] I mean Tyler's good, maybe great but not on this level ShadowLiberal 1 points ago in BigBrother

    Adaptability is key to be the best. Dr. Will didn't have the veto to deal with his first time.

    [–] - Best Minions To Get From Wandering Monster ShadowLiberal 1 points ago in hearthstone

    To be fair, you did lose out on the battle cry from it.

    Alarm-o-bot can really fuck you up if you lose a good battle cry minion.

    [–] METAthero - Current Offlane meta makes me want to quit ShadowLiberal 7 points ago in heroesofthestorm

    Yes but that was before Blaze & Yrel were released to, and these two are the off-laners the vast majority of the time these days.

    The pros have stated that their entire kit is the reason why they're such good off-laners. Adjusting the numbers to try to push them into 'main tank' role in pro-play won't work when they lack the skills/talents that make other traditional main tanks shine.

    [–] More NA Blacklisting drama? (ft. OCTJusting) ShadowLiberal 4 points ago in heroesofthestorm

    ... But TS is also a competitor to for making it to BlizzCon. Before TS started to struggled more in part #2 they looked to be the much tougher competitor to.

    [–] HGC North America :: Team Freedom vs HeroesHearth Esports ShadowLiberal 7 points ago in heroesofthestorm

    Wow, Twin Blades Varian looking likely based on that first level talent pick. :o

    Has that ever happened in HGC?