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    [–] Lawyers, police officers, doctors, psychologists etc. - what do your TV counterparts regularly do that would be totally unprofessional in real life and what would the consequences be? ShadowLiberal 12 points ago in AskReddit

    FYI, for the non lawyers, if you do some googling you can find some youtube channels where real lawyers watch lawyer TV shows and comment on everything right and wrong with it.

    It was insane how badly they butchered literally everything in the one episode of it I watched.

    [–] Lawyers, police officers, doctors, psychologists etc. - what do your TV counterparts regularly do that would be totally unprofessional in real life and what would the consequences be? ShadowLiberal 17 points ago in AskReddit

    This is definitely a thing in other areas to.

    Someone one went through the trouble of watching every episode of General Hospital and recorded the survival rates for all their maladies and injuries and comparing them to real hospitals.

    General Hospital had a far higher survival rate on everything critical then a real hospital. Literally more then 2 and a half times higher survival rate then even the best hospitals in the real world.

    [–] TIL - that during WW1, the British created a campaign to shame men into enlisting. Women would hand out White Feathers to men not in uniform and berate them as cowards. The it was so successful that the government had to create badges for men in critical occupations so they would not be harassed. ShadowLiberal 28 points ago in todayilearned

    It wasn't just Britain either.

    Years into WW1 both sides were literally shipping in 16 year olds to fill the gaps in the front line, because they had sacrificed that many 17 and 18 year olds already.

    I forget the name of the movie, but it a German soldier's perspective in WW1 that had this in the later part of the movie. It focused heavily on just how horrible the war was for everyone involved.

    [–] TIL , work causes mental health issues in 60% of workers, according to a survey of 3,000. 15% of those who admit to having mental health issues at work would face serious repercussions if they tell their boss, so they suffer in silence. ShadowLiberal 6 points ago in todayilearned

    Including ironically in the medical field.

    I read a study on the rate of depression among doctors in training. Essentially they start out medical school with depression rates similar to the national average. But after the first year of being a resident in the actual work environment (including working insane hours) their rate of depression skyrockets to like 25%.

    But they refuse to just hire more doctors and have everyone work a more normal number of hours a week.

    [–] TIL that US Cellular CEO have banned exchanging emails between employees on Fridays to emphasize on teamwork and face to face meetings. One employee learned that a co-worker who he thought was across the country was, in fact, across the hall. ShadowLiberal 1 points ago in todayilearned

    When my dad worked at a biggish office building he drove to a client in the local area, 2 other co-workers of his also drove separately. Those 2 co-workers didn't even realize at first that he worked for the same company as them. At one point (while in a meeting with the client) one of them looked over at the other confused and asked "wait, he works for us?".

    (this was within the first month or two that he started there)

    [–] Toast's 3 Hour Undatakah Shudderwock game just ended! ShadowLiberal 1 points ago in hearthstone

    ...So put the turn skipping exploit back in the game?

    In the past you needed Nozdormu to pull that exploit off, but with Shudderwock you don't even need him anymore if they revert that change.

    [–] Blizzard, The queues are going to kill this game. ShadowLiberal 3 points ago in heroesofthestorm

    Still remember the post someone made at reddit where they got a game of 5 healers vs 4 healers and a Li-Ming.

    At times like that it really makes you go "WTF is the match making thinking?"

    [–] What is a "silent" problem in the U.S. that isn't talked about enough? [Serious] ShadowLiberal 4 points ago in AskReddit

    The biggest employer in our area is a hospital that got rescued by Obamacare, which all the locals hate.

    Sad fact, a lot of hospitals in rural areas (mainly in red states) were forced to close down by Obamacare because of stubborn red state politicians who fucked them over out of spite to blame it on Obama.

    Obamacare lowered the reimbursement costs for medicaid, but expanded medicaid and it's eligibility to make up for that and cover more people. Since the hospitals HAVE to treat people with no insurance who won't be able to pay this was supposed to be a net win for them. Except a bunch of idiot red state politicians decided to reject the Medicaid expansion in their state (even though 90% of it was FREE money from the federal government, and 100% of the money was FREE for the first so many years).

    There were actually a number of rural areas that as a result had zero hospitals within over 100 miles, all because their own politicians wanted to fuck them over just to spite Obama.

    [–] What is a "silent" problem in the U.S. that isn't talked about enough? [Serious] ShadowLiberal 3 points ago in AskReddit

    While I can see the logic in the saying that the private industry can figure out how to do stuff better then the public system, private prisons are a bridge way too far for that.

    If you're an industry that can only ever sell your products/services to the government, then the government should be doing what you're doing, not a private company. You're already effectively a government employee in that scenario, except all your profits are literally government waste and overspending. In a functioning system without you spending a bunch of money on lobbying and bribery the government would look at your profits and say "well looks like we can cut this spending by that much, since clearly it's not going for it's intended purpose of housing prisoners".

    [–] What is a "silent" problem in the U.S. that isn't talked about enough? [Serious] ShadowLiberal 2 points ago in AskReddit

    While this is true, the average life span of people with some of these disabilities has gone up drastically over the years. For example, from what I read people with down syndrome used to only live to their mid-20's on average, but now they have a lifespan of 60 years.

    Doesn't mean that there's not more we can do certainly, like the things you outline, but we have made a lot progress on it compared to the past.

    [–] What is a "silent" problem in the U.S. that isn't talked about enough? [Serious] ShadowLiberal 1 points ago in AskReddit

    My family had some mixed experiences with my grandparents when putting them in one when my grandfather hit 90.

    Before my grandmother died I think things were pretty decent for them there. She was in much worse shape then my grandfather (she suffered badly from dementia and had trouble walking, my grandfather was in much better shape and was still able to do a lot to take care of her, but he couldn't do it by himself). A lot of the troubles we had then could be put down to their forgetfulness, and my grandmother quite frankly being a trouble maker at times.

    But then after she died and my grandfather was alone there were some very questionable things they did. For example, since he was alone we requested he be seated at a table with one of the other people living there. So what did they do? They seated him with a guy who incapable of talking because of his health & mental issues. He didn't even talk to order food, he just pointed at what items on the menu he wanted. Apparently you have to specify to seat them with someone who can actually talk...

    [–] What is a "silent" problem in the U.S. that isn't talked about enough? [Serious] ShadowLiberal 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I thought Obamacare was trying to force them to improve?

    I read that those with less then 3 star ratings were going to be ineligible to get funding from certain health plans (maybe it was Medicare? I forget exactly since this was years ago), which effectively makes it impossible for low quality ones to stay in business.

    [–] Best tracking ever ShadowLiberal -11 points ago in hearthstone

    I always emote "That was a mistake" whenever my opponent plays Tracking for this reason.

    Tracking is just a greatly inferior Graceful Charity from Yu-Gi-Oh, as in it doesn't let you discard bad/dead cards in your hand like Graceful Charity does.

    [–] So, what’s changed after Rumble? ShadowLiberal 2 points ago in wildhearthstone

    On paper Shieldbreaker looks tempting as a replacement for Spellbreaker in Even Shaman.

    While I haven't actually played around with it, I suspect that in practice it won't work out as better for several reasons:

    • Shieldbreaker's stats are pretty bad for a 2 drop. Spellbreaker has +2/+2 for 2 more mana, making it more viable for going face/trading in the later game. (Also, as I've said for a while now, it's inevitable Blizzard eventually nerfs Spellbreaker eventually for this reason, it's base stats are just too good compared to Owl for 1 more mana)

    • Even Shaman tends to have enough 2 drops in their deck already.

    • There's too many other scenarios besides taunt minions where you'd want a silence (like against cubes/deathrattle decks).

    The only time I can see Shieldbreaker being worthwhile over SpellBreaker is in pirate decks. If you haven't won by turn 7ish with a pirate deck it's often over (barring the new pirate cards changing this). That makes stuff like Cube's too slow to generally matter. If you haven't won with a pirate deck by the time a Cube's death rattle triggers you've probably already lost (Even Shaman has more late game tools then pirate decks to survive this).

    [–] TIL Despite all the "Florida Man..." headlines, Florida doesn't necessarily have more weird people doing weird things than other states. They just have strong Sunshine Laws that make it super easy for journalists to mine records like police reports in order to write those stories. ShadowLiberal 12 points ago in todayilearned

    Until you read about the ransom sites that essentially try to extort a bunch of money from people with any kind of criminal record to hide said record.

    Having things like mug shots come up on a criminal background check even when the charges were dropped against you can make it infinitely harder to find a job, and essentially get you barred from a number of industries. And these scum bags try to extort those people who either weren't even convicted of anything, or already served their time.

    [–] TIL that Henry Ford's intense hatred of Jazz drove him to pump tons of money into promoting country music, which was then called "old time music" and helped establish country music culture as we know it today. ShadowLiberal 1 points ago in todayilearned

    Honestly, I really hated Country music even before this. It's just so freaking boring, it's something you'd only want to listen to if you want to put yourself to sleep.

    Knowing Ford's history, it suddenly surprises me a lot less that so many country singers and fans are right wing on social issues. While I've always known that, I never thought that some rich far right guy tries to prop up country music like that.

    [–] Do you think we will see any "new" deck pop up with Rastakhan expansion? ShadowLiberal 1 points ago in wildhearthstone

    I was wondering the other day if Quest Priests could become more a thing from him. I don't have the cards to try it out and see though.

    While there aren't many, I've definitely seen my share of Quest Priests in the last few months.

    [–] What a time to be alive ShadowLiberal 2 points ago in hearthstone

    Freeze Mage was nerfed in the classic days for similar reasons.

    Every mass board freeze had their mana cost upped by 1 in one of the balance patches. Blizzard used to cost 5 mana, Frost Nova used to cost 2 mana.

    [–] Aight @BlizzHeroes , less than 20 days before first Christmas family party. I need something better than "Boss is deciding if i have a job or not for 2019" Give us update for #HGC2019 please 🙏 ShadowLiberal 2 points ago in heroesofthestorm

    If they theoretically did cancel it, I imagine they'd have a huge contract issue with all the current HGC teams. Especially the ones who just won in the Crucible, who literally put a bunch of time and effort into qualifying for a new job only to not have one if it's canceled.

    [–] TIL that the oldest unopened Wine Bottle is +1650 years old ShadowLiberal -23 points ago in todayilearned

    As a non-alcohol drinker the obsession over 'aging' wine has always come across as really stupid to me.

    If you tell me my drink has aged a few dozen years I'll throw it in your face and tell you to not to try to poison me by serving long spoiled drinks.

    [–] TIL In Canada, One-person households became the most common type of household for the first time in 2016, surpassing couples with children. Higher separation and divorce rates have led to more people living alone instead of in couples ShadowLiberal 2 points ago in todayilearned

    Agreed. The saying that half of all marriages end in divorce is simply not true and likely never has been. I think the highest it's ever been is around 34% according to the Adam Ruins Everything on this (the number may vary in Canada though, Adam was focusing on the US).

    There's simply a lot more single people today, and a lot of people out there date the same person for a ton of years but don't get married or move in. There's also just less interest in having a SO to, and less interest in having sex with another person that comes along with it, as seen by surveys over the years of how many people have had sex by X age.

    [–] TIL of the "Daughter from California" syndrome, a situation in which a long-lost distant relative arrives at the hospital at which a dying elderly relative is being treated, and insists on aggressive measures to prolong the patient's life, or otherwise challenges the care the patient is being given. ShadowLiberal 26 points ago in todayilearned

    Unless it's changed in the last decade, doctors don't get paid for doing this, so they literally don't have financial motives to push patients into making a living will.

    This was actually supposed to be a part of Affordable Care Act/Obamacare, making health insurance compensate doctors for their time helping patients make a living will. But then idiots decided to brand those provisions as 'Death Panels' and say that Obama wanted to kill your Grandma, which forced the politicians to remove it from the bill.

    [–] 8 Wins in Brawliseum with my trusty golden Whizbang! ShadowLiberal 8 points ago in hearthstone

    Honestly, the only reason I would never craft a golden one is because I opened a normal one.