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    [–] How far do you usually drive to go surfing? Shadowratenator 1 points ago in surfing

    if traffic cooperates, it's only 35 minutes. unfortunately, traffic rarely cooperates and it's 1 to 1.5 hours. took me 1.5 hours to get to dawn patrol this morning. i left at 5:45am.

    [–] Berkeley zoning has served for many decades to separate the poor from the rich and whites from people of color Shadowratenator 7 points ago in bayarea

    i have looked at homes in the berkeley hills. I am white, but i tan exceptionally well. Now i know why they are priced just out of my reach.

    [–] Best surf shop near Pacifica/ half moon bay Shadowratenator 2 points ago in surfing

    I've bought 2 boards from Sonlight, and i really like the place. Jeremiah there is such a good dude. he's literally overflowing with stoke for surfing, and seems legitimately appreciative when i come in and regale him with stories of how my boards are working out. (they're working out great).

    santa cruz, of course, is like a surf shop wonderland, especially if you are coming in from the midwest.

    [–] do any of you guys surf ONLY on your vacations? Shadowratenator 2 points ago in surfing

    I used to live in wisconsin. i dreamed of surfing, but never rode more than a boogie board in lake michigan. What i would do was take yearly trips to san diego and rent a foamie for a week. I would flounder around a lot. eventually i would get maybe one drop that felt amazing. was it worth it?

    hell yes! i can't say that i ever improved doing it that way, but i loved it. it also, in some way, motivated me to keep working at moving to the coast.

    [–] C02 Tables are worthless? Shadowratenator 2 points ago in freediving

    i think i always take any assertion that everything you have been lead to believe is false with a grain of salt. Further, who is this text attributed to? this is just words on the internet at this point. it's little better than getting your freediving techniques from a bathroom wall.

    that aside, there are some good points. yes. there is a huge mental component and everyone can hold their breath way longer than they think they can. Yes, your physical ability to contain co2 is a hard thing to train.

    The author finishes with, "train smart.", but the advice seems to be a bunch of high interval training and bravado. It sounds a little dangerous if you ask me. even if c02 tables aren't boosting your c02 tolerance, they are a fairly safe way to practice holding your breath. You gain more out of them than just the c02 tolerance, you also learn to be comfortable and relax. Maybe slow your heart and consume less oxygen.

    (i assume the author of those words also finds o2 tables boring and a waste of time as well?)

    if the author's advice is go out and actually do freediving with a buddy a bunch of times a week, well yeah. that's good training, but it's not accessible to everyone.

    [–] Can we talk shoes? Shadowratenator 1 points ago in longboarding

    Vans half cab pros have been my go to skate shoe for everything for a long time now. I like the board feel. I like the foot braking power from the flat uniform sole. (I like the ollie control i get with their beefy toe edging, but that may not matter on this sub). I like that they give some padding to my ankle when i lay down for a coleman.

    As for ldp, allow me a humble brag: i have a 2 hour flat time wearing them in the adrenalina marathon.

    [–] Dancers animation on top Salesforce tower Shadowratenator 10 points ago in sanfrancisco

    Yeah. Ive been pretty disappointed with this feature. I thought it might show cool stuff, aside from Halloween, its either this or waves.

    [–] How not to use rideshare Shadowratenator 7 points ago in sanfrancisco

    You sound like a good driver. How can i ensure i get you when i need a ride?

    [–] Got burned! What would you do? Shadowratenator 29 points ago in surfing

    If you want to take this all the way to supreme surf court. you'd probably win your case. that guy is guilty of dropping in.

    Maybe he didn't know you were coming. Maybe he thought you wouldn't get to him. Maybe he thought, "screw this guy." and did it on purpose.

    the judge would probably sentence him to 1 apology, and you would be awarded 1 paddle back to the peak to try to catch another wave.

    [–] Friday Question Thread Shadowratenator 1 points ago in surfing

    protip: wash your grubby face before rubbing it on. it sticks a lot better to non oily skin and really holds.

    [–] Newts on Trails Shadowratenator 57 points ago in bayarea

    Newts are neat!

    [–] What’s it like surfing on a board shorter than you? Shadowratenator 2 points ago in surfing

    it'll make your 6'2 feel like a huge boat when you get back on it. You might find it easier to paddle around on the 6'2 afterwards, but for the same reasons, you will find it even harder to duckdive it.

    source: went from a 7'0 to a 6'2 this winter. I used to be able to duckdive the 7'0 ok. i was immediately a master of duck diving when i got the 6'2. now when i go back to the 7'0 i really struggle to duck it like i used to. i feel like a speed boat paddling the 7'0 around though. can't believe how easy i had it.

    [–] Photographers' perspective of NorCal surf Shadowratenator 6 points ago in surfing

    I like how they all say its pretty chill, not really localized and nobody will really hassle you. Except one dude who says its heavilly localized and you better know your place.

    [–] Is it worth going to the taco bell in linda mar when i have others close by in the east bay? Shadowratenator 2 points ago in bayarea

    You should get a burrito at la playa in the next lot south of taco bell. Then, sit on the beach near the taco bell and eat it.

    [–] Wetsuit Reviews! Shadowratenator 7 points ago in surfing

    O'neil psycho one 4/3 chest zip. for 2 years, it kept me super warm then the zipper busted. I was gonna toss it, but i figured i'd ask if they could fix it at the store in santa cruz. they could. it took about a month. in the meantime, they gave me a loaner. it was a leaky low end 4/3 in one of the coldest winters in recent norcal history. As promised though, they fixed the suit. for $30 they replaced the knees, the shoulders, and the zipper. they even washed the pee out of it! it feels like a brand new suit now. if it only lasts me another year, i'll consider it a bargain since i picked it up for only $200 at their parking lot sale in the first place. I bet it goes another 2 though.

    [–] Longboard breaks in Maui? Shadowratenator 1 points ago in surfing

    There’s board rental right across the street. Some of the waves were quite close to shore. If its working, i think it give a lot of options. Shore access should be easy there.

    [–] Might me a long shot but I was wondering if any of you guys are around NorCal and wanted to surf in the Bay? Shadowratenator 2 points ago in surfing

    lol. there's two main parts. "The channel" and "the patch". the first one is pretty obvious as to where it is. that leaves the part that's not "the channel" as "the patch".

    [–] Beginner Board Recommendations Shadowratenator 3 points ago in surfing

    the pragmatic advice: just rent foamies when you go on your vacations. they really are a great all purpose board. beginners get the impression that they don't work well in the conditions that day, or that they can't make it out. bah. it's not the board. it's because beginners can't do that stuff. If you go on a trip and rent an 8' foamie, rest assured, you have the best board for that time and place.

    otherwise, i totally get the desire to have your board hanging on your wall. hell, i've filled my apartment with them (luckily my wife likes them as decor). You can look at them and think about surfing. People can come over and know you surf. being really honest, any board that you think looks cool, works there.