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    [–] A deer in Paradise Shadowratenator 1 points ago in bayarea

    i bet pigeons would mind.

    [–] Surfing with smoke from wildfires. Shadowratenator 1 points ago in surfing

    Drink an extra kale smoothie or whatever. You're not going to die.

    lol. i think there's medical evidence that smoke inhalation is bad, and can ultimately lead to death. I don't think kale smoothies protect you from it's effects.

    That said, i've been going out. Maybe more effective advice is wear the n95 mask when you're not surfing.

    [–] Flying to Hawaii this winter and want to bring a few boards. What's the cheapest/safest/best way to ship and pack them? Shadowratenator 2 points ago in surfing

    My personal strategy when flying to hi is to only bring older boards. I wouldn't bring my favorite new board. I don't want to risk losing the board in shipping.

    Boards get smashed in shipping. I'd rather risk an older board. If it's busted on the other end, then hey, i get to buy a new board, and i didn't really lose much.

    [–] Struggling with wetsuit thickness in Northern California Shadowratenator 7 points ago in surfing

    what part of northern california? around the bay area, most people seem fine in a 4/3. if you're getting closer to oregon, then maybe you need more.

    [–] It's been almost a year since BART launched new trains. So where are they? Shadowratenator 1 points ago in bayarea

    99% of my rides are from macarthur to civic center and back. so i hit the richmond line out of the city a lot.

    i seem to see the new cars going to and from fremont a lot. The only time i've been on one was a trip to OAK. it was GLORIOUS.

    [–] Will I be able to duck dive on a 6’10” board with 46 ltr volume? I’m 175 lbs and have only really been surfing a year. Shadowratenator 2 points ago in surfing

    i'm 175lbs and can duck my 7'0. It's kind of a similar shape, maybe a bit pointier in the nose. it just takes some practice, on bigger boards like this, you have to get really far forward and jam that nose down, then use your foot to push even farther down.

    of course, after a year of experience, i doubt you are going to be able to effectively duck dive anything. more volume will help you improve in surfing faster than duck divability though. always err towards volume when starting out.

    [–] Love this city but damn it’s getting crazy. Shadowratenator 9 points ago in sanfrancisco

    whenever anyone is impatient to the point of crazy, my default judgement of them is, "it must be diarrhea."

    [–] First mod for my JK. It involved 1 screw. Shadowratenator 3 points ago in Jeep

    yeah. and i decided to just dip my toe in and buy only the single mount rather than spring for the $140 double mount.

    looks like this one is working out. i'll probably be ordering the second ball and arm for my copilot in a couple weeks.

    [–] First mod for my JK. It involved 1 screw. Shadowratenator 1 points ago in Jeep

    i haven't tried that one. may be just as good at half the price. my experience was just with the $20ish suction cup ones.

    [–] Apple's Metal API only supports Objective-C and Swift? And they deprecated OpenGL? Shadowratenator 2 points ago in GraphicsProgramming

    Our engine is all c++, runs on windows, mac, and ios. Our renderer gets metal support via bgfx.

    The thing with ios though is you just have to suck it up and do some objective-c somewhere. Our application uses arkit, Also only an obj-c api.

    C++ and obj-c doe play pretty nice together. I suggest you avoid swift though.

    [–] First mod for my JK. It involved 1 screw. Shadowratenator 9 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in Jeep

    Its the 67 designs universal phone mount. Ive gone through a couple dash mount holders. This thing is FAR superior to anything ive ever used.

    Its rigid. Its secure. Its all carbon fiber and aluminum.

    It runs $80, but at this point, i was going on my fourth arkon suction cup mount. I figured i might as well stop pouring money into plastic and suction cuos that are just going to keep deteriorating.

    So far, im super happy with it.

    [–] Throwing up my brains after sesh on Monday at Linda mar Shadowratenator 3 points ago in surfing

    i got really sick over the weekend. i think it was more from bart than surfing. i didn't feel up to going out until last night. i still felt a little under the weather, but hit linda mar anyway.

    today i feel great! i figure the cancer in linda mar clashed with the bugs in my system and they just canceled each other out!

    [–] Inexpensive Watches for Surfing? Shadowratenator 3 points ago in surfing

    i've been rocking the $11 casio for a year now. no problems. at this point, if it dies, i can get another.

    [–] Bad swimmer wants to (learn to) surf... Shadowratenator 7 points ago in BigIsland

    Skateboarding and snowboarding doesnt help at all when learning to surf. Its kind of a joke in the surfing community that beginners will say this.

    Being a strong swimmer, on the other hand, helps a ton.

    Kahalu’u is the place to go in the kona area for beginner lessons. Definitely take the lesson, dont just rent a board and go out.

    Dont underestimate the power of the waves in HI. I live in CA and surf a lot. The first tine i went to HI (big island), i was blown away by how powerful even little waves are. Also, your instinct that shallow water is going to be safer for surfing is wrong. Thats where the waves smack you into the reef and drag you through patches of urchins. Its much safer when the water is deeper.

    [–] When the landlords renew your lease and don’t raise rent Shadowratenator 3 points ago in bayarea

    Why would a landlord do that? It makes more financial sense to get some of that money earlier rather than later. They could have had that 3% sitting in an investment over those 5 years.

    The only reasons i can see for a landlord waiting to spring it all at once are: they are mistaken about the time value of money. Or they want to scare their tenants out with a big (but legal) increase.

    [–] help with more powerful waves Shadowratenator 3 points ago in surfing

    Then you should have been on a longboard.

    [–] help with more powerful waves Shadowratenator 22 points ago in surfing

    i've been surfing in the bay area for about 5 years now. As i've improved i've realized a couple things about catching steeper waves at the last second.

    it seems like there's not enough time, like everything is happening so fast that you need to pop up real fast. that's not really the case. really, at least for me, it's been more a situation of not paddling into the wave fast enough.

    paddle hard. you seriously can never paddle too hard for these things. it seems like you should be able to go easier on the paddling because the wave will have more push. that's not the case. the wave is going to break faster and you need to paddle so hard that the lip never catches up to you.

    be as far forward on your board as you possibly can. It's an uncomfortable position to be in, and it's counterintuitive because you feel like you should be countering the plunging effect of the wave. being out at the front of your board when paddling just helps you stay in front of the lip.

    you want to be in a position where you really have to arch your back to keep your nose up. that's good.

    if you are at the right point in the wave's life, and you paddled with speed and power, you will find yourself in the right location (like below the top 1/4 of the wave) where you simply casually pop up.

    watch Kelly catch this wave at pipe.

    it's casual. he paddles with explosive power, gets into that position about 3/4 up the face and then it's like he just casually and smoothly gets to his feet. It's not explosive and uncontrolled. it's quick, but it's not super human. it's smooth and deliberate first and foremost. He has the luxury of being deliberate because he's put himself in the right spot.

    i'm assuming of course, that your pop up is decent. if you can't do it in one motion, if you are doing that 2 stage thing i see them teaching at linda mar, yeah, then you aren't fast enough. If you are exploding to your feet in a way where your hands leave the board before your feet get into position, then you're too uncontrolled. if you have a smooth pop up where you keep your hips pressed to the board as you arch up, and you smoothly swing your feet into position with your hands on the board the whole time, then it's probably more like i said, not paddling hard enough and not committing hard enough.

    just paddling my ass off has really helped me a lot at montara, ob, and low tide linda mar. you'd be surprised at what a big window opens up if you are just in the right place on even a sucking closeout. the key seems to be staying below where the lip is and that really means paddling super hard.

    [–] Ideal Surfing Weather? Shadowratenator 2 points ago in surfing

    8 - Past weather a big hurricane one thousand miles away a week ago.

    [–] Best Safeway? Worst Safeway? Shadowratenator 6 points ago in bayarea

    the ocean beach safeway is great though. it's like a surreal adventure into the alternate realities of sf. I half expect to see a talking rabbit or battle a darth vader with my face under the helmet when i go there.

    for me, the worst safeway is the one by my place on pleasant valley and broadway, oakland. it's brand new. it's filled with stuff to get, but there's always only one cashier and no self checkouts. It's more like it's just taunting you with groceries.