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    [–] Remember: Avoid disappointment and Do not pre-order Anthem. Let's vote with our wallets and show EA we will no longer put up with their shit. Shadowvines 0 points ago in gaming

    Or just stop buying these shit games. companies like ubisoft and EA wrecked games for me. Stupid shit like CoD and Battlefield they take good quality games and destroy them by marketing to the lowest common denominator and dumbing down games as much as possible to get the widest audience. Just stop buying this repackaged garbage where they add a single new feature to the engine and then build an entire game around it.

    [–] I asked my dad for a cordless drill and this is what he gave me. Shadowvines 3 points ago in pics

    I highly suggest watching alone in the wilderness. You will know how to build a log cabin by the end of that.

    [–] So we did both touch and mechanical controls for a metallographic grinder/polisher. Shadowvines 3 points ago in userexperience

    I worry about bias are the prices comparable? Do you think the version number may skew feedback (vs PX-300 and PX-300-d). If the price is comparable might some people see the higher version number and digital output and think the other is an older model thus leaning them towards the PX-500. I dunno just curious.

    [–] 1972 Maserati Boomerang Shadowvines 1 points ago in DesignPorn

    these things are crazy but the coolest part or most unique by far is the steering wheel and gauge cluster. its truly one of a kind.

    [–] Residents in Idaho put 183 coffins on the steps of the capitol today to protest the state faith-healing exemption that protects parents if they deny their children medical care Shadowvines 1 points ago in pics

    In my opinion, which is very important to state here as I would may have a strong bias here. The Amish culture in itself is complete child abuse. The amish culture denies a child proper education, healthcare, and any other benefits of technology. To me they are an abomination that runs counter to the core of what I believe so its hard to make a concise argument for or against their religious freedoms since I have problems with the existence of their culture in general.

    [–] Residents in Idaho put 183 coffins on the steps of the capitol today to protest the state faith-healing exemption that protects parents if they deny their children medical care Shadowvines 2 points ago in pics

    this argument could only be valid if you do not consider a child to be living before the age of adulthood and I don't think anyone is arguing that. The problem this choice is not the religious choice of the child. it is the choice of the parents. consider that this is a child born that is having the decision to deny treatment made for them while they are born. This leads back to the Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice argument at its core. When do you consider a child to be "a Child" at inception or at birth in which case the child should have rights.

    [–] Sony releases mysterious teaser for its next phone. Shadowvines 1 points ago in gadgets

    they are also one of the companies that pioneered the flexible oled displays. I have been waiting for years for them to release the rollable phone which they show some new version of every year since like 2008.

    [–] Shooting survivor to NRA: ‘Don’t you dare come back here’ Shadowvines 2 points ago in politics

    after columbine people did blame guns or the failing mental health system but mostly they blamed the kids it was the culture of this new generation that was the problem. I was expelled because of actions taken after columbine. some friends were talking in my class and one of them asked how you would blow up the school (in some fashion) and so off of the top of my head I concocted the ideal plan that would impose the most damage. I didn't think anything of it until I was called into the office during the next class. Apparently my plan was to horrifyingly accurate to not be something I was planning to do. I was not a trench coat mafia person I was just a regular C student who slept a lot.

    [–] Port From Above Shadowvines 2 points ago in BeAmazed

    I am having trouble reading this chart

    [–] Rush Limbaugh admits his immigration fears are about voting, not security Shadowvines 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in politics

    this is currently a thing for millions anyway.

    yet they all have to pay taxes :P

    [–] Basic Socket Server in C# Shadowvines 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in csharp

    I would say the simplest solution would be signalr. It's not technically the most efficient way possible but its very easy to set up a signalr hub. The efficient route in C# (more for games) is LiteNetLib which is not easy but gets you UDP communications. finally there is lidgren... I tried this once it made my brain hurt.

    [–] This bridge has a crisis hotline machine. Shadowvines 24 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    realizing the design of this box does make it a convenient step ladder.

    [–] Thanks guys. Shadowvines 2 points ago in SaturdayDND

    What didn't you expect?

    [–] Top GOP donor: 'I will not write another check' until candidates support assault weapons ban Shadowvines 3 points ago in politics

    two things:

    • It's horrifying that one person can potentially sway decisions that impact the entire country.

    • It would be fucking hilarious if a republican controlled government "took our guns".

    [–] Why use TypeScript, good and bad reasons Shadowvines 2 points ago in typescript

    I see your point. However we are making two separate arguments. I will concede that at the moment TypeScript does not grant any benefit to being convert to wasm. That's still not the point I am making though I don't care about converting to wasm because its more performant. I care about converting to WASM(or whatever other standard comes along) because I can still use my legacy code set 7 years from now instead of 5 years. Increasing the time until I need to rewrite the project. I am more concerned about the longevity and relevance of the code rather than the sheer performance. I understand your point and thank you for explaining it to me it is quite a bit deeper than I dare tread into these matters generally. Also the limitations you linked I found very interesting. Our code, because of our C# background I believe would actually meet those limitation since we are fairly use to this type of standard anyway (everything in our typescript is interface has constructors and the word "any" was made by satan). We enforce many of those limitations in our tsconfig.

    [–] Why use TypeScript, good and bad reasons Shadowvines 2 points ago in typescript

    went ahead and upvoted. I agree and I kept it rather general for that reason. It's true that any transpiler could work for this argument. But not all transpilers have the backing of microsoft or support in resharper. That's a feature you only get with TypeScript(AFAIK). Coming from a .net shop that's pretty handy. That's why the second sentence to that mentions TypeScript as a good transpiler option because of it's massive backing.

    [–] Why use TypeScript, good and bad reasons Shadowvines 1 points ago in typescript

    I don't quite understand.

    TypeScript is not JavaScript

    Typescript could easily be transpiled (or in this case Compiled) down to wasm much the same way Blazor does with C#.

    [–] Atheist kicked out of Missouri town meeting after criticizing “In God We Trust” sign Shadowvines 1 points ago in atheism

    so what can we do to make sure every person sitting behind that sign doesn't get to be there after the next election.

    [–] Kentucky governor blames violent video games, movies, not guns for school shootings Shadowvines 0 points ago in news

    I play these games with people all over the world. most of the other countries where those people are from don't have monthly school shootings.

    [–] Angular CLI 1.7 - Released Shadowvines 9 points ago in Angular2

    ie can be a pain sometimes I should probably make a post on this.

    do the following and you likely will get it working.

    first in you application open the polyfills.ts and uncomment all of the core-js polyfills

    import 'core-js/es6/symbol';
    import 'core-js/es6/object';
    import 'core-js/es6/function';
    import 'core-js/es6/parse-int';
    import 'core-js/es6/parse-float';
    import 'core-js/es6/number';
    import 'core-js/es6/math';
    import 'core-js/es6/string';
    import 'core-js/es6/date';
    import 'core-js/es6/array';
    import 'core-js/es6/regexp';
    import 'core-js/es6/map';
    import 'core-js/es6/weak-map';
    import 'core-js/es6/set';
    // /** IE10 and IE11 requires the following to support `@angular/animation`. */
    // import 'web-animations-js';  // Run `npm install --save web-animations-js`.
    /** Evergreen browsers require these. **/
    import 'core-js/es6/reflect';
    import 'core-js/es7/reflect';

    next download the following libraries

    "angular-polyfills": "^1.0.1",
    "mdn-polyfills": "^5.4.0"

    add the following to you polyfill.ts

    import 'angular-polyfills/dist/all';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/Object.assign';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/Object.create';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/Object.entries';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/Array.from';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/Array.of';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/Array.prototype.find';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/Array.prototype.forEach';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/Array.prototype.filter';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/Array.prototype.findIndex';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/Array.prototype.includes';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/String.prototype.includes';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/String.prototype.repeat';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/String.prototype.startsWith';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/String.prototype.endsWith';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/String.prototype.padStart';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/String.prototype.padEnd';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/Function.prototype.bind';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/NodeList.prototype.forEach';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/Element.prototype.closest';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/Element.prototype.matches';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/MouseEvent';
    import 'mdn-polyfills/CustomEvent';

    next create a custom polyfill to you app. I named mine Object.remove.js and placed it in the src folder put the following code in it.

    (function() {
      function remove() { this.parentNode && this.parentNode.removeChild(this); }
      if (!Element.prototype.remove) Element.prototype.remove = remove;
      if (Text && !Text.prototype.remove) Text.prototype.remove = remove;

    now put this in the polyfill.ts

    import '../src/polyfill/Object.remove';

    at this point if you app still doesn't work in ie may god help you. Certain libraries such as mdb-bootstrap and Prime-NG have components that are incompatible with IE this should resolve those issues.