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    [–] U.S. Legislator Wants to Limit Sale of Games With Loot Boxes in Wake of Battlefront II Shadowvines 1 points ago in xboxone

    honest to god I wish the whol random chance/card pack/loot box anything that tries to sell you the same thing twice would fuck the hell off that shit is so stupid. What's worse is the game would be better if there were quests/ achievements in the game to gain those things I would be much happier and the game would be better if they built content around those items. I would happily and have paid for expansions that do just that. I quit playing any game with this type of micro transaction that has a random loot system like this. I was really sad when ESO added it.

    [–] Beer Braised Pork Belly, Mango and Chilli Taco's Shadowvines 1 points ago in GifRecipes

    where in the fuck do these ingredients cost this little this is at least 30 dollars worth the groceries where I live

    [–] Please help! Deploying dot net core mvc app! Shadowvines 1 points ago in dotnetcore

    yes the SDK is no longer required to run a .net core 2.0 app it can run with .net framework 4.7.1 or with the .net core sdk

    [–] Please help! Deploying dot net core mvc app! Shadowvines 1 points ago in dotnetcore

    do not do this you don't need to when you make a .net core 2.0 app you are making an app that runs on .net 4.7.1

    [–] Please help! Deploying dot net core mvc app! Shadowvines 2 points ago in dotnetcore

    ok thats not exactly how any of this works. First off I might suggest that you do not use IIS at all Kestrel the web server used by dotnet core is much faster. but if you must lets get you going.

    .net core mvc apps do not need a managing CLR they do not use one the option you should use is "No Managed Code" and pipeline mode Integrated. The host as of .NET core 4.7.1 has built in support for .net core. So you don't need the SDK on the box like you did previously. Hope this helps.

    [–] Congressmen demand investigation of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, Sinclair Broadcast Group Shadowvines 2 points ago in news

    how are we suppose to do number 2 - by mail they ignore you - by email they ignore you - by phone they won't answer - they won't let you get close enough in person

    I have no representative at this point I don't believe he really exists

    [–] Mike Novogratz Says Bitcoin Will End the Year at $10,000 Shadowvines 1 points ago in Bitcoin

    Ya and I got be honest the concept is fucking genius. but to implement it they will need an easily usable sdk for game developers to integrate the crypto currency into there micro transaction games. I know as a developer if I can just plug in a library and I suddenly have a source of revenue I would be all about that shit.

    [–] Truck Swerving Shadowvines 2 points ago in nonononoyes

    That dude definitely deserves a raise

    [–] What sorcery is this ? Shadowvines 1 points ago in BeAmazed

    Hes got the same jump as the princess from mario 2

    [–] Zimbabwe's President Mugabe 'resigns' Shadowvines 1 points ago in worldnews

    It's probably because he didn't support net neutrality.

    [–] Drunk Squirrel Shadowvines 7 points ago in gifs

    I will never be as good a person as that guy making that video.

    [–] What is unethical as fuck, but is extremely common practice in the business world? Shadowvines 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I worked for a design firm as an IT guy. I got invited to a meeting with a kind of marketing service not really sure why I was there I guess it was technology related. Basically this company let your order news articles from some pretty prominent media outlets that would show your product in a favorable light or a competitors product in a unfavorable light. For some very big bucks you would get articles (not ads) sure enough it showed up in some publications we picked from sources that, at the time I though were credible news sources. That really fucked with my brain.

    [–] Why Trump Lies: Lies are the way authoritarians exercise power. While in office, Trump has lied 1,628 times. Shadowvines 3 points ago in esist

    I did a research paper on ethics in news media in college and I so wanted to trash fox news but I couldn't because very early on in my research I found that not only can fox news not be considered a new source but even fox news themselves don't consider themselves a news media platform they by their own statements say they are an entertainment platform. I also gained massive respect for how hard real journalism is in the modern era.

    [–] Colorado County Spent $88 a Day Jailing Defendants Who Couldn't Pay $55 Fee Shadowvines 6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in politics

    I will say it depends on the county (court fees vary by city and county) and last year it was in the spotlight so some things may have changed. I learned about this many years ago when I was placed on probation for a ticket for speeding the ticket itself was only $85 but the court fee for that ticket was $165 which at the time I couldn't pay I was placed on probation which accrues a fee(interest) if you miss a payment there is an additional fee eventually your brought back to court for violating probation which of course has an additional court fee you eventually have to elect to just go to jail and serve time. If your not dirt poor and you have a job pay's enough to get by this isn't a big deal your unlikely to need probation in the first place but many people may not be able to afford it furthermore when this happened to me you had to make your payments in person which meant getting to the court house with a cashier's check during regular business hours. That's a big ask for a lot of people.

    [–] Sean Hannity melts down on Twitter over a CNN interview about advertising boycott Shadowvines 9 points ago in politics

    does anyone still have the list of advertisers that still support him I want to make sure I don't accidentally use the product

    [–] Colorado County Spent $88 a Day Jailing Defendants Who Couldn't Pay $55 Fee Shadowvines 10 points ago in politics

    Georgia is notorious for these kinds of shenanigans. You get a ticket or any reason to go to court and you can pay the 20 dollar fine + the 300 dollar court cost that's OK they'll put you on probation. The probation is basically an interest bearing loan with a fix rate of like 6%. Violate probation because you can't pay. Off to jail with you and oh wait another fine because you violated probation. You eventually just end up in debtor's prison.

    [–] South Carolina women’s hoops team decline invite to White House Shadowvines 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in politics

    From someone who lives here in the bible belt, absolutely nothing has changed about their level of decency. Trump suddenly made it ok in these peoples eye to be open about there moral deficiencies somehow instead of holding these feelings privately they seem to have some justification to do it publicly like its no longer immoral or indecent anymore to think this way. Many people who practice religion use it as there guiding compass to morality and decency. That's why these people don't trust people of other religions and especially people of no religion because they can't imagine someone not needing a magical spirit in the sky telling them whats right and whats wrong. Because without that they have no in built moral compass. So when it suddenly became ok to be immoral trash they became immoral trash.


    I'm with you I vow not to buy it. I mean I haven't bought an EA game in over a decade anyway but regardless! I'm on board. :P is this how far it had to go lol. It all went downhill after Battlefield 1942 and Desert Combat Mod. While you guys are at it can you also vow not to buy any ubisoft games either I know far cry looks good but they have wrecked just as many amazing games with there grubby little claws to.

    [–] Game on 11/18 Shadowvines 2 points ago in SaturdayDND

    I am good for this week and next week for that matter. I enjoyed it even though I had to beat somebody up. I also want to invite anyone who's interest to a Christmas eve dinner at my house. We are going to have a lot of people (I think 15 so far). Any of you are welcome to come it's a potluck we are providing the turkey and ham and will have the downstairs cleared for seating I would love for you guys to come.

    [–] I need help with UWP responsive (stretching) element Shadowvines 6 points ago in csharp

    Ok first off learn xaml if you've done any web development XAML is a cake walk for the most part. The designer IMO is good to get an idea of what your app will look like but useless for editing. What your looking for is called a fluid layout. You can also use an adaptive layout (think @media selectors in css). You cannot build a fluid layout using the designer or at least it would be much harder IMO.

    Go Here and actually read it. after you have read that and understand it, depending on the scale of the application you may also want to adopt a UI library like Telerik UWP however I would not go this route unless this is a sizable app.

    [–] Woman who accused Franken says she accepts his apology Shadowvines 3 points ago in politics

    If there you need any more proof that Dems take out the trash Franken has called for an ethics investigation on himself!