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    [–] Lebron's trump tweet has made over 1.1 million likes and 550k retweets in half a day, the most ever by an athlete. Shadowvines 2 points ago in nba

    sadly the democrats have no chance of taking seats in congress in 2018 due to the seats going up for reelection. They do have a chance of taking the house though.

    [–] Game on 9/23 Shadowvines 2 points ago in SaturdayDND

    ill be there

    [–] Thousands rally in Philippines to warn of Duterte 'dictatorship' Shadowvines 1 points ago in worldnews

    "man look at all those thousands of drug dealers and addicts I'll have to kill" - Duterte probrably

    [–] John McCain on the Comey Hearing: "It Was a Colossal Screw-Up" Shadowvines 3 points ago in politics

    oh I remember the thing from way back had no idea he went on to make it worse. This is like a mental illness or something at this point.

    [–] Sign language interpreter used gibberish, warned of bears, monsters during Hurricane Irma update Shadowvines 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in nottheonion

    I really don't you are correct but you would prefer someone signing gibberish rather than posting a sign? that might be at least some help? I understand your argument in a normal situation but if they absolutely couldn't find someone then why not use the sign? I have deleted the second sentence of my statement which is the part I believe you took a offense to I did not mean it in the context I think you took it and I apologize for my poor communication. I will do some research and if you had just stated that instead of attacking me I would have responded the same.

    [–] I am John Cleese: writer, actor, and tall person. AMA! Shadowvines 5 points ago in IAmA

    I don't know how and I don't know why but this is clearly the fault of Someone named Darryl and a Pedal Bin.

    [–] I am John Cleese: writer, actor, and tall person. AMA! Shadowvines 3 points ago in IAmA

    If this whole things was a Monty Python skit it would definitely be a classic. and it would just fade right into

    [–] Welcome to 2015 Shadowvines 2 points ago in AndroidMasterRace

    they are talking about progressive web applications. Progressive web apps allow you to add Single Page Application like they were an app (many apps are already written in this form which are called hybrid apps) PWA's run in a native way however in a special "web browser" and are granted access to certain native api's of the phone. so for example they can access your camera directly instead of through the html 5 api which is slow or they can do notifications or up date information on the login screen. furthermore this means you can completely circumvent the need to go to the app store and you can make the transition from web page to native app on the phone seemless. this is a major innovation in mobile development however since it allows you to circumvent the app store Iphone super doesnt like it and have so far resisted making PWA's usable on IoS

    [–] Rihanna is such a monster Shadowvines 11 points ago in thatHappened

    I love that reddit after like 1 hour was like "Nope thats bullshit" and then confirms it minutes later.

    [–] Game on 9/16? Shadowvines 2 points ago in SaturdayDND

    ill be here

    [–] Democrats have won 6 GOP-held seats in 2017. Republicans have won 0 Democratic seats. Shadowvines 1 points ago in politics

    There is also the issue that the typical dem voter counts for far less than that of the average republican voter. We can expect things to just continue as they have as fucked up as it seems until that changes. people who fear those who are different and have no concept of caring for others in the community unsurprisingly live in rural areas and those who live in rural areas vote counts for far more Our damaged electoral system and state legislators being almost completely controlled by republicans will guarantee that things remain this way.

    The state representatives are not sneaky about this and so far have been pretty open about it because no one really pays attention even doing things like declaring a fake state of emergency to counter the will of the people. This was open and transparent corruption and nothing was done about it.

    Whether a bill at the federal and state level is supported by the people seemingly has no bearing on whether its passed.

    The people at least for the moment are a minority in american politics as a whole.

    [–] Ted Cruz likes porn video on Twitter Shadowvines 0 points ago in politics

    My favorite thing about r/politics is this stupid shit isn't on the front page of r/politics

    [–] A guy pretended to be the nonexistent Prince of Montenegro and Macedonia for years, going to countless events for free and mixing with the elites of Mediterranean Europe Shadowvines 2 points ago in ActLikeYouBelong

    to be fair even if I knew eventually I would get caught if I thought I could extend this ruse for any substantial period of time I'd probably still do it. Also what crime are they charging him with exactly after reading it I saw some crap about fake paper work but I didn't see anything about theft or money or anything.

    [–] Baby socket (Version with sound in the comments) Shadowvines 3 points ago in reallifedoodles

    I imagine a day where we can use augmented reality headsets on a massive scale on that day I will create an app that gives various inanimate object eyes and mouths.

    [–] Prominent Republicans Urge Supreme Court to End Gerrymandering Shadowvines 3 points ago in politics

    They are not radical or insane or the norm they have no beliefs except the ones provided to them by large donors. They are not immoral or moral by anyone's standard they are simply tools of the rich and there for are they even human beings? They are provided pre-written talking points by large organizations and do not produce there own ideas. Money is shoveled into them and they spew the desired rhetoric echoing the same statements all in unison. Only when one of the automatons breaks down do we see any individuality surface. Every time it happens they realize the horrors they were responsible for and some even fight the system that compelled them.