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    [–] A word on unmoderated subreddits ShaneH7646 1 points ago in modnews

    do many subreddits actually use approved submitters?

    [–] self-cooking bacon ShaneH7646 2 points ago in gifs

    r/Pigifs is the one you mean

    [–] Thor’s Hammer Toolbox ShaneH7646 0 points ago in gifs

    Please stop falling for spam subreddits ran by spam accounts

    [–] !!! IMPORTANT UPDATE !!! BOT WILL GO OFFLINE ON DEC10 UNTIL JAN1. MORE DETAILS IN THE POST ShaneH7646 1 points ago in MemeEconomy

    Firms will be added to the system

    Remember how when you played GTAO

    Will you have to purchase firms? will these firms cost a liver like gtao?

    [–] That’s one of the reasons ShaneH7646 369 points ago in technicallythetruth

    Wait, some places have yellow fire trucks?