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    [–] What is the creepiest historical fact you know? Shanguerrilla 1 points ago in AskReddit

    No way man.. but if they ask if you were kicked in the face as a child like him, then yea- maybe.

    [–] Eric Lundgren, ‘e-waste’ recycling innovator, faces prison for trying to extend life span of PCs Shanguerrilla 756 points ago in news

    Holy shit, this guy is fucking awesome. I really hope he built up enough good will for that judge to do right (it seems like it might go okay for him, as frightening as Microsoft and the Fed's lawyers are).

    [–] Managers of Reddit, what is the most unprofessional thing an employee has done that resulted in an immediate termination? Shanguerrilla 2 points ago in AskReddit

    You really are an awesome guy. I loved your first post, how rightly secure in yourself you are- that while INSANELY offensive, you see the business angle of 'it could be customers or affect the company' and that is good motivation to fire.. Then you are so damn empathetic that you still feel bad for her (for making her own decisions). That's awesome of you, like, humble magnanimous. Most people would focus instead of those two in their personal offense, but you don't let shit like that bog you down.

    I will say this, knowing you do care about your employees, clearly! That her having faced immediate and clear consequences for her actions at a young age may have been the ABSOLUTE best thing she could have been allowed to learn at your job.

    [–] Texas dad who killed daughters while on phone with estranged wife taunts her at execution Shanguerrilla 1 points ago in news

    You're one cakeday closer to death, congrats!

    I thought about wishing him a cakeday, but you did it well enough for all of us!

    [–] 'Dad shot me in the head then my brother': Blind swimmer overcomes family tragedy Shanguerrilla 1 points ago in RossMinor

    I'm really glad you keep updating this sub! I check in now and then ever since one of your early AMA type deals in a different thread years back. I still feel grateful to have heard your story, let alone see how awesome your new goals and challenges and successes..

    Aside from always being struck with how inspiring and amazing a young man you are, I keep being amazed to see HOW MUCH you are doing and how quickly you are accomplishing your goals. From snowboarding, sharing your experience and doing helpful speeches / camps, programming, and already a freaking Junior and now training for the damn Olympics in swimming! You are incredible Ross.

    I've never 'met' a person who was dealt such needless and unfair pains, AND yet never been able to see you as anything except a fucking role model and hero rather than victim. You aren't a sad story, you keep turning the pages and you even help everyone around you while you do it! How backwards is that?

    You sir, are one amazing man.. I guess I can't even keep saying 'young man' like closer to 2-4 years ago when I first came across your story and 'met' you on reddit.

    [–] Gay couples, what's a relationship problem you've run in to that straight couples don't have to deal with? Shanguerrilla 0 points ago * (lasted edited 24 days ago) in AskReddit

    Actually, all the reports I've read show male / male relationships have lower domestic violence than even hetero, and unfortunately female / female have the highest rates proportionally.

    A 2013 report from the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) found that lesbian women are more likely to experience physical violence from a partner — and they accounted for 19% of IPV homicide victims. (This is a staggering proportion considering that only 1.5% of women in the U.S. self-identify as lesbian and 0.9% as bisexual.)

    [–] Harry Potter got many people into reading, but they never evolved into other "adult books" afterward. What are some grown up books that people who liked Harry Potter might enjoy? Shanguerrilla 3 points ago in AskReddit

    The family legacy angle from the past.. plus later in the series some things going on in the future show how basically every book's past main or side plot was intertwined (and never coincidence it was Harry of all people in the middle)

    [–] What's your best passive aggressive "compliment"? Shanguerrilla 3 points ago in AskReddit

    "It was a pressure playing against you!"

    Isn't that a compliment disguised to sound like the normal phrase?

    [–] What is surprisingly NOT scientifically proven? Shanguerrilla 3 points ago in AskReddit

    And (at least some older antidepressants) are used more to treat nerve pain or headaches (that don't respond to other medicines) in a lot of folks with autoimmune diseases..

    I always thought it was interesting how a neurologist and three years of trying every medicine he could think of, and he couldn't help me with a headache that I had most everyday. Went to a rheumatologist and got amitriptyline at a lower than antidepressant dose.. and I'll be damned if it isn't the one medicine that actually helped.

    [–] Football-size boulders smashed cars on I-5 for weeks in Sacramento. CHP arrested suspect on Christmas Shanguerrilla 1 points ago in news

    Right, but as long as you aren't in a convertible or on a bike, you'll probably be fine in most cars at a very slow speed or stopped.

    [–] What’s the most X-Files like experience you’ve had in real life? Shanguerrilla 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Your mom's power's origin story is tied to those prayer beads and a power passed down the women in your family! Good thing you don't mind that voice, you're scheduled to get the power next!

    [–] Woman, 37, convicted of killing her fiance after she sabotaged his kayak is leaving prison just SIX WEEKS after sentencing Shanguerrilla 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in MensRights

    I'm all for grabbing pitchforks as the next townsfolk- but yea, I like to look first. Good catch? At least from what I saw this doesn't look super clear for a trial. I imagine that if the prosecution had a better case, man or woman, they would likely have done more time. (Albeit is possible a man statistically might do more). It is just so hard to do a direct one to one comparison in trials / criminals outcomes.

    [–] Update: Negotiations about how she is moving away Shanguerrilla 1 points ago in BPDlovedones

    You won't give up. Worst case scenario is you keep on finding new ways that are best for your son and your life in whatever ways that means/is. I trust the you of tomorrow to deal with tomorrow's problems. But right now I'm hoping for some holiday cheer in your life and a nice thing to remember every Christmas time, that the holidays were when you got your custody situation settled immensely in your son and your favor.

    My son is doing pretty good. He is getting more used to the shared custody and just in the last month stopped crying and begging to not go with his mom- unsure why- but that is nice. He has been growing well, healthy, happy, safe and we have a lot of time together.

    I'll be thinking of you two.

    [–] Update: Negotiations about how she is moving away Shanguerrilla 1 points ago in BPDlovedones

    Sounds like good news overall? I will be praying for your son and you.

    The plus side to all these nerves is that this IS the court (where you have a great paper trail spanning years) that will decide custody if your son can leave with her.. Then it will be settled.

    I really feel, and hope and pray it goes in your son and your favor- it seems like you have a ton going for you two thinking over all the events and social worker. But after this court it will be settled and you and your son will be free from the drama of being drug back and forth or awaiting future custody changes.

    God bless. You've got this brother

    [–] Men of Reddit, what are some things women THINK we like, but couldn’t be more wrong about? Shanguerrilla 2 points ago in AskReddit

    You are right about that and your advice to him- even calling the cops. Yea, it's a big risk (I forget the stat I read, something like 60% of the time a man is being assaulted in domestic violence and called the police he was the one arrested anyway). Anyway, there is a risk, but he needs a paper trail- and the 'risk of being the one arrested' SKYROCKETS if HE is not the first one to call the police.

    I had an ex doing more minor violence and a one to two year old. I didn't even defend myself ever or stop her with my hands, just let her and walked off after yelling about her trying to injure me. Then of course she did the 'I can call the police and get you in trouble' threat after I had walked off and locked myself away from her.

    She was right, she could and she did. The police didn't care about any of my bleeding or physical evidence, didn't even care to listen to me tell them what happened, just in cuffs in 60 seconds. 30 minutes listening to my aggressors lies, then I was in jail and court ordered from my own son, home, and possessions until luckily an awesome female judge acquitted me and saw through the 'poor victim girl' act of a mentally disturbed woman.

    I'm really against involving police in most matters in homes / families, it can always get fatally messy or legally.. But if a man is NOT leaving a woman beating him (for fear of his children's custody or whatever) he is ALSO with the kind of woman who can and will love to call the police and lie and lie in court or use other ways to hurt the man.

    And she will succeed in getting him arrested nearer 100% of the time 'the man' doesn't call the police, versus the 60% or whatever percent of victim men that get arrested.

    [–] Man unable to pay $ 20,000 monthly child support, jailed for contempt of court commits suicide in his cell. Shanguerrilla 1 points ago in MensRights

    Jesus.. I don't know how you and other men in that position makes it work.

    I pay under 500 a month for one child that I have half the time, but in my state they did me as around 100k a year and her at the state mandatory minimum default income..

    At the time custody was my priority, but I feel really grateful my attorney made me fight for some things that helped financially. My state must handle it a lot better than a lot of them though.

    [–] Man who gained fame for crude 'Rick and Morty' courtroom exchange gets life Shanguerrilla 7 points ago in news

    lmao- right! They 'definitely' won that debate by so quickly confirming that your argument is baseless because you are clearly a pedo.

    Learning is fun! I am sure glad I didn't have to debate them back in school- I can see it now, I'd do my damndest to prove global warming is REAL and they would win by convincing the class I'm an (ahem) homosexual, or (gasps) maybe even a fucking ginger!

    [–] Can DNA test results help you find your diagnosis? Youtuber with Classical EDS puts 23andMe results to the test Shanguerrilla 5 points ago in ehlersdanlos

    I just did that- spend the 6k. And.... yea, it's still hEDS if EDS at all (symptoms align).

    So I am exactly ZERO better off than before and just thousands less saved.

    [–] What was the most intense experience of your life? Shanguerrilla 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Dude, you are a fucking hero. Wow... Really really a good friend, kind got me misty I was so glad your friend had you looking out for him that night.

    [–] Woman stabs boyfriend in face and receives a two year suspended sentence, due to being in a "high emotional state" at the time Shanguerrilla 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in MensRights

    Personally I wish I had hit her like she claimed I did, would have taught her not to be a bully who picks on those that can't defend themselves IE men. I nearly lost my job and have received numerous threats from various white knights about this incident since. The ironic thing is that I was attacked the previous year, pinned to the grown and kicked in the head repeatedly (all in front of cameras) and the case wasnt even taken to court as it "wasnt severe" yet when a girl falls the police go beyond themselves to do something.

    That part..

    I'd say it 'took' me a long time to get over that and mostly it did, but I still occasionally feel small pangs of it from time to time (I guess because I have to keep interacting with mine to co-parent).

    It feels like an injustice2 when we get charged and tried for literally the crime that was committed against us. As that instance and others when it is committed against us it isn't really a crime or anything police involve themselves.

    In my case the prosecutor literally tried to get the judge to screw me on the basis that it is clear my ex was 'emotional and scared' because she was being violent and then called the police...