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    [–] Man who gained fame for crude 'Rick and Morty' courtroom exchange gets life Shanguerrilla 5 points ago in news

    lmao- right! They 'definitely' won that debate by so quickly confirming that your argument is baseless because you are clearly a pedo.

    Learning is fun! I am sure glad I didn't have to debate them back in school- I can see it now, I'd do my damndest to prove global warming is REAL and they would win by convincing the class I'm an (ahem) homosexual, or (gasps) maybe even a fucking ginger!

    [–] Can DNA test results help you find your diagnosis? Youtuber with Classical EDS puts 23andMe results to the test Shanguerrilla 3 points ago in ehlersdanlos

    I just did that- spend the 6k. And.... yea, it's still hEDS if EDS at all (symptoms align).

    So I am exactly ZERO better off than before and just thousands less saved.

    [–] What was the most intense experience of your life? Shanguerrilla 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Dude, you are a fucking hero. Wow... Really really a good friend, kind got me misty I was so glad your friend had you looking out for him that night.

    [–] Woman stabs boyfriend in face and receives a two year suspended sentence, due to being in a "high emotional state" at the time Shanguerrilla 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in MensRights

    Personally I wish I had hit her like she claimed I did, would have taught her not to be a bully who picks on those that can't defend themselves IE men. I nearly lost my job and have received numerous threats from various white knights about this incident since. The ironic thing is that I was attacked the previous year, pinned to the grown and kicked in the head repeatedly (all in front of cameras) and the case wasnt even taken to court as it "wasnt severe" yet when a girl falls the police go beyond themselves to do something.

    That part..

    I'd say it 'took' me a long time to get over that and mostly it did, but I still occasionally feel small pangs of it from time to time (I guess because I have to keep interacting with mine to co-parent).

    It feels like an injustice2 when we get charged and tried for literally the crime that was committed against us. As that instance and others when it is committed against us it isn't really a crime or anything police involve themselves.

    In my case the prosecutor literally tried to get the judge to screw me on the basis that it is clear my ex was 'emotional and scared' because she was being violent and then called the police...

    [–] Feminist posts body positive message in support of men: Pleasantly Surprised Shanguerrilla 1 points ago in MensRights

    I agree, but most of them aren't supporting those organizations.. least those I'm talking about don't that I know of.

    I'm saying, the 'normal women' you talk to, who say they are feminists often share more of our ideals about men and women that we do.

    (I agree with you about the organizations though and that's why I mentioned them too)

    [–] Feminist posts body positive message in support of men: Pleasantly Surprised Shanguerrilla 1 points ago in MensRights

    It may be that I only talk about it with a certain kind of woman, or where I'm from.. But most the women I've talked to that say they are 'feminists' have strictly meant they believe in equality, like the 'real kind' usually not really any different than I do. In relationships with some we had good communication and they still liked more traditional stuff in some ways, but typically really were stalwarts about being as 'feminist' (equality) for men as women. And at least the 2-3 I'm thinking of, maybe because they were talking to me, they really had a lot of passion about a lot of the MRA issues most important to me.

    I'm not saying anything here except 'feminist' to many feminists (well my interactions were with 28-38 peers) really is about equality. I'm not backing 'the brand' I'm just saying that the loud, crazy, vocal minority of quote unquote femi-nazi's (and the organizations that they coopt) are dangerous, but it seems like the vast foundational multitudes of women that kind of back them, really don't back the radical 'anti-men' angle.

    At least not any more than 'most of us' are not at all 'anti-women' or even against in any way women's rights... we really feel pretty strongly about equality and/or fairness / acknowledgement where it isn't.

    [–] I’m ghosting my group of friends to see how long they’ll go without missing me Shanguerrilla 2 points ago in BPD

    God- this and the first comment (honestly I've only gotten through the first two) have been so amazing.. Really really helpful stuff and useful.

    [–] Man unable to pay $ 20,000 monthly child support, jailed for contempt of court commits suicide in his cell. Shanguerrilla 2 points ago in MensRights

    I absolutely agree! She doesn't work enough and never worked when together. But- so long as the government does give her 50% custody men or women in her situation could conceivably be a great parent and just need the little extra help.

    For,reference I made around 100k, and she was,calculated as lowest possible income, but due to the custody arrangement I pay less than 500 a month for one child. If his mom wasn't such a bad influence that would be worth it,to me for,a child to be able to have both parents in their life (whether its man or woman who cant pay child support or,conversely afford their time without it).

    Sorry, I'm typing on my phone

    [–] Man unable to pay $ 20,000 monthly child support, jailed for contempt of court commits suicide in his cell. Shanguerrilla 2 points ago in MensRights

    Oh Jesus- yea I hadn't thought about that eventuality. That makes total sense, thank you for the reply. I wouldn't actually be shocked if my ex did something similar since the last night I lived with her she made a false domestic violence claim, but so far I haven't had to deal with that yet.

    [–] Man unable to pay $ 20,000 monthly child support, jailed for contempt of court commits suicide in his cell. Shanguerrilla 2 points ago in MensRights

    Equal access / custody doesn't solve it. My son barely gets fed with his legally mandated 50% custody at his mom's, even with my child support.

    The disparity in wealth would mean that one home (in some instances) couldn't support the child during their custody... While you (and maybe I) might say fine, then if you can't afford to take care the child, you can't have that custody! But that is kind of the same problem we have now in reverse and I disagree with it.

    I honestly, as someone paying child support, believe /u/the-capitan idea is best for both parents and the children in the broadest range of circumstance.. and it would be pretty damn easy to apply. But I agree with you that both parents should be de facto allowed equal access and custody (aside from extenuating circumstances).

    [–] Man unable to pay $ 20,000 monthly child support, jailed for contempt of court commits suicide in his cell. Shanguerrilla 2 points ago in MensRights

    You also may not know that the state gets a commission from the Feds for child support arrears that are collected thus giving the state a perverse incentive to ‘create’ arrears.

    How does that happen? I was just given a number (pretty small really considering she didn't work and I do okay.. but I have 50% custody)..

    Anyway, myself and most men just write a check to their ex-wife for that amount each month. There isn't any process I've heard of where we send money to the government to then send to the ex's.. At least in the south east states.

    I'm curious if you have any sources?

    [–] Update: Negotiations about how she is moving away Shanguerrilla 1 points ago * (lasted edited 22 days ago) in BPDlovedones

    lmao.. I'm a dumbass sometimes. I hadn't been redditing and tried to snap out a reply to you thinking it was a PM. I haven't read what I wrote yet, but thanks for the advice man. (Actually I just reread it, I guess I could have left it, I just hadn't realized I wasn't typing in a PM when I did for some reason)

    It sounds like you are smelling the storm coming. Was her meeting with the social worker productive (since they are on your side)?

    It's really hard sometimes to not involve ourselves with catastrophizing or at least trying to meticulously plan out all the things our crazy ex's might do (because of our sons)... but you have and are making the right moves, it seems you are at that point where you have to trust yourself. That you have made the preparations and right choices (you have), that you are (you are), and from there you can easily trust five minutes and five days and five weeks from now... Trust that you will. You're going to make it through this next storm and be better off for it.

    [–] Unrelenting Headaches and Migraines Shanguerrilla 2 points ago in ehlersdanlos

    Honestly, the only thing that helped mine other than cannabis was amitriptyline... BUT, I really feel like my stabbing (wasn't always an intense, but usually a painful annoyance) pain was caused from my neck tightness. I think I have some tendons or ligaments that get way too tight and over time 'short' is somehow connected to the neck instability... and over time if I don't get it loosened up or whatever, stretching and increased mobility, those headaches would become severe. Anyway, there was a muscle relaxer that helped me called cyclobenzaprine. I didn't get a lot of relief or complete, but it would somewhat help me loosen up my neck some nights. The problem I had was my body would become very tolerant to the drug and I was (perhaps needlessly) worried about taking a muscle relaxer when I have an aortic aneurysm and a leaky valve letting in backwash each pump. My cardiologist later told me I hadn't needed to take myself off it, I just got worried on my own.

    Sorry to ramble. Anyway, low does, I think I take two 5mg Amitrypyline is actually what I use and it's a unique drug for me that my body never builds a tolerance to or needs more to kind of help me stay asleep and greatly reduce my headaches personally. I hope you can find something that helps you, you may want to ask your doctor about muscle relaxers, but I don't know if those are a bad idea for people like us since I stopped myself from them before I had a connective tissue diagnosis.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help. I did try everything else the neuro could think of and didn't get any relief: topiramate and other epilepsy meds / nerve pain meds, gabapentin, those fancy expensive things like NSAIDs (like celebrex), and all the usual roundup. My neurologist tried hard but never could help a bit over years. The rheumatologist and for me amitriptyline was the only things Dr's found to help me personally.

    [–] Unrelenting Headaches and Migraines Shanguerrilla 4 points ago in ehlersdanlos

    cranial cervical instability

    I think that was it for me (I think) because I also have spinal stenosis on the upper neck vertebrae pretty good... so it would slide around and screw with my nerves (some joints/spines toward C2-C5 would also kind of 'lock up' and not have regular mobility while I guess subluxed. Getting my neck to gain mobility and strength helped a lot and I also found some medicines that helped my near constant headache for a couple years (was a stabbing pain behind one eye most the time).

    Oddly enough, Amitriptyline helped me more than anything the neurologist tried for those years of a headache (I found a good Rheumatologist when I stopped seeing the Neuro for failure to help over 3-4 years).

    Personally, cannabis also helped a lot, but for me, it kind of makes me neck relax and I can feel my spine 'unlock' in an awesome way, relieve some pressure I usually can't.. and my headaches ceased.

    [–] Shocking moment screaming three-year-old boy is bound to a staircase by his cruel mother after her ex-husband missed £114 child support payment Shanguerrilla 1 points ago in MensRights

    I know it was a long time ago, but I'm sorry man. Hearing stories like yours really makes me appreciate my father and be so grateful I was able to get at least 50% custody of my son.

    [–] Update: Negotiations about how she is moving away Shanguerrilla 2 points ago in BPDlovedones

    That was certainly considerate of her!

    You did absolutely great in all of this buddy. It's a scary time with the change on the horizon and fear of what she will do, but either weeks or months, I suspect this will be a touchstone to you having your son more officially (hopefully).

    Hang in there man!

    [–] Are you spying on me? Shanguerrilla 1 points ago in funny

    ...back to mark


    ...back to mark

    [–] Incoming: Massive 13 million page leak called “Paradise Papers” will soon expose many celebrities and politicians offshore financial affairs. Shanguerrilla 2 points ago in conspiracy

    I don't think it's the selfishness that people don't understand. It's the exponential levels of power of some to exert it [and for a +1, they also usually have the ability to influence the media in some way to muddle it up... AND the legal system to block actions against them..].

    [–] Incoming: Massive 13 million page leak called “Paradise Papers” will soon expose many celebrities and politicians offshore financial affairs. Shanguerrilla 6 points ago in conspiracy

    This world is too fucked up to make out unscathed

    That's like saying:

    Don't take life too serious, you'll never get out alive.

    I think every generation wonders about the future of the world at first and then lives their adult life in full comprehension that no matter what their world is going to end (sometime soon: "in their lifetime") and they will definitely die.

    I don't think there is an end-game or grand plot connecting all the dots. There are just a lot of people in the world looking out for their best interests because everyone knows their world is going to end and that no one makes it out unscathed.

    [–] This could mark a new chapter for me Shanguerrilla 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in Tinder

    I recently deleted my tinder.. but my experience as a 33 year old man definitely was phone-centric

    In about two months I asked for and got about 6 numbers. Of people who matched and responded at least once, I got most the numbers I asked for, but was selective on who to ask and when (and I don't have snap or anything, so never moved anything anywhere but phone).

    I only called 4 of the 6. Texted the other two. One turned me down. Didn't ask out the texters. The other three that I got on the phone I had dates with.

    But the 3 phone calls that led to dates were different with each. The first it was friendly but short and setting a time and place to meet. The second girl and I talked forever.. and then we had I guess a 'tinder success' but I found we had phone chemistry and not real life chemistry. The third is who I cancelled my account for though, we moved right to flirting on the phone and quickly meeting.

    So.. I don't know, phone calls can work. It seems to me (at least from what I experienced) having the girl's number drastically improved my dating chances and once you match and are talking it didn't seem too hard to get. It doesn't really prove anything though since I didn't have any other apps to compare it to..

    [–] Netflix plans to spend $8 billion to make its library 50 percent original by 2018. Shanguerrilla 1 points ago in news

    I feel like a big part of it is that they did such a huge push of independent films that they bought after the fact.. felt oversaturated with subpar film school flicks for a while.

    But I agree on the shows they make and produce, I think they do a tremendous job most the time.

    [–] Divorced men and women of reddit, what was the final straw? Shanguerrilla 2 points ago in AskReddit

    That's awesome that you at least have that! I did the exact same for the same reasons. Wouldn't have had custody worked out for a year otherwise and would risk 0% custody.., couldn't do that.

    Dad fist bump-

    [–] Divorced men and women of reddit, what was the final straw? Shanguerrilla 15 points ago in AskReddit

    I went through something kind of similar, not as bad as yours, but involved some violence and false allegations at the end..

    Man I remember that feeling of just wanting to hang on and persevere for my son. I'd like to think I would have made it through that time anyway, maybe I would have left sooner if I wasn't trying to figure if it was better or worse to leave for my son.. But I swear to God knowing he needs me means that giving up just literally wasn't an option.

    I'm so sorry that you had to go through that, I really hope that you were able to get as much custody of your children as you could / wanted.

    [–] M'lamp Shanguerrilla 1 points ago in funny

    I thought I was a nerd, but I literally have no idea what anything on your desk is!

    Is that a wooden mouse? What is that glowing nuclear thing in the box near your monitor? What kind of keyboard is that? I have a decent mechanical, but never seen those round keys before?

    Also- for the record, the robot man lamp you made is WAY cooler. And I think your desk looks pretty freaking rad.