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    [–] One for the boys out here. Magazines are just an illusion. ShelSilverstain 2 points ago in Instagramreality

    I always wanted to have a body like Bowie, but I like food and not that into smoking and cocaine

    [–] One for the boys out here. Magazines are just an illusion. ShelSilverstain 11 points ago in Instagramreality

    You could be on TV! A ton of big stars have over sized heads. I swear, Dustin Hoffman has a head that was 1/3 the width of his shoulders when he was younger

    [–] One for the boys out here. Magazines are just an illusion. ShelSilverstain 45 points ago in Instagramreality

    Actually, they made his head smaller to make his body seen larger. We often make women's heads larger to make their bodies seem smaller

    [–] Take your studded tires off!!! ShelSilverstain 3 points ago in Bend

    Try going up a slope, like the one at the end of my street right at the intersection, in a light vehicle, like my work pickup, and you'll see that there's a huge difference. I bought studdless Nokian tires, rated the best at the time a couple of years ago, and literally had to have my daughter get out and signal me when it was safe to run the stop sign so I could use momentum instead of traction to get into the street. Literally took them back to the tire shop and swapped them. There are few absolutes. In states that have made studs illegal either have little or no ice or they salt their roads. The salt causes more damage to cars, bridges, sidewalks, and anything else made of steel or concrete than studs ever could do to asphalt

    [–] Doris Lessing: Let's never forget one famous feminist who finally decided to speak out against misandry. ShelSilverstain 7 points ago * (lasted edited 8 hours ago) in MensRights

    I'm a gen x kid, and the feminists in the 80s just wanted to not be treated poorly because of their gender. If they wanted to accomplish something, they did it without expecting extra praise because of their gender

    [–] What is the appeal of CVT tents? ShelSilverstain 1 points ago in Bend

    I love it when it's full of people still in their mountain gear, including goggles

    [–] Take your studded tires off!!! ShelSilverstain 2 points ago in Bend

    It's more complicated than that.

    "How to Pick the Right Tires

    Before taking a decision to opt for studded or studless snow tires, keep the following in mind.

    Check whether the laws of the state you live in permit you to drive with studded tires in the first place.

    The kind of weather that you can expect at the place you live is the biggest determining factor for your choice of tire.

    Frequent snowfall, where the snow is not hard-packed, slushy roads, or snow-free dry/wet roads in cold weather you should opt for studless snow tires.

    It's close to freezing temperature outside, and the roads are hard-packed with snow, or covered in ice you should opt for studded snow tires.

    Also, studded snow tires make every drive you take a very noisy affair, and if attracting the attention of everyone you pass on the road is not your agenda, you should steer clear of these tires.

    The amount you intend to drive, and the kind of terrain you will be frequently driving on, should also play a role in shaping your decision. If you plan to drive on slopes a lot, studded tires or snow chains are the safest option.

    Even though studded tires sound like they could give you ultimate power when you are behind the wheel, keep in mind the immense damage they can cause to roads, and opt for them only if you truly require tires of their expertise.

    At the end of the day, safety should be your primary concern. Consult a mechanic or a tire professional if you are in doubt.

    Just remember, always change the whole set of tires of your car, even if you do not drive an SUV that supports four-wheel drive."

    to;dr, studs are better in sub-zero temperatures and hilly terrain on packed snow and ice. You know, what we have here

    [–] Take your studded tires off!!! ShelSilverstain 5 points ago in Bend

    Take off studs

    Turn headlights on when the sun goes behind the Cascades, or if your windshield wipers are on

    Stop running red lights, or even yellow lights

    Signal. Yes, that includes when leaving a roundabout

    Don't wait to stop until your car is 4 inches from the intersection

    Be cool around crosswalks, pedestrians, and bicycles

    Get a ride is you've been drinking

    Figure out how 4-way stops work

    There will be a lot of road construction. Plan for it and leave early. It's not the fault of people driving normally is you're late

    Bend is small. Drive as if you're in a small town

    If you go someplace kid friendly to drink, you still need to watch your children. Don't expect others to watch them for you

    [–] This is why Atlanta has so many accidents ShelSilverstain 65 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    I've met people who've been in multiple at-fault accidents who still thought they were great drivers, and that "accidents just happen."

    [–] Doris Lessing: Let's never forget one famous feminist who finally decided to speak out against misandry. ShelSilverstain 40 points ago in MensRights

    Really what it is, is that men have less social status than women. All else bring equal (social class, education, intelligence), women are still above men. This is why we're told "men should never hit women" rather than "don't hit anybody." This is a large reason why so many women think that work is sexist, because they are suddenly in an environment where they don't have higher social standing than their peers, and they miss translate the sudden feeling of not being special as sexism.

    [–] We caused this ShelSilverstain 1 points ago in worldpolitics

    I wasn't arguing

    [–] Sad day for America ShelSilverstain 3 points ago in Trumpgret

    Abolish the system