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    [–] Looking to surprise someone with a "fancy" dinner in Paris - what would you reccomend? Sherlocksdumbcousin 3 points ago in SocialParis

    Le Grand Vefour - Napoleon, Victor Hugo, and many others dined there. Don’t know how it was back then but it’s damn good today. Proper French experience.

    [–] Rejection stings, especially when it’s based purely on physical attractiveness. Guess I could use some positivity Sherlocksdumbcousin 1 points ago in toastme

    Stop trying. It works magic.

    You also should disagree with people if you do disagree.

    Someone who always agrees with you will begin to seem... dishonest. You understand? Be kind but be yourself before all.

    [–] WIBTA if I informed my sister's boyfriend's parents about their "nightly exchanges"? Sherlocksdumbcousin 3 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    YWBTA. Don’t be a little snitch. Sort it out between yourselves. Yes it’s unacceptable, but so is making the situation extremely uncomfortable for everyone else in the house.

    [–] Healthcare would be more affordable if we didn’t spend so much money on keeping very old people alive Sherlocksdumbcousin 40 points ago in unpopularopinion

    The problem is that, usually by that point it is far too late for anyone to make such a decision. How does someone with dementia decide they want medically assisted suicide? Would it even be moral to register their choice as lucid?

    That’s why I’m gonna put a contract on my head with a dead man’s switch when I’m older. Forget to call my lawyer one year and bam the contract goes out.

    [–] CMV: it makes sense for vegans and pro-life advocates to be pushy and aggressive Sherlocksdumbcousin 2 points ago in changemyview

    Well, in that case it also makes sense for a religious fundamentalist who believes all non-believers will go to hell to convert non-believers by all means possible, including violent ones. Surely it is better to kill a few to save many hundreds from an eternity in hell, no?

    [–] Wealthy Republicans lose faith in Trump, as nearly 40% say they wouldn't vote to re-elect him: CNBC survey Sherlocksdumbcousin 11 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in politics

    What is SALT?

    Sorry, a bit out of the loop..

    Edit: Thanks for the answers!

    [–] Bad Times at the El Royale (2018) Sherlocksdumbcousin 1 points ago in TrueFilm

    A much crappier version of The Hateful Eight.

    [–] Bad Times at the El Royale (2018) Sherlocksdumbcousin 7 points ago in TrueFilm

    From a neo-noir to an Old Spice ad. I was laughing out loud at the cinema when Chris Hemsworth’s character was prancing around with his shirt open and his jeans around his balls.

    I watch a lot of movies and I was really excited about this one going in but I thought it was goddamn awful...

    [–] CMV: Publicly funded elections, along with other anti-corruption laws like gerrymandering prevention, would basically fix the US government. Sherlocksdumbcousin 1 points ago in changemyview

    In France you can get private funding but companies cannot contribute and it is capped at €7,500 per person, to avoid conflicts of interest. A politician doesn’t owe you anything for your €7,500; he doesn’t depend on it.

    Also the government pays you back the money depending on how well you do in the election, to make sure small parties don’t spend more than their following really allows them to.

    [–] CMV: Publicly funded elections, along with other anti-corruption laws like gerrymandering prevention, would basically fix the US government. Sherlocksdumbcousin 2 points ago in changemyview

    Make them illegal. It’s what we do in France. It goes even further — during campaign time the media has to cover each candidate equally and it is very closely monitored, to the second.

    It may sound crazy but it works pretty well without too much fuss and certainly helps provide for a fairer election.

    [–] Where should I start with reading philosophy? The books I have tried have been too difficult Sherlocksdumbcousin 0 points ago in askphilosophy

    I recommend the same book every time. This is what got me into philosophy.

    Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality - John Perry

    So easy to read but so fascinating. It is also a dialogue between non-philosophers so you will be able to understand it easily.

    [–] There needs to be a small dick acceptance movement before I even begin to give a shit about Fat acceptance for women. Sherlocksdumbcousin 3 points ago in unpopularopinion

    When have I? Seriously, quote me where I said or hinted at anything against the progress of women’s rights. It’s an indubitably good thing. What I think is a bad thing, is when I hear people say it’s limited to men to fight for their rights. Plenty of women were against getting the vote, and I’m sure the feminists at the time would have been greatly empowered by the support of the largest possible number of people, regardless of sex. This is the same. We are just talking numbers. It would be a great shame if 50% of the population thought they had no role to play in me ‘s issues.