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    [–] She want it πŸ˜₯ ShinobiKid 50 points ago in DeepFriedMemes

    Peter Griffin left the chat

    [–] Yooo what ShinobiKid 8 points ago in DeepFriedMemes

    A funny meme? Noice

    [–] I've not followed this band for a long time? Are they taking a hiatus? ShinobiKid 1 points ago in Paramore

    Thats too bad. All these bands from the 2000s are either taking brakes, disbanded or are selling out to pop music. I do have a feeling paramore will not last also. Hope they do continue tho

    [–] Snagged one of those bad boys yesterday ShinobiKid 4 points ago in Blink182

    I'm gonna wear this for the Area 51 raid

    [–] Roses are purple, I keep getting reprimanded ShinobiKid 0 points ago in boottoobig

    They became pop and forgot their brit rock roots

    [–] Tulips are blue.. ShinobiKid 2 points ago in boottoobig

    Worst post in this sub. It doesn't even rhyme

    [–] I have no idea what’s going on in the picture ShinobiKid 1 points ago in im14andthisisdeep

    Its beautiful seeing your daughter getting nailed by a man..