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    [–] amo Thoughts and Discussion ShinobiKid 3 points ago in BringMeTheHorizon

    So i'm liking Medicine more than Mantra and Wonderful Life even though i hated it at first listen. Anyone else?

    [–] Do you guys think that the track "Ouch" is actually the song we heard in the teaser for "Medicine"? ShinobiKid 1 points ago in BringMeTheHorizon

    Its just a wild guess but seeing how the length is short i would assume it's an instrumental or an intro to medicine. Also they teased medicine with a completely different track than the released version

    [–] Avengers: Endgame (2019) ShinobiKid -2 points ago in moviescirclejerk

    I have a feeling an Indian made this

    [–] Just saw Dunkirk ShinobiKid 1 points ago in moviescirclejerk

    Sounds like a basketball movie

    [–] Hereditary (2018) ShinobiKid 2 points ago in moviescirclejerk

    Natural selection

    [–] That's what u get ShinobiKid 5 points ago in memes

    Bruh. emo days! 🤘😔

    [–] That's what u get ShinobiKid 6 points ago in memes

    Nah its OC fam