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    [–] Dogs break up cat fight ShitpeasCunk 106 points ago in videos

    Me too. Then I read your comment while laughing and felt some sort of connection. Thanks friend.

    [–] What little thing makes someone look so much hotter? ShitpeasCunk 9 points ago in AskReddit

    My work mate came to my house after a few drinks. It was pretty cold so she grabbed my dressing-gown and put it on. My crush started there.

    [–] Sandwich packaging in Dublin today ShitpeasCunk 3 points ago in pics

    Rocket is a leaf that has a slightly peppery taste. It's great!

    [–] My grandparents, circa 1964, looking casually dapper. ShitpeasCunk 3 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    I was going to say. Grandpa's face is 16 yr old quarterback. Grandpa's hands are 55 yr old bricklayer.

    [–] Weekly Questions Thread - (August 02, 2017 UTC) ShitpeasCunk 2 points ago in facebook

    Thanks for the reply. Yes I have tried both of those.

    [–] The miracle of modern science and technology ShitpeasCunk 1 points ago in funny

    Look up. If you are in the Northern hemisphere - Can you see the Southern Cross? If you are in the Southern hemisphere - Can you see Polaris?

    [–] The miracle of modern science and technology ShitpeasCunk 1 points ago in funny

    I've been on many a plane and I have not seen the curvature of the Earth. I understand it was possible from Concorde (60,000 ft) but on an international flight at about 35,000 feet I'm led to believe you would need a large field of view, more than you can get with your face against that wee window.

    [–] Weekly Questions Thread - (August 02, 2017 UTC) ShitpeasCunk 1 points ago in facebook

    Hi. My account was suspended because I was using a fake name. I am now being asked to upload ID to verify my name but when I try to upload I get the following error:

    I have uploaded in multiple formats, cleared cookies, used different browsers & computers but still the same error.

    Can anyone help?

    Edit: You can see at the bottom of the image that I have attached my ID as jpeg but FB thinks the field is blank.

    [–] The miracle of modern science and technology ShitpeasCunk 329 points ago in funny

    I LOVE the fact that people are questioning things which we have just been raised to accept. I (almost) have a respect for Flattards for questioning everything and not accepting spoonfed info from 'the man'.

    However, the jury is no longer out. The earth is round. Move on and question something else.

    [–] White Light/Black Rain: The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (2007)(1:25:38)- A Sobering and graphic look at the survivors of the atomic bombs of WW2 ShitpeasCunk -9 points ago in Documentaries

    I don't agree with your view at all. The Japanese were already defeated, absolutely. They had been basically begging the Russians to help initiate a surrender.

    Their cities were already being flattened by US bombers as the US had absolute air superiority over them.

    Japan didn't surrender because of the new big bomb. They surrendered because Russia turned on them, as agreed at Potsdam (albeit early).

    This was very much end game WW2. The ability of the US to test their devastating new weapon on a live target proved irresistible. It would also give them a very nice lever at 'the winner's table'.

    Also, the Japanese had already said they would surrender but wanted to keep the mikado. Instead the US continued to insist on an unconditional surrender, despite the emperor being a relatively small issue.

    [–] The Bung Parliament - Jonathan Pie ShitpeasCunk 5 points ago in ukpolitics

    From Norn Iron. Can confirm we talk like that.

    [–] What is something that absolutely disgusts you but the majority seems to be okay with? ShitpeasCunk 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Curious. Where do you live? I can't imagine a rush-hour on a footpath. I'm not cut out for city life.

    [–] [Serious] People who have accidentally caused the death of another person, what happened? ShitpeasCunk 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I just posted a similar but rambling story. I feel like a different person than the teenage version of me. I was a horrible person and I feel very ashamed of the things I did. Not sure if it's some kind of coping mechanism or something but even referring to my teenage self as 'I' doesn't sit right with me. I feel like he was a different person.

    [–] [Serious] People who have accidentally caused the death of another person, what happened? ShitpeasCunk 4 points ago in AskReddit

    I don't feel like this was directly my fault but I'm pretty certain I could have helped it be avoided.

    At about age 14 a new person moved to my town and started attending my school in the year above. He was a perfectly 'normal' teenager but being the new boy he was always on the outside.

    My friends and I hung out with him a little bit. This was mostly motivated by the fact that his parents were quite wealthy and he would provide alcohol or cigarettes for our group.

    We took what we could and then stopped calling, hanging out and we actively began to avoid him. This wasn't discreet by any means. We'd arrange to meet him somewhere knowing full well we weren't going. We'd be out and bump into him and then ditch him by distracting him with a fake story and then just running away from him.

    He committed suicide in London a few years later.

    I know that many things could have pushed him in this direction but I know that our shitty treatment of him through those teen years did not help and things may have been different.

    The family that we, a group of silly wee boys, thought of as simply "posh twats" were obviously devastated by this and it took quite a noticeable toll on his slightly older brother's mental health.

    It feels so pointless and like such a waste. I didn't consider how our stupid teenage-clique antics would be affecting him.

    I was a horrible person when I was younger and had little to no care for other people. After a death in my family and a drastic change in my circumstances I finally grew up and started to feel. I now feel like the teenage version of me was a different person. I can't relate to him.

    [–] [Serious] People who have accidentally caused the death of another person, what happened? ShitpeasCunk 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Afaik, which isn't that far, no-one in the UK has ever had charges brought against them for attempting to administer first aid.

    At least this is what my first aid instructor told me.

    They even had an old expired epipen to show us how to use it. The official line was that we shouldn't do it but it was heavily implied that if you think this may make a difference, do it.

    [–] coming down off a month opana oxy binge. about to get wisdom teeth pulled. whats my day gonna be like. ShitpeasCunk 2 points ago in opiates

    Make some edibles out of your weed. You definitely should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol after an extraction. Best of luck!

    [–] Sewage pipe explosion in Kyiv, Ukraine ShitpeasCunk 1 points ago in gifs

    Yes! I love it when an expert in a field no-one knew existed rears their head!