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    [–] Weed retailers running out of stock in Canada just one day after drug is legalized ShitpeasCunk 2 points ago in worldnews

    Meanwhile on the DNM you can get extremely good quality bud in Canada for ~$110 for an ounce (28g).

    [–] What ya guys think? I’m boutta start my day fuzzy! 😄👍 ShitpeasCunk 1 points ago in opiates

    Congratulations, you're older than him.

    Only one of you is coming across like an absolute fuckhead though.

    [–] Bitcoin's First Investor - Roger Ver's Bitcoin Cash Truths | CryptoLingo New Interview ! ShitpeasCunk 1 points ago in btc

    "Bitcoin's first investor" hahahaha.


    I do not understand how you guys can take this cunt seriously.

    [–] Man. r/bitcoin content is hilariously bad, and getting worse... 😂 ShitpeasCunk 4 points ago in btc

    Meanwhile... r/btc posts shitposts showing how many shitposts r/bitcoin has....


    Honestly.. both r/btc and r/bitcoin are fucking useless.

    [–] The richest countries in the world just told Britain to reverse Brexit or destroy the economy ShitpeasCunk 3 points ago in worldnews

    Re-entering the EU will give the UK much worse terms than it currently has. It will have to join Shengen and adopt the Euro as it's currency.

    [–] Russian Porn is the best. ShitpeasCunk 3 points ago in Jokes

    What accent does this need? I've tried Russian, American, British. All of them just sound like Soviet and nothing like so wet.

    [–] This is so relatable ShitpeasCunk 18 points ago in funny

    "This is so relateable"


    So you're an idiot too?

    [–] Ryanair "Exposes" cabin crew for faking the photo that went viral yesterday. ShitpeasCunk 2 points ago in videos

    I've flown ryanair approx 50 times and I have never had an issue. I don't get a meal on board but its a 40 minute flight...

    [–] Even Vladimir Putin knows the proper way to hold a dog ShitpeasCunk 4 points ago in gifs

    Its how they carry them BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE HANDS. WE HAVE HANDS!

    [–] Cheating death ShitpeasCunk -2 points ago in funny

    Better luck next time.

    [–] Enjoy the Amazing Dance of Old Couple ShitpeasCunk 17 points ago in funny

    It just ruins the immersion for me. They have some upbeat hindi track instead of the original sound.

    [–] Scared of the bath ShitpeasCunk 2 points ago in funny

    1. Don't hold cat's like that. Mother cats hold their tiny kittens like that because THEY DON'T HAVE HANDS. WE HAVE HANDS.
    2. Cat's don't need baths.