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    [–] What is your mom's catch phrase? ShitpeasCunk 7 points ago in AskReddit

    Moooooooom. Where's my cufflinks?

    [–] No sellers are currently delivering this item to UK - Northern Ireland ShitpeasCunk -1 points ago in northernireland

    hahahaahahaahahahahaahahahahahahhaahhahaa. You've convinced yourself that you've saved money!

    [–] Solved our flag issue ShitpeasCunk 7 points ago in northernireland

    Ivory Coastian here. You won't believe what they've done to our poitín.

    [–] Jeremy Corbyn refuses to apologise over wreath row ShitpeasCunk 3 points ago in ukpolitics

    You may have breached intergalactic trade legislation by buying that pack of tic-tacs last week.

    I may be a cucumber.

    [–] My stylish mom in the 90s ShitpeasCunk 43 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    Well they are almost 30 years ago you grumpy old fart.

    [–] Something a bit different for me - my latest painting ShitpeasCunk 1 points ago in pics

    5 fingered right hand.

    It isn't but it sure does look it.

    [–] Something a bit different for me - my latest painting ShitpeasCunk 2 points ago in pics

    Sorry dude. I get what you're saying but I can't accept that as symmetrical.

    Symmetrical means symmetrical.

    Anyway I'm drunk and should go to bed. Gn

    [–] FDA May Soon Allow MDMA Prescriptions for PTSD ShitpeasCunk 117 points ago in UpliftingNews

    I absolutely do not mean to point people towards illegal drugs but in a post about the positive benefits of mdma I'm happy to spring to its defense.

    Be you.

    If you're happy in today's world without drugs then go for it.

    I wasn't.

    Mushrooms gave me a whole new perspective and mdma reminded me how lucky I am to have love to give and receive.

    [–] FDA May Soon Allow MDMA Prescriptions for PTSD ShitpeasCunk 2 points ago in UpliftingNews

    Hi. I've read all your replies but thought I would reply to your first comment hoping to get your attention.

    Mdma is not what you think it is.

    There are no hallucinations, no thoughts of harm etc etc.

    My experience of mdma has always been thoroughly positive and filled with love. Granted, I am taking recreational doses.

    For people that have lost their 'love for life', I can absolutely see why a small dose of mdma alongside some counselling could cause a positive shift in perspective for the user.

    This really is one of those: don't knock it 'til you've tried it things.

    If you try it, message me and we'll have a chat.

    [–] Something a bit different for me - my latest painting ShitpeasCunk 4 points ago in pics

    Hi can you explain this please?

    It's not symmetrical but I assume you are referring to a certain point or something? Where is the symmetry?


    [–] Before/After of a cosplay photo I took out in the California desert ShitpeasCunk 11 points ago in pics

    I totally agree and for lots of people this will be the first time they have seen it. It's still new content to lots of users.

    [–] 🔉 ShitpeasCunk 6 points ago in opiates