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    [–] Why aren’t you more grateful for teaching me to drive!?!? ShotgunSquitters 4 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    No snake or lizard. Singular. How many iguanas do you figure I can stuff into a 2 door Jeep?

    [–] Pic of the French shooter. He CaN't KeEp GeTtInG aWaY wItH iT. ShotgunSquitters 23 points ago in weekendgunnit

    That's a dangerous strategy. If they surrender, he could surrender even morer!

    [–] Press F to pay respects... smh ShotgunSquitters 1 points ago in heep

    I think you should consider redirecting that suicidal energy to homicidal energy. I think we all know where it should go...

    [–] Overtime ban? Alright, I guess I'd better lock up now. ShotgunSquitters 2 points ago in MaliciousCompliance

    Kronos time keeping? That's still around? I remember running that software back in the early 90's! Before I got there, it took my boss all week to put together the report into his excel spreadsheet. I actually RTFM and realized you could export it to Lotus 123. (Yeah, I'm that old).

    [–] Entitled, expectant hunter.... ShotgunSquitters 2 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    I tried calling my first time out, didn't this time. I'm hunting in Ontario, Canada; not far from Algonquin Park in a replanted pine forest by the bank of a river. The weather this year was terrible. It rained every day, until it turned into the first snow storm of the year. As I was in a summer tent, that's when I bailed. Not far from my tree stand, it's a mix of brush and trees. I know there's deer in the area because of the game trails all through there. There's a fair bit of hunting in the area, with houses here and there, and farms not far off. I usually go at the beginning of rifle season. Last year I did see a couple of deer, but they must have caught my scent when I was in the tree stand because they bolted through the brush before I had even spotted them. Too far for a shot.

    If I get there before rifle season, I use a cross bow, when rifle season opens, I'm shooting a Tikka Arctic in .308.

    Any tips you might have would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    [–] Entitled, expectant hunter.... ShotgunSquitters 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in ChoosingBeggars

    This pissed me off. I started hunting last year, and have been on two deer hunts so far. Alone. My friend has some land adjacent to public land and lets me camp there.

    I set up a feeder, tree stand, and mineral blocks. I scouted game trails and made note of deer droppings in the area. I don't have a resource like you, everything I've done I've done on my own. I have never even had the opportunity to take a shot at a deer, either year that I was out there; but I didn't give up and sulk, because I'm not child.

    Guys who are lucky enough to have someone mentor them, and then act like they're owed something, don't deserve the help. I have 10 days left this year and doubt that I will have a chance to get out and fill my tag, but that's on me. Well, me and the uncooperative deer.

    [–] These Gold Dragon Rims ShotgunSquitters 1 points ago in ATBGE

    They're not cheap, so tgey must be great taste. That's how it works, isn't it?

    [–] Retro Futuristic Xmas Tree Star ShotgunSquitters 1 points ago in RetroFuturism

    We had one of these made of glass back in the 70's

    [–] this full camo car ShotgunSquitters 2 points ago in ATBGE

    With those tires, he might be getting inna woods, be he ain't getting out.

    [–] Post modernism meets politics ShotgunSquitters 2 points ago in metacanada

    Don't forget billions for auto manufacturers to leave Canada for Mexico

    [–] Kathleen Wynne, in a desperate attempt to remain relevant, wants a law to put seat belts on school busses ShotgunSquitters 2 points ago in metacanada

    Another fun fact, the internal Transport Canada report she was citing came out in 2010. Someone should find out who the Ontario Transportation minister was at the time and ask "Why didn't you do something about this?! Wasn't it important back then? How many children have died in the past 8 years because of you ignoring this report?"

    Oh wait, it was Kathleen Wynne. Never mind.

    [–] Kathleen Wynne, in a desperate attempt to remain relevant, wants a law to put seat belts on school busses ShotgunSquitters 12 points ago in metacanada

    I just saw her giving a press conference on it, she claims it will cost $7k to $10k per bus for a retrofit. There are about 18,000 school buses operating in Ontario, so $180 million.

    [–] Looks like she took “meth Monday” to a new level ShotgunSquitters 5 points ago in weekendgunnit

    $1 a day will really cut into that meth budget. It's about priorities!

    [–] A no-hardwood, no-feet family photo ShotgunSquitters 2 points ago in canadaguns

    It makes me sad knowing that there are people, living in this great country that have no hardwood and no feet.


    [–] MASSIVE TRUDEAU FAILURE: GM closing all operations in Oshawa, Ont.: sources ShotgunSquitters 5 points ago in metacanada

    They have posted security guards at all the entrances to the GM HQ building and the side entrance to the building is locked. They've set up chairs in the concourse for an announcement.