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    [–] AITA for being annoyed with my cat? ShotgunSquitters 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    5:30? Don't I wish! My little bastard wakes me up at 2:30 every freakin' night. Like clockwork. Between that and the new puppy, I'm basically a zombie.

    [–] *shoots self* ShotgunSquitters 1 points ago in heep

    Don't do that. Do the humane thing and shoot the heep.

    [–] [47F] "Where are all the actual decent men?" ShotgunSquitters 19 points ago in WhereAreAllTheGoodMen

    Isn't Dole from department of labour or something like that? Edit: googled it. Department of Labour and Employment

    [–] AITA For calling my husband a stupid piece of shit? ShotgunSquitters 0 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    YTA - Nobody is perfect. Not me, not you and not your husband. Everybody screws something up from time to time. Everybody. If your go to response, to a mistake, is to verbally abuse your spouse, then you might have some larger problems than Gecko poop.

    Think about it this way: if it was a complete stranger who was trying to help you, and they made a mistake, would you have unloaded on them like that? Your husband is supposed to be someone you love, don't you think you should treat him better than a complete stranger? It's okay to be mad, but be civil too.

    [–] Here’s a fucking high point, Dremel away. ShotgunSquitters 3 points ago in Firearms

    My carbs piston caps were aluminum and shibed up like chrome. This guy shouldn't even be allowed in the nail file aisle at the drug store

    [–] Here’s a fucking high point, Dremel away. ShotgunSquitters 2 points ago in Firearms

    I took a Dremel to some carburetor caps to remove the tarnished finish, but had the sense to get buffing pads and compound for the Dremel too. They actually came out great and I clear coated them after.

    [–] Update to another night on the couch ShotgunSquitters 12 points ago in DeadBedrooms

    She told me she’s not attracted to me anymore. Emotionally or physically.

    So she just decided to treat you like crap instead of ending the relationship herself? Being honest and forthright is difficult, sure. But treating another person, that she presumably once cared for, in his manner is disgusting behaviour and speaks volumes about her values and personality.

    You deserve better than this. Good on you for doing something about it.

    [–] B**** thinks she is entitled to the ski slope ShotgunSquitters 2 points ago in EntitledBitch

    Because EW fell i laughed and she shot me a death glare but had to keep going because the instructor was their.

    It just keeps getting better every time I read it.

    [–] Morning glory pool or morning glory hole? ShotgunSquitters 2 points ago in dontputyourdickinthat

    Wasn't sure what that meant, did a quick Google Image Search and found this:

    Is that what you were referring to?

    [–] B**** thinks she is entitled to the ski slope ShotgunSquitters 2 points ago in EntitledBitch

    EW se just want to block, but ME escape!


    Seems pretty straight forward to me.