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    [–] Approaching the 10 year anniversary of this play Shtruntz 1 points ago in videos

    I've always heard heard rugby is more of white south africa's national sport, which cuts that population you're talking about down by a lot, down to 4.5 million actually. The rest of the country largely rallies around soccer.

    [–] OU President David Boren on Twitter: "Please join me at 2:00 p.m. today at Holmberg Hall. I will be making an important announcement about the future of the university." Shtruntz 12 points ago in CFB

    My sister called me one day and left the voicemail, "Hey, call me back, there's been a death in the family." and wass audibly sobbing.

    Well once I heard it I broke from work, called her and was packing my bags, getting ready for the 9 hour drive, putting in PTO, and so forth.

    The whole time I'm trying to guess who. My dad has always been a ball of stress from work and takes poor care of himself. He was just a few years past 50, but my grandpa had had a couple heart attacks, so it's possible. It could also have been my grandpa, with another heart attack. MY grandma was also 92 at the time. My other sister was pregnant and due soon, had something happened? My little brother had gone to the ER just like a month before that because the idiot bought synthetic marijuana and nearly killed himself with the stuff, was he dumb enough to try again? TOO MANY VARIABLES!

    FINNALLY she picks up the fucking phone. "Hey, what's wrong, who's gone? Where do I need to go?" Then she tells me the fucking horse died... Are you fucking kidding me? Yes, that horse was older than me and my mother loved it, but YOU DON'T FUCKING DO THAT! I normally get very sad when any of the animals or pets associated with my childhood pass. I mean this is the first horse I ever rode and he was a funny thing. Lots of personality, but jesus fucking christ. I just blew up at her and berated her for like 30 minutes about not breaking news about animals dying like that to me ever again. Then hung up.

    I'm mad again just thinking about it.

    [–] Weekly Big 12 Discussion Thread Shtruntz 6 points ago in CFB

    Right there with you. And I'm not going to feel sympathy for a fan base that sold thousands of #CAB shirts and engaged in mass victim shaming, no matter how they try and spin it to being "poor me".

    [–] It's been 106 years since Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and Mississippi State have all been 3-0 Shtruntz 12 points ago in CFB

    Me too :(

    But there is so little burnt orange right now from all the suckage. Mostly just cowboys fans now.

    [–] Former Big XII North Not Off To Hot Start Shtruntz 2 points ago in BigXII

    I think Colorado was bound to recover from their relative slump they were experiencing towards then end of their tenure. While they are doing fine in the PAC, I think the Texas pipeline would have opened greatly had they stuck around.

    A&M is doing about the same as they were, and Missouri is doing about the same financially, but way worse competitively, and has no real rivals or history with any of the teams that are now multiple states removed from them.

    So yea, I agree, it was really a bad move for all of them, but at the same time, remembering back to those days, it looked like UT was trying to run the conference into the ground.

    [–] Former Big XII North Not Off To Hot Start Shtruntz 7 points ago in BigXII

    I think Colorado and A&M leaving is fine and they fit well in their new homes.

    But if Neb and Mizzou had stayed and we still brought in you and WVU, I think we'd be on a whole different level. At least perception wise.

    We wouldn't have had the drama with no CCG, and maybe have had a NC bid by now

    [–] Former Big XII North Not Off To Hot Start Shtruntz 12 points ago in BigXII

    I mean I wonder if the financial gain was really worth it? Them and Missouri have fucking nose dived. Colorado has done fine, great even.

    And I know the main argument is "It wasn't about W's and L's, hurr durr", but you gotta wonder if the Big XII would have gotten better deals with the original 12 than with the 10 we have now, and if the gain was marginal, and if that marginal gain was worth the new lows their athletics are performing at?

    [–] [Week 3] Complain About Your Team Thread Shtruntz 9 points ago in CFB

    Big XII North he said. Which doesn't exist anymore

    He was referring to CU, ISU, KU, KSU, Neb, and Mizzou. Three of those are all gone, and all but Colorado & ISU lost their game (some embarrassingly so) this week

    Team Result Score Opp
    W 41-21
    W 41-14 @
    L 42-30 @
    L 14-7 @
    L 35-3
    L 21-17

    [–] [Week 3] Complain About Your Team Thread Shtruntz 38 points ago in CFB

    This is the brightest timeline for college football. We have finally defeated the forces of evil

    [–] [Game Thread] Arizona State @ Texas Tech (8:00PM ET) Shtruntz 9 points ago in CFB

    Watching Texas Tech football is like going drinking all night with a group of strangers that are all 21 or younger.

    It's emotionally and physically exhausting and you aren't sure whether or not you ever want to do it again.

    [–] [Game Thread] Arizona State @ Texas Tech (8:00PM ET) Shtruntz 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in CFB

    This hurts to read

    [–] [Game Thread] Arizona State @ Texas Tech (8:00PM ET) Shtruntz 2 points ago in CFB

    Yep, this game would have been a statement and a blowout without those two drives

    [–] [Game Thread] Arizona State @ Texas Tech (8:00PM ET) Shtruntz 2 points ago in CFB

    I wish I was thought of as a solid tool you can use anywhere.