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    [–] What's with this sub recently? ShutUpWill 7 points ago in natureismetal

    I've noticed that. I was just checking on the mods profiles and at least half of them haven't posted anything for about a week. I hate to say it but this sub might be dead which is sad because I loved this sub so much. :(

    [–] New comics: Overwatch uprising [Animated version] ShutUpWill 1 points ago in Overwatch

    everyone knows that they were dragons. you can't fool me! hanzo used tail whip on him while genji used water cannon. in the end genji lost and searched for that hanzo main to convince him to come out of his dragon form, which hanzo did, to only fool him and unleash the uginokayoken on his ass. in the end he spared him and hit him with the ggwp and split.

    [–] Milenci ShutUpWill 6 points ago in suicidegirls

    o my sweet jesus.

    [–] The perfect butthole ShutUpWill 10 points ago in nsfw

    I think this is Miss Charlotte Fox.

    [–] Karen ShutUpWill 5 points ago in shameless

    Imo I feel as if she used that as an excuse to validate her leaving them. She suffered from being bipolar and was a drug fiend and she came back more than once to just leave again. If she did think it was for the better then she should of just stayed away instead of coming back and fucking up again. I love Monica for trying to come back into their lives to reconcile after abandoning them but I feel as if she didn't think about her kids as much as you think.

    [–] Karen ShutUpWill 5 points ago in shameless

    Didn't Monica say she left because "Frank would've destroyed her?" Edit: grammars

    [–] The Struggles of Watching Anime ShutUpWill 267 points ago in videos

    You just got me to see your junk. Well played.

    [–] TIL: Mr Rogers sued the KKK for impersonating him. ShutUpWill 1 points ago in todayilearned

    It says they played racist telephone recordings. Are there any recordings of them?

    [–] Sash ShutUpWill 3 points ago in suicidegirls


    [–] Please don't do that? ShutUpWill 12 points ago in WTF

    Not my proudest fap.

    [–] We've been lied to all this time. ShutUpWill 3 points ago in DuelLinks

    I think this is because in the original battling your attack would have to be greater than the monsters defense in order to destroy it. So when they switched the battling system they swapped a lot of monsters attack power with defense.

    [–] Any recommendations on an affordable gaming headsets? ShutUpWill 2 points ago in pcmasterrace

    I've heard some great things about the Hyper X line! Just a little hesitant about the price.