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    [–] The Motorola RAZR, and the ringtone! ShutUpWill 6 points ago in nostalgia

    Had a rzr for one day. Tried to answer the phone like a cool guy in the movies. Top part just broke off.

    [–] Smashing through a table ShutUpWill 3 points ago in instant_regret

    I remember the last time this was posted the dude who got hit by the table actually responded in the thread. Wish I could find it.

    [–] Dem feels... ShutUpWill 9 points ago in reddeadredemption

    You mean Rockstar?

    [–] Untitled thing. ShutUpWill 33 points ago in freefolk

    brooding intensifies

    [–] GREATLY improve FPS, new method. ShutUpWill 1 points ago in PUBATTLEGROUNDS

    I can't find PUBG in my steam apps. :(

    [–] Good places to eat? ShutUpWill 5 points ago in RioGrandeValley

    Wanna do some meth?