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    [–] I am always afraid to post things online or be a part of any social media because if I ever accidentally get involved in a filmed situation then people will find more content to use to smear me. Sick_of_200 4 points ago in confession

    The solution then is to say what you really truly mean, and know what it is that you mean at the deepest possible level. Scrutiny is scary when it is justified, but if it's truly unjust, then dont give up any ground or apologize if there's no reason to. You may have to fight to earn the respect of the masses, and having a fight you didn't choose thrust upon you isnt something that anyone would want, save the odd sociopath. But if you really are living your life aiming at the highest good you can recognize, then you'd be ready to fight that fight, and odds are you'd emerge from the bout victorious-- a higher version of yourself.

    Or, even better, maybe you'll learn that you actually are doing something wrong, and once you do, you can correct it. If you can correct the wrongs you've made, then you can usually be redeemed. And even if you fail for redemption, you may yet still pull something valuable from the ashes to take forward with you or pass on so that your brothers and sisters dont suffer the same pain.

    [–] I (19m) feel like shit for being in love with my best friend Sick_of_200 2 points ago in confession

    I feel for you so much. I was in the same situation, but my friend was also into me and we're together now. It is amazing and I feel so sorry that you are in a situation where that isnt a possible outcome for you. It's hard to love someone when they cant love you back. I would say that you should tell her how you feel but make it clear that you understand that it's not a possibility and that you never want to lose your ability to act in the capacity of her friend. Your crush will fade with time and you'll find love again in someone new. I'm positive about that. If anything, she can help you find someone that's right for you if she really is that close to you. I wish you the best and just know that ultimately things will work out if you just focus on making yourself the best you can be. That's all you can control right now

    [–] What do you need to vent about? Sick_of_200 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I'm hopelessly in love with my best friend, but shes moving across the country with her boyfriend. I feel like shes the perfect one for me, and the fact that I'm not jealous of her boyfriend, but rather just happy that she is happy and moving forward in her life in a healthy way just makes me so happy. It hurts to care so much about her, want more, but also not want to lose her in my life by revealing my feelings. Beside that, I would never want to lose my ability to act in the capacity of her friend because I've never had someone I care for so much in my life. I know that my next move should be to better myself and develop and maybe one day our paths will cross again, and then I could present her the best version of myself if things ever change, but it's so hard to know that things just never happened at the right time for us.

    [–] What are some of the more unusual or creative insults you know of? Sick_of_200 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Looks like someone dove head first into the shallow end of the gene pool

    [–] I’m praying for a market crash so I, as a millennial, can maybe, just maybe, afford to buy a home at a reasonable price (canada) Sick_of_200 1 points ago in confession

    That's not true at all. I am moving to Seattle in a couple months. Right now I live in northern Vermont and rent is way less expensive in Seattle. I see tons of 1 bedroom apartments that are super nice and only 850-1000 a month, which is totally doable

    [–] Just picked her up in Maui. Reddit, meet Kula! Sick_of_200 0 points ago in goldenretrievers

    Hispanic people are gonna think your calling out for Ass tho...

    [–] Jealous of my half sister Sick_of_200 2 points ago in confession

    I feel you. My parents split before I could walk. Dad remarried and had 2 other kids. During my childhood he was starting a business and working 80 hr weeks, so I never really saw him. He retired after my first half sibling was born and both of them have grown up in a wealthy, stable, 2 parent household. Now he spends his days taking my younger siblings out to do fun things or just shuttles them to all their sporting events. In some ways I wish I had that, but in other ways I really cherish the fact that I had almost no supervision growing up. I love my siblings, and I love my father. It's hard, but I understand that its not his fault that he had to be supporting me from behind the scenes. All you can do is try to foster a relationship with him now if you care to. No use dwelling on what could have been, instead focus on what could still be.

    [–] Boyfriend doesn't support or compliment me because of his views. Am I kicking up a fuss over nothing? Sick_of_200 -7 points ago in relationships

    I have the same mentality as your boyfriend when it comes to my girlfriend. My girlfriend is gorgeous, but because she seeks validation from outside sources dependent on her appearance, I try not to reinforce that behavior. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, I just think that is a crutch for her, and probably not the healthiest way to value her self worth. Plus, despite the fact that I think she's the most gorgeous woman on earth, she won't ever actually believe that or feel fully validated regardless of what I tell her. Beside that, her appearance is only a small part of why I'm with her, focusing so much on it just makes it feel like she doesn't value those other things above her own looks, which feels shitty. So for me, I just dont see why she would boil herself down to that one dimension of who she is, or put so much stake in it. I compliment her when I feel like organically complimenting her: when I catch myself staring at her concentrating on something, when she laughs and makes a particular face I love, when I get to reflect on her and actually tell her what it is that is meaningful to me that she offers by being my partner. Her looks are rarely if ever the thing that moves me to feel Love for her.

    [–] What is something you have never done? Sick_of_200 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Used a condom. My gf of 4 years is my first, and she had/has an IUD, so ive only ever had sex raw. Blessed

    [–] When dad found my internet life Sick_of_200 1 points ago in confession

    Ifunny came out like what, 3 or 4 years ago?

    [–] AskMen: Which females to you look up to/admire and why? Sick_of_200 6 points ago in AskMen

    Camille Paglia. The epitome of what feminism was supposed to be, and one of the best activist voices for the reform of the ugly monster that it has turned into.

    [–] Men who don't drink alcohol, what is your reason? Sick_of_200 1 points ago in AskMen

    Im don't stick to it 100% of the time because I have no problem when I drink, and there are occasions where a drink is actually appealing (alcoholic milkshakes after 2 months backpacking for instance lol), but Id say I drink maybe once or twice a year. My reasons for abstaining are mainly because my mother and gf both suffered abuse from alcoholic fathers, and I know that me having control over that vice eases their minds. Im also just a super boring drunk. Like Im just a less coordinated version of myself. I dont get more talkative and my guard doesnt ever really let down. So for the money spent and adverse health effects of it, its not worth it. Id much rather spend the money on weed, make good food, and curl up on the couch with my girl to watch movies.

    [–] What to do when you're in love with your best friend's girlfriend? Sick_of_200 3 points ago in confession

    You do nothing. You stay his friend, and let him and his girlfriend dictate how their relationship plays out. That, or you can risk losing alienating them both. If they break up and shes single and interested amd he is okay with that, then go for it, until then, put it out of your head

    [–] I wonder if having a girlfriend is as great as I imagine? Sick_of_200 2 points ago in depression

    Honestly, having someone shower you with affection and attention does feel for an instant like the "cure", but then the honeymoon phase wears off and you start to realize that having a meaningful relationship takes a lot of work, and you never actually took steps towards bettering yourself before getting into one, because you thought it would fix everything. So then you are back to feeling depressed and shitty, and on top of it you now have to maintain a personal relationship. So no, it doesn't fix things, but it can be a good oppertunity to get a better idea of what type of person you are, and expose things in yourself that you can work on.

    [–] Abandoned stairway in the woods: Madame Sherri Forest, Chesterfield, NH [900 x 1200] Sick_of_200 3 points ago in AbandonedPorn

    I live in chesterfield. If I remember correctly, Madame Sherri was the owner of a brothel (could have been a speakeasy or just a hotel, that's the party im fuzzy about), and you can hike out to the foundation of the building. The building itself burned down, so its just ruins now. Local edge lords camp out and party there because its supposedly haunted

    [–] Been stuck in an existential crisis for years Sick_of_200 2 points ago in depression

    Going on my 12th year feeling this way. The only advice I ever get is, "is all about choosing your outlook, not being glass half empty etc"... so basically fake being happy and ignorant to the pointlessness of our all, and maybe you'll trick yourself into believing it, or at the very least other people wont have to deal with your outlook on life bringing them down.... so in short, no, it doesn't go away.

    [–] My graduation cap, featuring a quote from a man who doesn't have his grade 11 Sick_of_200 28 points ago in trailerparkboys

    Theatre major, so you're not far off. Clearly he didnt think so good with his brain compartments, since now he's gonna havt to get real greasy for to pay off his grade 16

    [–] I'm tired of women being so picky. Sick_of_200 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago) in confession

    This has to be a troll, but on the off chance that it isn't, here's my advice, one guy to another:

    First, I would advise you to stop putting people into categories at all. You seem to make sweeping generalizations about others and yourself. First of all, not "all women" are anything, because not all people are anything, and not "all men who have girlfriends" are assholes. If that is what you truly believe, then you also would have to believe that all women are too stupid to realize their partner is an asshole. Understand that we all project who we are and what we believe through or everyday actions and interactions. What woman would want to be with a guy who holds those beliefs? Since you do like putting people into categories though, let me explain very simply why you are failing in the dating department. You say you can never get past a couple of dates, and you take that to mean that all women are judgy assholes. However the only constant variable across those dates, including locations, participants, timing, etc. is you. Perhaps you can't get past a couple dates, because after a few dates, women are able to discern what type of man you actually are, and what backwards beliefs you hold.

    I also don't understand why you feel like black women should be easier for you to get? If you hold that belief then to some degree you are opperating on the belief that you are higher up on some social hierarchy simply because they are black and you aren't. That may be the way you think because of how disadvantaged blacks are in every institution and facet of our culture, but one on one interactions dont opperate on the same systematic racist precidents. Black women, just like any other woman, is going to chpice whether or not to date you based on how you present yourself as a man.

    As it stands, you present yourself as a holier-than-thou racist, who feels entitled to a relationship on the grounds that he acts civil towards people so long as there is something in it for him.

    Here's how you solve your problem: Become an actual nice human being, work on yourself and your mental health, and try cultivating and developing yourself into someone that a girl would be interested in building a life with. Contribute something to the world, rather than expecting what others have earned simply because you exist too.

    I, nor anyone else, would be in a meaningful loving relationship if they weren't "nice guys". Those "chads" your jealous of dont get girls by being assholes, they get them by being active participants in social norms, which includes maintaining physical and mental health, and showing genuine mutual interest in cultivating something beyond a friendship. You cant just expect a girl to be interested in you if all you are bringing to the table is a jaded personality, and an inability to first look inward when confronted with a struggle. Most problems stem from the self, not others.

    Also if the bar you set for being a "nice guy" is that you don't hit or abuse women, then you're probably only barely better than the piles of shit who do abuse their partners.
    And why the hell would you ask a girl how many men she's been with? Do you not see the fuck ton of red flags that sends out to a girl? I didn't ask my current gf that until we had been dating for at least 6 months. One, its none of your buisness, and two, it screams "I am an insecure guy who never really got the experience of dating or relationships while I was a preteen, so now im jaded about missing out on first kisses and taking a virginity, so I place a ridiculously high value on the "purity" of girls, because the idea of you having been with other men makes me feel like less of one, and I cant handle that type of blow to my fragile ego, but I'll claim its because I just want to make sure I'm not dating some "whore", and Im too dense to see the double standard".

    [–] 2meirl4meirl Sick_of_200 1107 points ago in 2meirl4meirl

    I like to think that he actively knows and recognizes his style and ridiculousness for what it is, but also that he is trapped in it, because if he ever just got a normal haircut and started acting like a human being who exists outside of the 80's, he'd lose all his brand recognition and be unsellable. He actually seems like a nice dude in whatever interviews and stuff Ive seen him in.

    [–] me irl Sick_of_200 26 points ago in me_irl

    The funny thing is, if a politician were self aware enough to actually do this ironically, they might actually get people to go out and vote for them. Can't wait to see the tactics that will be used by generation memelord in like 20/30 years