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    [–] What's the PTO policy at your company? SillyPhillyDilly 1 points ago in madisonwi

    Unless you're program funded in which case no, you don't pay me because we sucker-- I mean we charge other people administrative fees. I've told that to people and they just couldn't comprehend a state worker not being paid state taxes.

    [–] What's the PTO policy at your company? SillyPhillyDilly 5 points ago in madisonwi

    To add to THAT, you can bank your sick time (no limit) so when you retire it can be used to continue your health insurance benefits.

    [–] Extending Scissor Lamp SillyPhillyDilly -1 points ago in DIY

    This post is plat worthy, but years of people telling me to donate it to charity have left me without it. So I bestow to you the best possible thing: not downvoting.

    [–] [LFC] [NA] [PC] [MR18] Old founder returning to game after ~2 years looking for fun, social, active clan SillyPhillyDilly 1 points ago in warframeclanrecruit

    I'm part of a twitch streamer's clan so technically I can't invite you, but I DO want to invite you to my discord community. It's small and growing, most of us play Warframe, but I'm always looking for someone to run with. I'm only MR7 (and growing fast) and I'm still a noob but I have a good feel of the game so far. Our server is

    [–] Looking to get married ASAP SillyPhillyDilly 2 points ago in madisonwi

    $30 in Illinois, 24 hour waiting period.

    [–] Best Mexican grocery store in Madison? SillyPhillyDilly 1 points ago in madisonwi

    Will shamelessly plug since I know the owners.

    [–] Students of Reddit, what was the reason for why one of your teacher's had a breakdown during class? SillyPhillyDilly 1 points ago in AskReddit

    SAME. I was born in WI, moved out west when I was littler, moved down south when I was little, then moved back "home" for high school. I had a TINY accent, not too big, just enough to say things a bit off. Yawl, instead of syrup it was surp, perncil, etc.

    I went to an inner city public school. They held nothing back. It was brutal, but luckily down south is FAR worse lol

    [–] 18 [F4M] I've got a weird request SillyPhillyDilly 10 points ago in r4r

    Am dad. Biggest advice I can give to ANYONE is go to therapy. Even if you feel you don't need it, learning about yourself is the best thing you can possibly do for yourself. "Therapy" is a loose term, don't get too caught up on it.

    Second biggest advice I can give anyone is to, unless in public bathrooms, take a leg out of your pants AND underwear to poop. Free that leg up. It's so relaxing.

    [–] Woman arrested for sucker punching mother in head, hitting an officer during poolside fight SillyPhillyDilly 3 points ago in madisonwi

    I'm gonna go ahead and tell you that it most definitely was a euphemism and they most definitely were not talking about salad dressing lmao

    [–] I always hear stories of people getting substandard treatment for their injury. Why is this allowed? SillyPhillyDilly -1 points ago in WorkersComp

    Honestly it depends on the state. I'm in WI and our health care is some of the best in the country and our WC system is basically the model everyone has based their system on. The one thing we still are holding on to that other jurisdictions have changed is how we treat our providers. We tell insurance companies that they have to pay for treatment dollar-for-dollar. No fee schedule, no bargained prices, it's exactly what the doctor decides to charge. If an insurer thinks something is too high they can have their own dispute with the provider, all of which takes place behind the scenes and does not affect the injured worker in any way. We also don't allow pre-authorization for medical care, meaning that there's zero need for injured workers to get treatment. The carrier has to pay for everything until they get an IME.

    Given that providers can charge full price, that they can provide treatments at will, and that we have great health care, providers here are willing to play the game. The only part that gets dicey is when it comes down to the final rating. Doctors are hesitant because while WI is in the middle of the field with PPD compensation, insurers have already paid so much in med bills they will fight higher than normal ratings. Usually they don't fight statutory minimums (except for knees on heavy set people), but most other things they will fight if it's an unusual rating.

    [–] This is how hot it is in Saudi Arabia SillyPhillyDilly 1 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    I was playing Mario64 the other day and when I saw this I heard the scream Mario lets out when he falls in lava and grabs his ass.

    I've been laughing for 7 minutes

    [–] I'm and overweight, lonely, soon-to-be art major, and obsessed with slasher flicks. Please destroy me. SillyPhillyDilly 1 points ago in RoastMe

    Tbh I think you're cute so you already know what should be destroyed bb ;)

    Haha just kidding, I hope Netflix has a documentary about your next boyfriend.

    [–] My wife is on workmans comp and is pregnant...causing a unique case... SillyPhillyDilly 1 points ago in legaladvice

    It's unique but definitely answerable. The workers compensation insurance carrier only cares about the shoulder. The pregnancy (congratulations!) isn't any of their business. As soon as your wife is able to return to a restricted type of work (no standing, no lifting greater than 10 lbs, etc) she must accept the job that accommodates her restrictions. If she doesn't for any reason, such as pregnancy, then the insurance carrier does not have to compensate her.

    I don't technically follow when you say she is able to return to work for an office position because she's pregnant, because she should take that now instead of waiting to be at the end of treatment for returning back to her job handling chemicals. The chances that she would keep that job increase, as if it's a job the employer can reasonably provide without it affecting their business costs or model, they are obligated to provide it for her.

    But yes you are correct, it is massively illegal to discriminate against a woman based on pregnancy. It wouldn't have anything to do with workers comp but rather equal rights. Same department, different division.

    [–] [WI] Workers comp and returning to work SillyPhillyDilly 1 points ago in legaladvice

    If you have not filed a workers compensation claim yet, I strongly advise you do so. Be cautious, TBIs are pretty hard to get compensated because insurance companies don't feel that anything more than a week or two is necessary.

    If you do have a claim conceded, you're pretty much protected from their claims of termination for a bit. If they terminate you due to anything related to or even a legitimate doubt of being due to your work injury, an administrative law judge will slap them with a penalty awarded to you of up to a year's wages. If you are terminated while you are fully off work, the insurance company has to pay you until your doctor says you're able to return to a restricted type of work.

    An attorney may possibly help, but chances are they won't get involved as there's most likely no money in it. They're paid contingency only, capped at 20% of whatever you win (minimum of $250) so they weigh their time vs your payout. They will direct you to the state if they can't help you, and I assure you the state is generous at helping people navigate representing yourself in front of a judge.

    [–] Glasses bent beyond wear at work. Is there anything I can do? SillyPhillyDilly 1 points ago in legaladvice

    It would only be workers compensation if accompanied by physical injury. If you broke your glasses and busted your lip, yes it would be compensable. If all you did was break your glasses but you were otherwise fine, unfortunately the WC Act says it would not be compensable.

    [–] What part of your Personality do you Fake? SillyPhillyDilly 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Happiness. More specifically, appearing relaxed when happy, and appearing cheerful when depressed. For me, it's a never-ending battle and quite exhausting.

    I have type 2 bipolar disorder. I get the great lows of crippling depression but not the extreme highs of mania. It's more like a constant sugar rush. Even though I have medication to help, I still have those moods just not on a life-threatening level. So when I'm depressed, I have to put on my game face and be jolly but on the inside I'm in a pit of despair. When I'm manic, I have to strongly tone myself down and act reserved but on the inside I gotta do all the things and talk to everyone and make jokes and...

    It gets really exhausting. By the time I come home I'm so tired but people don't understand because it's "just a desk job." It's hard to explain, but requiring constant concentration on yourself so you can do your job which also requires constant concentration is very demanding for me. I look forward to the weekends because I don't need to act, I can truly be me.

    [–] Beloved Author Toni Morrison Has Died at 88 SillyPhillyDilly 86 points ago in news

    She was a huge figure in the black community. Not too many people know of her works, but many people know her words when she was the first to say Clinton was the first black president. What she really meant was the scrutiny of him, but it stuck in American culture.

    She was very talented, and she will be missed. I for one am pretty sad about this, but she lived an amazing life.

    [–] Bounty hunters who shot at wrong car found not guilty in killing of Clarksville dad SillyPhillyDilly -2 points ago in news

    I speak independently of any situation. I want to shine the importance of knowing what rights you can and cannot give up when signing a contract. You are correct that some contracts don't hold up in court, and generally it's either case law or established doctrines that a contract violates. Yes there are clauses that are illegal, yes there are clauses that are dubious, yes there are clauses that are unenforceable not due to being illegal but due to being an unreasonably difficult expectation of a human.

    However, bail bond contracts operate under one premise: I give you money, you give me access to every part of your life. It holds up in court countless times and the courts don't want to necessarily interfere with that because they're the ones receiving the bail money to begin with. Looking at this specific situation, now, it's unfortunate that the jury gave this ruling and I'm confident the jury instructions were "skewed" in the favor of self-defense while personally I don't think are applicable here, but I'm also not well-versed in criminal law (mostly administrative).

    Moral of the story is watch what you sign because you can actually waive certain rights one may think are inalienable.

    [–] Bounty hunters who shot at wrong car found not guilty in killing of Clarksville dad SillyPhillyDilly -14 points ago in news

    If we signed a contract that says at any time you may visit my property and drink juice out of my kitchen I cannot block your entrance under any circumstance. If I do and call it criminal trespass, the court will throw it out because I willingly said you could.

    Bail bonds work the same way. Two parties willingly engage in a contract and unless barred by state law it is fully enforceable at all times. When you sign your rights away, nothing except specific laws against it can stop you. Ergo, it's not a crime if you've given them permission.

    [–] First time getting injured at work. Advice? SillyPhillyDilly 2 points ago in WorkersComp

    Doctors don't usually report claims. Technically anyone in WI can report a claim (even if they didn't see it). Employers by law have the duty to report if they know an incident took place. I would still call the number, ask for them to find your insurance carrier, and they'll take some basic info from you to figure out who it is. From there you will have to call the insurance carrier and confirm they have the claim; if they don't, report it yourself.

    Insurers typically have a separate company handle their claims. They're called third party administrators. If the insurer punts you to a TPA that's perfectly normal. Report the claim with them. At no point, however, should you be told that you can't report your own claim. The state will rain fire down on them. You have the legal right to report your own claim to your job's insurer or TPA.

    If you come across a road block (or any problem really), again call the number above. If there's any question you have about how WC works here, they would know. There are several specialists who all know the entire chapter and rules, and if they don't know they'll transfer you to a judge.

    [–] First time getting injured at work. Advice? SillyPhillyDilly 2 points ago * (lasted edited 22 days ago) in WorkersComp

    Hi, I live in WI. All the info is for our jurisdiction.

    Employers have 7 calendar days to notify their workers compensation insurance carrier. The insurer has 14 days from the date of injury to mail you their determination about your claim: they either accept it and send you a check right away, deny it, or do further investigations. Once filing the claim you will be contacted by the carrier to give a recorded statement. Don't ramble to them, give them the basic information, as they can deny you off what you say so don't go saying "I was doing something funny and then it hurt."

    There is a three day waiting period before compensation begins. Basically, the first three days of you being off work (plus the date of injury which never counts, also Sundays) will not be paid unless you have off any time after the first 7 calendar days of your injury. In very simple terms: You're injured Monday so Monday through Thursday don't count, so you get paid for Friday and Saturday. Now let's say you have off Monday. Well they pay you for that day. Then, let's say you have off Tuesday. They pay you Tuesday and have to go back and pay you for the three days you didn't get paid, as your time off went over 7 calendar days. It doesn't matter when that time off after the 7th day occurs. If you didn't get paid because of the waiting period and then two weeks later you get taken off work they have to go back and pay those three days.

    You're able to see any doctor you want even if it's not in your insurance network. WI doesn't have a "fee schedule" either, which means the insurer has to pay dollar-for-dollar for your care with no discounts like they would get if they were an HMO. If you don't like that doctor, you have the right to get a second opinion and choose which of the two you want. If you want a THIRD opinion, you would need the insurer's permission.

    If they deny your claim you can get a free hearing. It's so simple you don't need a lawyer, but if you get one they're capped to 20% of what you would win.

    For more info go to or call 608-266-1340