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    [–] Ecstasy and Agony SillyPhillyDilly 2 points ago in gifs

    To be fair, presentation is totally a thing we have a silly preference for. So is control. If you make your own fries, you're more likely to eat them because you know where it came from; you've seen the potato and you know personally that it's deconstructed.

    I can't stand needles. But I can stab people without a second thought, but if someone's coming at me I need to brace and reassure myself.

    [–] Ecstasy and Agony SillyPhillyDilly 18 points ago in gifs

    Don't worry, everyone is capable of fainting. Specifically, this type is an over-simulation of the vagus nerve, usually at something really scary or loads of pressure. It causes blood pressure to drop and the brain really doesn't like that. The amount of people I've had pass out in front of me at the sight of blood is literally unbelievable to some people. It's half young men no matter the situation and half really nervous people to have their blood drawn.

    [–] It's always bothered me that Bascom doesn't line up with State Street SillyPhillyDilly 2 points ago in madisonwi

    Same! Lived there also 15 years ago, but I've worked downtown almost non-stop since 2013. Seeing Gordon Commons go down was when I knew I was seeing the entrance of a new generation.

    I think the people a few years before us who lived there felt the same way about University Square being torn down.

    [–] Pouring a drink to a flaming shot...WCGW SillyPhillyDilly 0 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    Yep, that's the compromise agreement I was talking about. Most cases taken to hearing are settled before it's scheduled, and your attorney makes off with 20% of your PPD. For future reference, work injuries are a completely separate beast. It is possible you could go after your employer for other reasons with a tort action, but anything surrounding the injury is barred. In almost all circumstances, call the state if you feel you're being hosed with any future injury.

    To loop back to the very original point, pain and suffering is a thing in Wisconsin. Just not with certain administrative laws. For what it's worth, with the new budget Evers is proposing, many laws other than where money goes will be changing.

    [–] Pouring a drink to a flaming shot...WCGW SillyPhillyDilly 0 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    Let's just say I'm ridiculously familiar with that. A workplace injury IS considered an exclusive remedy, separate from tort action as I said earlier. You're right, with respect to workplace injuries, there is no "pain and suffering." HOWEVER. In WI, pain is a disabling condition and can be assigned a PPD percentage by your doctor (assuming your worker's compensation claim was conceded; if you "sued" and signed a compromise, nothing you can do, you've probably waived all future PPD in respect to the current injury).

    If you're still experiencing pain, go talk to your doctor. See if they'll increase your PPD rating. If they do, the insurance carrier has to find their own medical support to counter the need for an increased rating. If they deny the increased rating, call the state and ask for a hearing. The judge then weighs which doctor is more credible and will go with that info.

    [–] Pouring a drink to a flaming shot...WCGW SillyPhillyDilly 1 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    I'm sorry, but you're just plain wrong. I work in administrative law, so I'm not going to say I'm a guru at tort action. But I can and have referred people to take tort action against an individual for personal injury outside of exclusive remedy provisions. Here's a helpful guide for you.

    [–] Pouring a drink to a flaming shot...WCGW SillyPhillyDilly 0 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    Can't possible be WI, punitive damages alone are capped at $200k.

    Administrative law, depending on whichever Act, might have an exclusive remedy provision that limits damages only to medical and wage loss. That doesn't carry over to tort actions.

    [–] Sun Prairie High School teacher's Facebook post sparks controversy SillyPhillyDilly 7 points ago in madisonwi

    Am I the only one that finds the irony in this being Black History Month and there being a(nother) controversy surrounding the topic of giving awareness to black Americans?

    [–] Father at centre of measles outbreak didn't vaccinate children due to autism fears | CBC News SillyPhillyDilly 76 points ago in worldnews

    You don't need criminal intent to be indicted for a crime. You need negligence. That doesn't mean a willingness to do something wrong, being the perpetrator of a crime unintentionally is good enough. There are types of crimes that require intent, but in all instances negligence is required for prosecution.

    [–] Buying black in madison SillyPhillyDilly 1 points ago in madisonwi

    I disagree with your last paragraph. We artificially support community businesses all the time. For instance, I don't have a car anymore but when I did I knew how to change my own oil. I could buy my oil on Amazon (shameless plug: AmazonBasics oil is actually very quality) and change it myself. I chose, however, to take it to a local mechanic and have them do it, even though they cost slightly more than Jiffy Lube. I put money I didn't have to in the local community because I wanted to support my local small businesses.

    In fact, any time you decide to buy locally instead of from a chain, you're doing the very same thing. You're specifically seeking out an alternative to an online or major chain product. Will their product be inferior? That's up to you to decide. If it is, don't frequent their business anymore, but you won't ever know if you're immediately dissuaded from the idea because people want to sell a specific type of business.

    This doesn't apply to black-owned businesses, either. A Woman's Touch is incredibly popular because it's ran by women who provide a non-judgmental atmosphere. Willy St Co-op is LGBT- and eco-friendly. These local businesses also support minority communities and a clean environment, so people seek them out because of those qualities. Is it contrived to buy from a business that supports the environment over that of one which doesn't make a stance? I'd say no. And the same logic here follows.

    [–] REAL LIFE ROCKY IV-ASKREN 🇺🇸 VS KHABIB 🇷🇺 SillyPhillyDilly 32 points ago in ufc

    Lemme tell you a little about Ben. I wrestler with him back in high school, and the asshole was the most slippery person I had ever seen. He would practice in his basement where he had a full wrestling practice room. Him (and his brother Max) would invite people over and just hand their asses to them like it was a video game. I don't know if it still holds, but he blew the WIAA takedown records out of the water. He could easily win matches by pin if he wanted to, but he would destroy people with takedowns in the first period. His offense was nearly unbeatable. His defense was just as crazy.

    Back then he was one of the most pleasant people to be around. Like, he was a jock, he would talk shit, but it wasn't ever with the intent of ill will and you knew it. He had one of the craziest work ethics I've ever seen. My coach - who has been following him, has helped him train in Bellator, and also helped train CM Punk - says this man is by far one of the most natural wrestlers he's ever seen. He doesn't even need to think, he just somehow does it.

    I'm a huge fan of that clunky ass kid from Arrowhead.

    [–] Buying black in madison SillyPhillyDilly 2 points ago in madisonwi

    I don't think anyone is going out of their way to receive an inferior good. I myself also don't know of any large minority developers, let alone ones that aren't willing to invest in the community.

    Even so, if a business is minority owned, decides not to invest in their community, and has an inferior product, given the negatives they don't deserve to be in business in our community. That's just my honest take. A business should invest and bring opportunities to its community other than jobs. It should provide means to an end, or a product available in a desert (kinda like Luna's that just opened up which is Latino owned).

    [–] Buying black in madison SillyPhillyDilly 14 points ago in madisonwi

    Whenever people ask about buying from black businesses, several people will ask "would it be offensive if I said I wanted to buy from white businesses?" There is no clear answer to that, but the question I have to that is what would motivate you to? Some people want to purchase from black businesses to support minorities in business. Some people want to because they want to invest in the black community. Others want to because they want to root for the underdog. Whatever reason one may have, it's ultimately about one thing: supporting local small business. There's nothing wrong with this. So if you want to buy from a white business owner? Go ahead, support local small businesses. But if you're doing it out of spite because someone else wants to support a minority for whatever reason they may have at the time? Well, I'm sorry that you feel such a way, and I hope one day you won't take offense to someone trying to do a service with a specific community.

    Support local small business owners so we can invest in Madison and make it a better place.

    [–] So is the city’s plan to build a hotel on the corner of State Street and Dayton then another hotel nearly kitty corner at the MATC downtown campus? SillyPhillyDilly 8 points ago in madisonwi

    The city is faced with a harsh decision: more hotels or less conferences. So they're letting developers come in to build hotels to keep that business, which is pretty vital to the community. They're stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    But yes I'd rather have the movie theater at what's now Lucky back.

    [–] What is the most hurtful thing a medical professional has ever said to you? SillyPhillyDilly 5 points ago in AskReddit

    I never questioned anyone when they tell me their veins roll. It's pretty common, so while you don't NEED to tell me (I can tell when I palpate/touch the vein), it doesn't hurt to know I should be thinking about a 23 or 25 gauge. If someone misses a vein that rolls, it's usually because they didn't anchor it (pulling down on your skin) correctly or the veins are pretty small.

    I've worked with every size gauge of needle, from 16s for blood donation to 25s for peds. I've had them all roll on me. I've missed a bunch. I've been called down to the ED to stick veins people thought were impossible, and I was the last resort before they had to bring in the anesthesiologist. I've stuck people while they were sleep, I've stuck veins on fingers, and on knuckles. I've stuck babies that were minutes old and someone who was 110 and literally no visible veins. We know how to do many, many, many types of sticks, and each one requires a different technique. In your case, I would recommend a heat pack and double tourniquet with your arm as low as you can possibly get it. Get your heart pumping before you draw, too, so that blood pressure increases.

    Please be patient with phlebs or any other person that puts needles in you. We understand it hurts. We understand it is uncomfortable. We try our best to hit it the first time and even though we refuse to admit it, missing on the first attempt is a HUGE hit to the ego. It can seriously affect the rest of the draws that day.

    [–] You only got 1 second to save the president's daughter SillyPhillyDilly 7 points ago in gaming

    In healthcare and among first responses there's a widely known acronym when it comes to fires: RACE. Rescue, Alert, Contain, Extinguish/Evacuate. So from the perspective he did everything* right.

    • - he couldn't possibly alert the fire department, it would have been an extra four scenes before the call ended

    [–] 4000 lumen flashlight through my hand. SillyPhillyDilly 1 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Start above the long and ring metacarpals and follow that cephalic vein up. I know the basilic is the preferred target because (in my experience) medial IVs run poorer, but also in my experience they stand out more. Make sure the arm is as low as you can possibly get it, and it's best if they're sitting up. Throw on the tourniquet about 3 to 5 inches upsite from your scrub. Don't be afraid to use a bp cuff inflated to 60, 90 as a high, because it gets real uncomfortable after 100-120. Wrapping the entire forearm in a heated blanket does wonders. And that's all the easy part, the worst is trying not to infiltrate with such a difficult vein.

    God help you if you have anyone who's systolic is less than 80, though! That might have to be an AC stick, just as distal as you can possibly get because the line WILL occlude like every 30 minutes when they're alert lol. Have fun!

    [–] What is your favorite "holy crap this actually works" trick? SillyPhillyDilly 40 points ago in AskReddit

    Am phleb, can confirm. There was only one time where I had to use it, any other time some spot treatment with regular laundry soap then a cold wash cycle worked. When getting blood out of other people's clothes, though, I've always had peroxide on standby. They think it's some voodoo shit.

    [–] White Referee Fired After Forcing Black Wrestler to Cut Dreadlocks SillyPhillyDilly 11 points ago in news

    As a black father who had locks before and also a daughter, idk where YOU are getting any of this from. My locks took mad effort with regular twisting, almost daily. I made the mistake of washing too soon and it looked like sandpaper to a wool sweater. Otherwise, when I didn't twist it would just mat up in huge clumps.

    My daughter also has fine, curly biracial hair. It mats up FAST if there's no combing at least once a day. It doesn't lock. Her shrinkage is crazy, so that's also a big factor in matting.