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    [–] Meeting a tinder girl at her place starterpack Skelvir -1 points ago in starterpacks

    "Usually I'm not that type of girl you know"

    [–] They used coding Skelvir 1 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    How my superior thinks programming works

    [–] got bored on break at work Skelvir 1 points ago in pics

    Ok then you might like this one, still prepare for it to be much much sweeter than the standard green one.

    [–] got bored on break at work Skelvir 1 points ago in pics

    Those little sugarbombs are probably the sweetest of all monster.

    If you don't drink sweet drinks that often it is actually far too sweet.

    [–] Girl I was dating/hooking up with wants space but still watches all my Snapchat stories? Skelvir 3 points ago in dating_advice

    You shouldn't rely too much on something like social media. Some people just hang on their phone like all the time and immediately consume anything new, no matter if it's from you, from another guy or from their grandma.

    If you really want to know if she is still interested or interested again, just gently ask.

    [–] Obelisk Update: January-May 2018 Skelvir 4 points ago in siacoin


    10 months ago I was told there would be an European distributor so that we wouldn't have to pay taxes.

    Did I miss something?

    [–] loud and proud at work Skelvir 0 points ago in MechanicalKeyboards

    My ex also used to do that, especially while I was trying to sleep... really annoying

    [–] What are the odds? Skelvir 1 points ago in hearthstone

    I had the same happen to me with Jouster, also pulled the same two legendaries. I think it is a joke from blizz

    [–] Playing Star Wars Battlefront on a motion platform Skelvir -12 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in gaming

    And it's still cheaper than unlocking everything im BF2

    [–] Legendary deck!!! Skelvir 77 points ago in customhearthstone

    Literally pay2win REEEE

    [–] Updated, finally. Skelvir 2 points ago in customhearthstone

    How can a minion have less than one health?

    [–] I am no guy Skelvir 11 points ago in customhearthstone

    So you're saying not being a guy automatically makes you a female?? TRIGGERED

    [–] [photos] First custom keyboard from WASD, imported to Germany, infos in comments. Skelvir 1 points ago in MechanicalKeyboards

    I'm Not used to qwerty at all but I usually learn new things pretty fast, so I wanted to give it a try. I assume the First days might be tough, but I Hope it is gonna pay off! 😉

    [–] [photos] First custom keyboard from WASD, imported to Germany, infos in comments. Skelvir 5 points ago in MechanicalKeyboards

    Sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I don't care if it's the "best" keyboard or whatever. Besides I don't like Varmilo's website, and to be honest if I can choose to buy from US/EU or from Asia, I would always avoid Asia.

    [–] [photos] First custom keyboard from WASD, imported to Germany, infos in comments. Skelvir 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in MechanicalKeyboards

    Have been following this sub for a while now, this is my first time post.
    A little background, I'm working as a programmer and therefore have been thinking about switching from QWERTZ to QWERTY for a while.

    Main reason is the better alignment of needed special characters, for example '{' is on Alt Gr + 7 on QWERTZ...
    Since I also need Ö Ü and Ä and don't want to switch keyboard settings all the time, I decided to make my own special layout in order to make the switch to QWERTY easier.

    One thing that mildly concerned me was the import from the US to Germany and eventual costs, but since there are very limited alternatives here, I decided to give it a try.
    Unlike expected, it was extremely comfortable and uncomplicated.
    Shortly after the UPS package arrived in Germany, I received an Email from UPS with instructions to pay for import customs.
    It would have been also possible to pay in cash to the package dude upon receiving the package, but I chose to simply pay with PayPal in advance.
    Summarizing it was very convenient and there was no trouble or unexpected surprises at all.

    I gave up the order on 7th of March and received it today, which is totally acceptable as well.

    Of course it was not cheap, but I guess this is the wrong subreddit to talk about saving money :D
    My bill was $193 for the keyboard, cable and noise dampeners, $54.35 for shipping to Germany, as well as a total $44.82 (€36.37) for import tax, which is roughly 17%. I'm not sure how the exact calculation works though.

    Anyway I really love my new keyboard, literally can't wait until it's monday and I'm on work again lol :D