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    [–] [Poetry] eggdog vacation Skilltone 2 points ago in youtubehaiku

    Loved that cliffhanger

    [–] Massive King K Rool hurtbox Skilltone 1 points ago in smashbros

    His fingers heard the music

    [–] 29F, who is my match? Skilltone 5 points ago in EqualAttraction

    He's over double her age

    [–] Shower Dance! Skilltone 3 points ago in parrots

    Now that's talent

    [–] Parrot saw the ocean for the first time Skilltone 109 points ago in aww

    That is a very happy birb

    [–] friendbirb Skilltone 2 points ago in Birbs

    That's actually him lol

    [–] hmmm Skilltone 2 points ago in hmmm

    I took it with an iphone 6, no joke

    [–] It's the same Skilltone 56 points ago in Spongebros

    Sandy confirmed echo fighter?

    [–] [Red Dead Redemption 2] Horse strafing Skilltone 458 points ago in GamePhysics

    Oh my god this game is gorgeous!