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    [–] I made a large woody teardrop camper. Skudworth 3 points ago in somethingimade

    You've covered it with something ... pasta sauce repellent, I presume?

    [–] Churchill Crocodile flame-throwing tank. An armored nightmare. Skudworth 6 points ago in MilitaryGfys

    So they saved lives just be existing.


    I totally see how that conclusion makes sense theoretically and in hindsight, but the bottom line is that you built a rolling dragon that cooked people alive. Same sort of argument for nagasaki and hiroshima, I suppose.

    I don't rightly know which side of these arguments I lean towards.

    [–] Stand-up Paddleboarding Skudworth 4 points ago in Unexpected


    No they would not. Ugh.

    [–] Slides can be scary. Skudworth 2 points ago in Unexpected

    That was 100% unexpected.

    Holy hell how does such a tiny human make such a big noise?

    [–] I finally found my university's secret bathroom in time for most of my senior year. Skudworth 1 points ago in pics

    See, this is why it's dangerous to not blatantly differentiate between your various branches of busiess.

    Granted, they leveraged the buzzfeed name to legitimize their new video department, but when one goes bad, they all share the bad name.

    This is a perfect example. You say they do legitimate reporting and my gut reaction is to scoff because "buzzfeed is clickbait lol", despite what the truth may or may not be.

    [–] Baited podcast - Colossal is sorry Skudworth 1 points ago in ContagiousLaughter

    What is the premise for this podcast?

    [–] MRW I see someone from /r/all complain about meta Skudworth 11 points ago in HighQualityGifs

    meta .gifs are ruining this sub.

    I'm sick of meta bringing all the heavy hitters in here with their fucking perfect scene selections, masterful masking, unexpected cameos and ...

    ..and their stupid handsome faces...

    ...I need a hug.

    [–] Bang. Skudworth 3 points ago in nocontext_wallpapers

    That explains why the very dense text is overlapping the subject of the photograph.

    Surely no human would select to do something so silly.

    [–] Years studying visual history and can't name nor date this artsyle. 70s mostly but still. Skudworth 3 points ago in graphic_design

    mish-mash of nostalgic styles.

    This would be a nice catch-all term for "this piece borrows from a ton of styles but doesn't really fit into any other bucket"

    [–] CA gun range closures Skudworth 5 points ago in CAguns

    Oh man, the Diablo Rod & Gun Club have a daunting message on their front page as well...

    RANGE NOTICE - All Rifle & Pistol Ranges have suspended operations for Emergency repair

    [–] (Rocket League) Jukes Skudworth 1 points ago in 60fpsGamingGifs

    Most of my understanding and knowledge from this game comes from your dank trick shots, szythe.