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    [–] Occasional tripping house breaker when turned on (50W) Skuzee 1 points ago in ChineseLaserCutters

    Turning off a transformer when it's at its zero-cross state means that the transformer is neither positivity or negatively charged. (think of the center line of a sine wave). When the transformer turns back on there's a big inrush of current that can pop the breaker. Of course this is a random occurrence unless you use special hardware.

    I was having this issue with my laser so I bought a special 90 degree out of phase solid state relay that was supposed to turn off the transformer in a controlled manner. However, my issue went away before I needed to install it. I just made sure that the laser was the only thing on the circuit.

    here's a pdf about zero-cross switching transformers. The first paragraph is pretty good.

    [–] Rimmed, for her pleasure. Skuzee 1 points ago in guns

    My fiends is one of the first gens. It's from the 90s.

    [–] Does the Podcast get better? (On Episode 9) Skuzee 3 points ago in TheGlassCannonPodcast

    I had no clue what was going on for a while. It took me a bit to learn their voices and character names. I blew through a ton of episodes super fast to catch up. Recently I haven't listened because I feel like the episodes are too short and they don't really accomplish much. I've been loving androids & aliens! So, I still got my fix.

    [–] Rimmed, for her pleasure. Skuzee 2 points ago in guns

    From what I've heard. The 50ae, while extra badass, just isn't fun to shoot after a few times.
    My friends 357 only eats HOT ammo, so a 44mag is probably the way to go.

    [–] Need for Swede, I mean Speed, I mean both? 🇸🇪 Skuzee 3 points ago in Volvo

    If you're curious to hear what it sounds like.. A car twin of mine had the cold air intake and I just HAD to get me one when I heard the woosh.)

    [–] Need for Swede, I mean Speed, I mean both? 🇸🇪 Skuzee 2 points ago in Volvo

    In retrospect maybe I should have included a picture of the whole car too. There are probably some in my post history for sure, but here's a bonus one for free.

    [–] Unexpected Results! Name a card that... December 04, 2018 Skuzee 1 points ago in Magicdeckbuilding

    This may be an unpopular opinion, but I really like [[Sword-Point Diplomacy]] in standard. It's pay 3 draw 3, or pay 3 drain 9 (or some combination of the two). Sure, your opponent gets to pick what you draw... Hopefully they can't afford to pay 9...

    [–] Unexpected Results! Name a card that... December 04, 2018 Skuzee 1 points ago in Magicdeckbuilding

    I never understood the point of it. It seemed like a useless card until I got into building my own absurd Modern decks.
    Cast a spell, fix your mana, draw a card, and thin your deck (x4).

    [–] Rossi 62 SAC help Skuzee 1 points ago in guns

    Winchester was the first to make the model 62; They sold the plans to Rossi. Rossi sold the plans to Taurus.

    My father has a Rossi, I have a Taurus. They're almost identical except minor changes.

    My memory is fuzzy, but I believe I called RossiUSA and they said that the company had been sold and they're no longer the same company. (now for the part I don't remember completely:) I called Taurus and they were able to get me what I needed? Or it was RossiUSA or something?

    Tl;dr check Winchester, RossiUSA, and Taurus because parts are often interchangeable. Also, Numrich gun parts may have parts for you.

    [–] Rearpussy Skuzee 21 points ago in nsfw

    With a suuuuuuper long arched back

    [–] What happened to this car? Skuzee 1 points ago in whatisthisthing

    The spiky/shiny lug nut COVERS are pretty thin stamped sheet metal. If you look at them wrong some will pop off.

    *disclaimer: used to be a diesel tech, removed a lot of covers. There MAY be actually real spiked lug nuts, but I bet they'd be expensive, and I never saw any.

    [–] You've seen Bread stapled to a tree, now get ready for... Queensnake - Sealed - Jeby Skuzee 14 points ago in AbusePorn2

    I do believe this is a normal stapler, but Medical staplers bend the staples into your skin without a back plate.

    [–] IPD Pegasus are in!!! Skuzee 1 points ago in Volvo

    More size info would be greatly appreciated! Still evaluating if they'll fit my P3!
    Wheel width, offset, hub bore diameter, would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, if they can be custom made in different sizes, then a range of what is available would be also appreciated. (I need 8Jx18 ET55 5x108 BORE:63.4mm, but I could probably get away with a different offset or larger bore diameter.)

    [–] IPD Pegasus Replicas on Sale! Skuzee 1 points ago in Volvo

    I found out ipd also has 18" versions, but not in the correct offset. (8Jx18 et55). I heard that they'll still fit with 10mm spacers and longer bolts? Do you know if this is accurate? (also can you help me find the right spacers and bolts?) 2015.5 V60 R-Design T6 AWD.

    [–] IPD Pegasus Replicas on Sale! Skuzee 1 points ago in Volvo

    Man, those are nice. Too bad I just bought 4 new 18" pirelli tires! :( should have got 19"s. Anyone wanna swap?

    [–] I am OFFICIALLY one month kratom-free! Skuzee 1 points ago in quittingkratom

    Are the people here using Kratom for recreational purpose? Or huge doses? I have undiagnosed chronic pain and Kratom changed my life for the better. I truly feel I would be worse off without Kratom.

    [–] How often & How much for chronic pain? Skuzee 2 points ago in kratom

    I take 3.5g (Gaia Green MD) when I wake up.
    3.5g 4 hours later at lunch.
    After work I take a dose 4-7g depending on how I'm feeling or if I'm going out or staying in.
    Before bed I take another 5-7g (Gaia Red MD).
    Total 16-21g daily. (I'm a 6'4" male, I weigh 220lbs.)

    I find it more effective to take smaller doses more often. It will prevent all of it from hitting you at the same time and spreads the pain relief over the entire day. I would prefer to take ~3-4g every 4 hours if I could, but it isn't always possible.

    [–] Bought a $10 raffle ticket, won a gun. Skuzee 3 points ago in guns

    Hey nice "Firearm".

    You should really put a front hand stop on that front grip. It will prevent you from putting your fingers near the end of the barrel (bang, ouch). It would also stop your hand from sliding off the front of the grip after an overzealous pump forward (again putting your hand in front of the barrel.)

    [–] My Toaster PC Skuzee 32 points ago in buildapc


    [–] My Toaster PC Skuzee 1 points ago in buildapc

    This is really cool. You should put a fine metal mesh on top (black or gray maybe?). It would keep dust and fingers out and perhaps help with the illusion of being a functional toaster.