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    [–] Bought a $10 raffle ticket, won a gun. Skuzee 1 points ago in guns

    Hey nice "Firearm".

    You should really put a front hand stop on that front grip. It will prevent you from putting your fingers near the end of the barrel (bang, ouch). It would also stop your hand from sliding off the front of the grip after an overzealous pump forward (again putting your hand in front of the barrel.)

    [–] My Toaster PC Skuzee 30 points ago in buildapc


    [–] My Toaster PC Skuzee 1 points ago in buildapc

    This is really cool. You should put a fine metal mesh on top (black or gray maybe?). It would keep dust and fingers out and perhaps help with the illusion of being a functional toaster.

    [–] I accidentally stuck my hand in the beam path. Be careful! Skuzee 6 points ago in lasercutting

    In the instructional video that came with my imported Chinese laser cutter there's a section about aligning the laser mirrors by holding a piece of paper in front of the laser path. While aligning one of the mirrors the guy shoots himself in the back of the hand and you can see smoke. They just cut to another angle and keep going like nothing happened.

    [–] [Media] Fully Body Tracking Dance Comparison Skuzee 1 points ago in VRchat

    You're really embracing that absolute territory. Zettai ryōiki, is that you?

    [–] My cat keeps turning off my PC. Anything I can do? Skuzee 10 points ago in buildapc

    OP, this is a good option! I usually do this on my pcs; the reset button is usually smaller, recessed, and therefore harder to accidentally press.

    [–] Our dog got hit by this car. PD can investigate as hit and run if we can give them any more info. Help? Skuzee 15 points ago in whatisthisthing

    I would believe it's courteous to try to find/inform the owner if you hit a dog, but does it really count as a hit and run if you don't? I could argue that the owners could be accused of negligence, and that's why the incident happened.

    Either way. Hope you're doggo is okay. I understand feeling upset that it happened, but try to take precautions so it doesn't happen in the future.

    [–] Mp7 Heaven Skuzee 3 points ago in guns

    Best iii out of v?

    [–] FIL passed away last month and we’re going through his collection of things. There is a telescope and a pair of binoculars we have found both Bushnell, but I can’t forgive out what this goes to. Takes a 9 volt battery, has a little turn dial and seems like maybe a light inside?? No numbers on it! Skuzee 2 points ago in whatisthisthing

    Bushnell makes scopes, binoculars, hunting game cameras, range finders, and other similar optical gadgets. The yellow plug is an RCA jack, suggesting it either emits or receives a video signal. The part on the front kind of looks like an LED. I'd guess that it's only part of a larger setup. Perhaps an IR light for a camera, or a TV microscope, or something that can record your scope/binocular and display it on a TV.

    Is there a part number on it anywhere?

    [–] Zone of the enders VR blew my friggin brains out! Skuzee 3 points ago in Vive

    Zone of the Enders for ps2 was my jam. So excited for the news one!

    [–] Even though we all love our volvos. Name one thing you Absolutely CANNOT stand about it. Skuzee 1 points ago in Volvo

    If Bluetooth is on on my phone, my Volvo will automatically sync to it and force my phone to resume/play something; ANYTHING. This means even if it has to launch Samsung music player or Google Music or resume that YouTube video I have in another tab. I've never even used Samsung music app, but it will launch it anyway and play the first thing on the list. (which is usually voice mails because of the numeric naming scheme.)

    The only way I figured out how to get around this is to make sure I turn off Bluetooth on my phone when I exit the car, or turn the car to a different media source, like AUX.

    [–] Is this a baby chinchilla? My brother saw this little guy outside a bar in Lawrence, Kansas and we can't figure out what it is. Skuzee 2 points ago in whatisthisthing

    My 2¢: Not a chinchilla. My chinchillas have bristley bushy curved tails, and the snout isn't that pointed. Baby chinchillas look very cute but nothing like this.
    This guy appears to be probably 5" long (not counting the tail) and has a kind of fuzzy tail.

    [–] What precautions do you take when taking someone to the range when they’ve never been before? Skuzee 5 points ago in guns

    I ask them to tell me the 4 gun safety rules. (usually before I even teach them.) I feel like it engages them and makes them figure out the rules in their own terms so they understand it.

    I usually ask "what are some things we want to be sure we don't do."
    they'd say. "point a gun at someone."
    Id say "yes, AND we don't point a gun at ANYTHING we're willing to hurt. So we make sure to always keep it pointed in a safe direction."

    If someone can't remember the rules then they may not be ready to go shooting right yet. I also always start by giving them an unloaded gun so they can get a feel for it and I can guage their actions.

    [–] These perfect, symmetric triangles kept appearing on the rear-side mirror of our car. They could be smudged away easily but I have no clue why they were showing up. Any ideas? Skuzee 3 points ago in whatisthisthing

    Inside or outside of the glass? It's possible that it's a repair spot where a chip used to be? It's more likely just a imperfection in the glass. When the moisture in the air condenses it leaves a noticeable pattern. Try scrubbing the glass with some soapy water, it could be something o the glass.

    [–] What is this thing that I found near my apartment door? Skuzee 1 points ago in whatisthisthing

    I would definitely call the landlord. Since it was so close to your door, it's possible someone was trying to enter your house? Changing the lock may not make a difference to someone who picks locks, but a higher quality lock, security system, or cameras would help.