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    [–] Is this legal in California? Skuzee 3 points ago in guns

    30 calibers per round second fully-semi automatic fire

    [–] Volvo meeting Netherlands today, them creams! Skuzee 3 points ago in Volvo

    License plate number.

    Also, they're likely not all 100 stock. I think you'd just KNOW which was yours just by walking by.

    [–] SOFIC 19 – DefendTex Drone-40 (Grenade Launcher Drone) Skuzee 1 points ago in guns

    Prop stabilized makes more sense than a grenade you shoot out of a gun that hovers around over the enemy, I guess. Maybe it has a further range compared to a traditional gunpower round?

    [–] SOFIC 19 – DefendTex Drone-40 (Grenade Launcher Drone) Skuzee 1 points ago in guns

    I'm not sure if this is an explosive. (maybe?) I took "grenade launcher drone" to mean a drone fired out of a grenade launcher, not a "grenade launching drone". Maybe I'm wrong.
    That thing is huge and it would have to contain propellant, a drone, and a 'warhead' of some kind. It would probably end up being an expensive grenade 90% of the time when used regularly.

    [–] NEED HELP! Battery issues with 2014 Volvo S60 Skuzee 1 points ago in Volvo

    Do you have the start/stop function that turns off your car at red lights? If you do, there's a hidden auxiliary battery under the wiper cowel.

    [–] Volvo should offer a clean frontgrill without the Volvo logo like the Polestar cars. It looks 100x better in my opinion Skuzee 1 points ago in Volvo

    My 2015 badge is pretty big. Maybe too big. Maybe they shouldn't put it there? That said, the grille above is ugly.

    If nothing else, volvo grilles need the diagonal line.

    [–] 34 F. It’s hard to make friends as an adult Skuzee 1 points ago in MakeNewFriendsHere

    Try joining a club or Facebook group? Maybe meetup from if you live near a bigger city. The quickest way I've made friends (other than through mutual friends) is posting on a local fb Volvo group and showing up at one of the get-togethers. It's strange how welcoming they were, but since we all had a common interest it was easy to talk and listen (even geek-out) about the things we loved.

    I met someone who is crazy similar to me. We're both technicians, drive almost the same model volvo, like guns, vinyl records, and a few other things I'm forgetting.

    Yeah, join a hiking group, or a yoga class, or an anime watching group, anything really.

    Extra tip, Joining a discord server and making Internet friends helps fill the void a little. Gives you people to chat with when you're at home on the computer.

    [–] I have two seperate projects (both built seperately too) that I want to be able to launch from a single menu. How do I combine the two? Skuzee 1 points ago in processing

    I think you need to make each draw() into its own custom routine. Combine the code, and then in draw() use a 'switch' case select to pick which one to draw. I.e. Use a button, slider, or key to change between them.

    Not 100% sure about setup. Probably make individual setup functions too and call them once the first time a program is run.

    int activeProgram = 1;

    switch(num) {
    case 1:
    case 2:

    Alternatively there's probably a way to have two separate files and have one load the other and then exit(); to kill itself.

    [–] New grill for the mistress after a pigeon killed the standard one! Skuzee 2 points ago in Volvo

    I like the idea of welding a bunch of chain together to make a solid grille. Sounds heavy. Heavy metal 🤘

    [–] Which propaganda effort was so successful, people still believe it today? Skuzee 2 points ago in AskReddit

    It does take moving a metric shitton of rock to find a single diamond, but it's definitely a controlled supply. De beer used to only sell one diamond for each marriage in America per year. I watched some long documentary about diamonds once.

    Another good propaganda is "artifical diamonds aren't as good as natural ones." "if it didn't come from the ground it's not a real diamond." synthetic diamonds are more pure than naturally forming ones.

    [–] Which propaganda effort was so successful, people still believe it today? Skuzee 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Carrots are good for your eyes and can make you see in the dark.

    Beta Carotene is good for your eyes, but it was, propaganda spread during WWII to hide the fact that the British had developed a new radar technology that helped them shoot down German planes at night.

    I can imagine that there were at least a few poor German soldiers ordered on a strict diet of carrots only as a result.

    [–] 18F Calling all toxic conversationists Skuzee 5 points ago in MakeNewFriendsHere

    I've got (most) of my shit together and still 'ghost' people. I'm busy and super forgetful and life is stressful. I don't owe anyone anything, expecially someone I've only talked to for a day or so. Sorry you're upset that I stopped talking. I'm not going to come out and say "I no longer wish to talk with you anymore." because that's rude and not how I feel.

    tl;dr ghosting isn't real. don't get upset when people have their own lives.

    [–] Does anybody know if v70/s70 bumpers will fit on a 96 850? Also I'm looking for a front Lip but am having no luck. Skuzee 1 points ago in Volvo

    My dad had a s70 with an 850 front end/ front fenders. Not sure how perfect it fit. Some guy fixed it that way after an accident.

    [–] Do you guys know what this does? Skuzee 0 points ago in Volvo

    I presume right below those buttons are a few more? Maybe (R)(K)(I)(N)(G) (B)(R)(A)(K)(E) or something similar.

    [–] Do you guys know what this does? Skuzee 0 points ago in Volvo

    Upvote for being funny, but downvote because it's only funny if you already know about the digital manual and not super helpful to someone who doesn't know. Lol.

    [–] Where to buy V60 boot floor with shopping bag holder? Skuzee 2 points ago in Volvo

    I think my pop-up holder is 99% useless. Maybe I'm American and it's just a European thing?

    I usually use, but I can't seem to find it there. I can check my part number later tonight if you can't find anything. I have a 2015.5

    [–] How many unattended firearms can you see? Feel free to throw in your suggestions for suitable punishment. Skuzee 1 points ago in guns

    If you're doing something so intense that you can't keep your firearm on you, then you should at least keep it near you. At least have some pride and line them all up in a row neatly somewhere quickly accessible. Too bad there's not some kind of handy way to lean 3 rifles against each other to keep them standing up...

    Fill those jugs with water and make them carry them like they should be carrying their rifles?

    [–] My step father was wondering why I bought plumbing supplies Skuzee 1 points ago in guns

    Maybe If he's doing ONLY 7 yard pistol drills it will last longer than any other fuckin'-around type of shooting.

    [–] My step father was wondering why I bought plumbing supplies Skuzee 1 points ago in guns

    Hope you don't miss!

    I hang my 8" gong from a piece of old conveyor belt. I hit the bolts... a lot.

    [–] SNAP - I have no idea who owned Big Reds sister, I spent 20 mins trying to figure it out... No dice, but s/he must have amazing taste. Skuzee 5 points ago in Volvo

    My local volvo group has some colorful business cards. I display mine in my front window and members often will leave one under the wiper of a volvo if they can't find the owner.

    [–] In the old days, Thai royal guards have gilded sword and spear. Today, they have Golden Tavor 21. Coronation of the new King(2019) Skuzee 2 points ago in guns

    I think tan would have looked better. If you want to gold plate something and you're considering not using actual gold or TiN then you shouldn't gold plate something....

    [–] I finally met the guy I had developed a huge crush on online and ruined it by being too weird in person. Skuzee 1 points ago in wemetonline

    I think you shouldn't push it right now. If he's convinced himself to only be your friend you can't do much to change his mind until he's ready to change his mind. I would go back to square one and text him about fun things unrelated to the relationship. Reconnect with him as friends. If you manage to do that ask him to hangout as friends, not a date. He maybe more open to a visit that doesn't have any dating expectations. Just be two friends doing something fun. He'll get to see you in person again and you can start to relax around him. He may change his mind.

    Also (I don't want to ruin your life) could just be an excuse and not a legit concern. He maybe just letting you down easy.

    [–] Saw this in the work break room. What is it? Why would it be illegal to use it? Skuzee 1 points ago in whatisthisthing

    If the outcome is worth the penalty then people will just pay the penalty!

    I did a lot of reading about this when I was trying to find a way to discourage players from meta-gaming (discussing or using information not available to the character to gain an advantage) during Dungeons&Dragons. Things like experience or gold tax doesn't work, because players will just end up paying the consequence if the outcome is more desirable!