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    [–] Moira is now available for Competitive SkylerTheWolf 16 points ago in MoiraMains

    Can't wait to be told to switch off of her every game!

    Nah but really, I'm excited. I think Moira would do a very well in a more coordinated team. Or at least I hope I'm not spending half the game worrying about chasing down rogue Genjis. :T

    [–] Care to share your favorite turret/tele/shield gen spots? SkylerTheWolf 8 points ago in SymmetraMains

    One thing I enjoy doing, particularly when we're getting beaten up hard, is sneaking behind the enemy and setting a teleporter behind them. A team attack from behind almost always gets the job done when we're having trouble pushing.

    And another thing I've started doing with mild success (usually in competitive matches where folks are more inclined to find and destroy your shield gen) is to place my generator absurdly far back near our spawn so team fights go from 6v6 to 6v5 + 1 enemy tracer desperately searching for the generator. Bonus if more than 1 enemy player is looking. :>

    [–] Got to practice that Olympic swimmers dive SkylerTheWolf 1 points ago in nononono

    Looks like Uncle Phil wasn't fucking around

    [–] UC Fullerton SkylerTheWolf 14 points ago in csuf

    Well then she obviously didn't go to U.C. Fullerton

    [–] UC Fullerton SkylerTheWolf 38 points ago in csuf

    These Russian bots need better translating

    [–] Antifa is coming to Cal State Fullerton SkylerTheWolf 26 points ago in csuf

    Let's all just stay home. All signs from the gods point to it. I'm sorry to our brothers and sisters who have midterms that day though.

    [–] Unity event to counter Yiannopoulos appearance - 10/31 2-8pm central quad SkylerTheWolf 9 points ago in csuf

    I would be, but it doesn't sound like that's what this is. Don't get me wrong, this is dumb and exactly what a provocateur like Milo wants. Probably will skip class that day anyway, hah

    [–] CTVA 346 video games and storytelling SkylerTheWolf 3 points ago in csuf

    Certainly sounds interesting. Wish it wasn't a 7 - 10PM class though!

    [–] Daily Titan: College Republicans confirm upcoming appearance of Milo Yiannopoulos at CSUF SkylerTheWolf 15 points ago in csuf

    Shame. I thought we were better than this guy, but don't put anything past our College Republicans I guess! Probably won't try to stop him or give anybody any more counter-culture attention they want. Hope y'all enjoy your little clown show

    [–] Hang in there, Mercy! SkylerTheWolf 9 points ago in Overwatch

    I admit I jump at my opportunities to take to the skies!