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    [–] Things I should know about CSUF? *new student* SkylerTheWolf 6 points ago in csuf

    There's a mall really close by that's pretty rad. Learn to avoid and disengage from solicitors, we get a lot of those and it could save you a lot of time. If you don't like Chinese or Mexican (food) it might be a bit tough to find a good meal on campus, though there are a ton of almost hidden spots that have a better variety of food around like the Grill in College Park. Most folks are incredibly nice here, so don't be intimidated. Research your professors before choosing them. If you want to graduate in 4 years, you'll need to take at least 15 units of classes per semester. Study, or have somebody help explain your Titan Degree Audit. I'd hate to have you take a class you ended up not needing to take, or fall behind on prerequisites.

    [–] Met a homeless on csuf SkylerTheWolf 1 points ago in csuf

    Is he the gentleman who is always at the corner spot of the computer lab in the 4th floor? Either way, I thought you needed a login to use them anyway. O:

    [–] Sweet victory SkylerTheWolf 9 points ago in nonononoyes

    I was prepared to sit down and watch a whope episode of Wipeout in gif form

    [–] A Quick Note to My New Titan Family SkylerTheWolf 8 points ago in csuf

    tl;dr A very inoffensive introduction. "Proud to be a new Titan" and such.

    I don't really see anything to hate, though actions speak louder than words!

    [–] FA! SkylerTheWolf 1 points ago in csuf

    You can get my upvote as soon as I see it in my bank account

    [–] FA disbursement SkylerTheWolf 3 points ago in csuf

    If history is any indication: Last year I got it Friday, 10 days before classes began. The year before that I got it Thursday, 11 days before class. So if you’re lucky, this Thursday. If you’re very lucky, Wednesday like the nice fella suggested said before me!

    [–] The unedited view from my porch during these California wildfires SkylerTheWolf 4 points ago in pics

    Everyone in the family here has got a car! And a garage full of junk, yes.

    [–] Panda Express Food Poisoning SkylerTheWolf 10 points ago in csuf

    I will not let you slander my black pepper chicken

    [–] Panda Express Food Poisoning SkylerTheWolf 11 points ago in csuf

    Oh honey that's just finals week and all that spicy air we've been breathing from all the fires this semester.

    [–] Moira is now available for Competitive SkylerTheWolf 21 points ago in MoiraMains

    Can't wait to be told to switch off of her every game!

    Nah but really, I'm excited. I think Moira would do a very well in a more coordinated team. Or at least I hope I'm not spending half the game worrying about chasing down rogue Genjis. :T