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    [–] Anyone want to start a fight club? SkylerTheWolf 2 points ago in csuf

    This is my favorite post this semester so far

    [–] This is unacceptable SkylerTheWolf 18 points ago in csuf

    Dang, I'm sorry I didn't realize I was on the wrong side of history, I guess I have to try

    [–] This is unacceptable SkylerTheWolf 29 points ago in csuf

    Username does not check out. uu

    [–] Pretty much sums up CSUF SkylerTheWolf 4 points ago in csuf

    High effort meme, gg

    [–] Anyone else have a ridiculous school email address because you didn't know it would be your username? SkylerTheWolf 3 points ago in csuf

    I was in high school when I made it so yeah, hah! I just hope professors understand. I think I must’ve been 12 when I made my reddit username. :’D

    [–] ASI Jobs SkylerTheWolf 1 points ago in csuf

    Thanks for sharing, will definitely have a look!

    [–] Direct Deposit SkylerTheWolf 7 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in csuf

    This is strange. I was suppose to get ~6500 after paying for tuition, but only got about 1500. If we don't get some kind of communication, I might drop a line. O:

    Edit: OOPS, I guess I got a federal grant for my Summer classes. A little late, but hey, I'll take it! So that could be the reason some of y'all may have a smaller than usual deposit at the moment. You can always check on "Account inquiry -> Activity" in your student center.

    [–] Intermediate Soccer SkylerTheWolf 1 points ago in csuf

    Ah, thanks for the response! Just curious, did you need to bring any gear, or is it mostly high school PEesque? Not that there's anything wrong with that!

    [–] Information Systems Majors I am Lost and I Need Help SkylerTheWolf 3 points ago in csuf

    You should totally 100% see an adviser, but life comes at you fast and we are busy people so 👏 have 👏 a 👏 seat. How I understand it, you can officially apply for graduation once you have completed 85 total units. It sounds like you've already done that, so you can go ahead and apply via the Student Center. You can find a good list of jobs and internships on Titan Connection (If you never heard of it, just Google "titan connection". Should be First result) and even sort them by degree, concentration, and a bunch of other criteria. Just have a resume and profile prepared. Bonus, Titan Connection is usually less competitive because only CSUF students and alumni have access to it. I get way more responses than trying to throw my resume into Indeed or other sites. Good luck!

    [–] [Detroit: Become Human] [Gif]This game's graphic is incredible SkylerTheWolf 3 points ago in PS4

    Was definitely my favorite chasing scene in any video game. Cinematically speaking, how fun it was, and how well it controlled.

    [–] Job opening - Marketing Assistant (Full Time) (Anaheim) SkylerTheWolf 2 points ago in csuf

    Lol expooooosed. But yeah, there's a whole lot more that goes on that meets the eye.

    [–] Job opening - Marketing Assistant (Full Time) (Anaheim) SkylerTheWolf 1 points ago in csuf

    Hmm, well what is your experience and I can give ya a rough window estimate

    [–] Job opening - Marketing Assistant (Full Time) (Anaheim) SkylerTheWolf 2 points ago in csuf

    Yup, I'm technically the intern! We post the job offerings in Titan Connection if you want to keep an eye out there

    [–] So umm...Tully? SkylerTheWolf 1 points ago in YMS

    One part where the handheld camera seemed like a strange choice was during the hospital scene. Such a mellow feeling, and then the camera gently shaking on the character's face.

    [–] So umm...Tully? SkylerTheWolf 1 points ago in YMS

    Yeah, you're right. Maybe the cinematography was fit for the intended tone. I didn't need epic, just a little more. Just some subjective differences I suppose. It looks like I don't hold the majority opinion here. ;;

    [–] Suggestions for Elective classes? SkylerTheWolf 2 points ago in csuf

    Seems very interesting. Also seems like a classroom that would have "that guy" in it though