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    [–] Why don’t people listen to jozz? Skylord_a52 1 points ago in jazzcirclejerk

    if you play piano and you don't got scoliosis you're doin it wrong kiddo

    [–] Why do measures 15-18 of Debussy's Clair de Lune sound so stunning? Skylord_a52 3 points ago in musictheory

    I wouldn't say that major seventh chords are dissonant -- if anything, in things like jazz (and likely in impressionism as well, although I'm not as well-versed), major sevenths actually have strong tonic function.

    [–] ☼Bi-weekly DF Questions Thread☼ Skylord_a52 3 points ago in dwarffortress

    How do I control/find out who a war animal will follow when going into battle? Also, for rare war animals, is it generally better to keep them on chains to be used as traps/defenses, or should they be assigned to a dwarf for active combat?

    [–] Are optical reflections conformal? Skylord_a52 1 points ago in math

    Yep, that's kind of the crux of the problem, I think. My brain interprets the angles as being preserved, when just due to perspective alone they really aren't.

    Probably not really a solvable question for that reason.

    [–] [TOMT][Music] Hand drum song associated (midi provided) Skylord_a52 1 points ago in tipofmytongue

    oh whoops, i fucked up the title. it was supposed to say "Hand drum song associated with Russia and anime"

    [–] Two good boys in one picture Skylord_a52 38 points ago in Yogscast

    I'd do it for free

    (edit: /s obviously. i'm not that creepy.)

    [–] ☼Bi-weekly DF Questions Thread☼ Skylord_a52 1 points ago in dwarffortress

    Is it possible to create or modify deities post world-gen using DFHack?

    [–] Happy Birthday Simon! Skylord_a52 7 points ago in Yogscast

    and notch is?!

    [–] ☼Bi-weekly DF Questions Thread☼ Skylord_a52 3 points ago in dwarffortress

    Maybe I should just make a whole new thread for this, but how do you deal with fucking up the architecture/design of a fortress? So many times I've done something stupid early on, and then feel the need to completely regen the world and start all over again, and have to redo all my industries and everything.

    How do you get over this, especially when filling in mined-out spaces doesn't restore them to how they looked originally?

    [–] Simple Questions - March 08, 2019 Skylord_a52 1 points ago in math

    That's a lot simpler than I expected! Thanks!