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    [–] cursed_soldier Slaser360 -22 points ago in cursedimages

    Nothing furry about it

    [–] Character to crash iPhones Slaser360 3 points ago in hacking

    Lmao I'm still on IOS 9.3.3 so this won't work but good ol' effective power will

    [–] If I put an upgraded spring but don't remove the air restrictor will it negate the effects of e upgraded spring? Slaser360 1 points ago in Nerf

    I've never modded a Nerf blaster before so I'm not sure what a breech is but I also didn't know the air restrictor didn't hurt performance

    [–] If I put two stock springs into a blaster will it shoot harder Slaser360 3 points ago in Nerf

    They are yellow Recons so would the performance reach that of an elite one?

    [–] The way honey flows.. Slaser360 89 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    Because it is

    [–] Song lyrics. Go! Slaser360 0 points ago in ThreadGames

    You never know if you dont go

    [–] Song lyrics. Go! Slaser360 2 points ago in ThreadGames

    Never gonna let you down

    [–] Is this inception? Slaser360 6 points ago in woooosh

    Timotainment is a known YouTube channel so they weren't whoosed