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    [–] What makes PPD work as a space were people from different communities can share conflicting ideas? SlashCo80 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 hours ago) in PurplePillDebate

    I would think that it makes good sense to ban all extreme views, whether incels or radfems, together with blatant trolling and/or shitposting. On the other hand, I think that light moderation is one of the things that makes this subreddit successful, as it allows discussion, unlike others where no viewpoints opposing the "official party line" are allowed - which in turn leads to stifled debate and an echo chamber or circlejerk effect.

    [–] Mid 30s men. Are your other male peers all going through the same relationship problems? SlashCo80 1 points ago in PurplePillDebate

    I guess it's the fear of being alone, coupled with society telling people who aren't married with kids that they are inferior somehow. Truth be told, there's pros and cons no matter which road you take.

    [–] What "Nice Guys" are doing wrong SlashCo80 1 points ago in PurplePillDebate

    To be fair, in today's climate "making a move" or being direct is just as likely to get you labeled as a creep / harasser, so it's no wonder guys hesitate. What they should be doing is improving their social skills and ability to read people and adjust their behavior accordingly.

    [–] A journey to finally liking Fallout SlashCo80 1 points ago in patientgamers

    For me, the moment I really got into it was when I started doing Moira's missions to gather info for her survival guide. Before that, I was actually slightly bored and unsure of whether to keep going. But once I started exploring, crafting stuff and doing more interesting missions, it became one of my favorite games of all time. I know people praise New Vegas a lot, and I agree it wins out in terms of writing and storytelling, but F3 had better exploration and more interesting locales.

    [–] Stop remaking great films and start remaking movies that could have been great, but were poorly executed SlashCo80 2 points ago in unpopularopinion

    It's also not very accurate to the book, from the events down to the look of the various characters. There's a lot of Lynch weirdness injected into it. I like David Lynch and I think it was a good movie, but not a great adaptation of the story.

    [–] What Are You Playing This Week? - November 08, 2018 SlashCo80 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in patientgamers

    Mercenaries 2 - World in Flames. I've had it for a long time and finally decided to give it a try. I played for a couple of hours and uninstalled it. It just feels like a blatant console port with outdated graphics and poor controls, while the gameplay is essentially a worse version of Just Cause 2. I decided not to waste any more time on it.

    Next up is finally finishing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. I got about halfway through a couple of years ago, I'm thinking of starting a new character and going all the way this time. Got the expansions too.

    [–] They were threatening me and my family': Tucker Carlson's home targeted by protesters SlashCo80 3 points ago in news

    Annoy? That's an interesting interpretation for "threatening a man's family and attempting to break into his house".

    [–] They were threatening me and my family': Tucker Carlson's home targeted by protesters SlashCo80 1 points ago in news

    Don't bother with him, he's a leftist troll from SRS, and just as brainless as the rest of the NPCs.

    [–] Tucker Carlson doxxed by 'anti-fascist' organization. Mob gathers outside his home and shouts "we will fight, we know where you sleep at night" and demanded that he leave town. [SocJus] SlashCo80 5 points ago in KotakuInAction

    There's some unhinged full-blown commies in that thread praising this event and saying the same thing should be done to all rich people. But it's good to know ResetEra bans people with radical or controversial opinions, like for example being slightly to the right of Stalin and Mao...

    [–] [SocJus] Kate Lyons / The Guardian - "Red Dead Redemption 2: game criticised over killing of suffragette" (gamedrops) SlashCo80 15 points ago in KotakuInAction

    They were making it sound like it's a major part of the game and that you are actively encouraged to do it. In reality, they're just part of the game world and can be killed or not, just as any other NPC.

    [–] This is the news now, I guess SlashCo80 6 points ago in KotakuInAction

    This, they thrive on conflict and being outraged. You cannot appease them, they will simply find something new to complain about, because that's the only game they actually want to play.

    [–] [Gaming] Ashe Schow - "SJW Mad You Can Kill A Feminist In Video Game About Killing" SlashCo80 11 points ago in KotakuInAction

    Because it's simply more manufactured outrage BS, just like how they were up in arms that in the GTA games you could kill prostitutes. Never mind that you could also kill anyone else you chose to in those games, and that the game never asked you or rewarded you for killing prostitutes, it was just something you *could* do. Nope, the way the media talked about it, you'd think the whole series was mainly a hooker-killing simulator. Gotta keep that outrage flowing and those clicks coming, I guess.

    [–] Nicole Lafrance got a Booty SlashCo80 2 points ago in WatchPeopleDieInside

    I can't find the article right now, but there was a study done a couple of years ago which showed that when men treated women the way they'd typically treat other men, they were perceived as being harsh and misogynist. But yeah, basically just be polite and don't say or do anything that might be considered weird or inappropriate. Better to be seen as boring than creepy.

    [–] Hey, at least now I know whose house to stay away from. SlashCo80 19 points ago in Dogfree

    They even state they like dogs more than people and the dog is their "baby", ffs. As OP said, thanks for the warning. I'll make sure to stay away.

    [–] [SocJus] The Atlantic: "How to Write Consent in Romance Novels" SlashCo80 5 points ago in KotakuInAction

    So just the old "rebellious bad boy who ends up falling for the protagonist because only she can tame him" fantasy.

    [–] [SocJus] The Atlantic: "How to Write Consent in Romance Novels" SlashCo80 4 points ago in KotakuInAction

    Probably makes her feel clever and "woke" and gets attention. That probably describes a lot of the SJW community, actually.

    [–] [SocJus] The Atlantic: "How to Write Consent in Romance Novels" SlashCo80 7 points ago in KotakuInAction

    This was an interesting read about a feminist getting married to a soyboy and regretting it. Then after divorce she falls for a take charge man.

    Hell yeah, it's been known for years that even outspoken feminists despise 'sensitive', progressive, male feminist types and prefer strong traditional men.

    [–] [SocJus] The Atlantic: "How to Write Consent in Romance Novels" SlashCo80 5 points ago in KotakuInAction

    Hell, you only need to look at the success of Twilight or 50 Shades and what they mean with respect to female fantasies, to see that.

    [–] [SocJus] The Atlantic: "How to Write Consent in Romance Novels" SlashCo80 6 points ago in KotakuInAction

    "As a black man, what kind of food do you think we should order tonight? I want to make sure I'm not engaging in colonialism or cultural appropriation, but also supporting other cultures!"

    It must be exhausting having a 'friend' like that.

    [–] The Struggles of An Adult Gamer Part 1: The Ever Growing Backlog SlashCo80 2 points ago in KotakuInAction

    Not to mention it wouldn't really be feasible for all those open world / RPG games that may take dozens if not hundreds of hours to complete. You'd have to spend the same time watching as you would playing the game.