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    [–] "Just an oil change, please!" Sleep_adict 2 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    And make sure he’s an organ donor

    [–] This abomination.... Sleep_adict 9 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    It’s an important metric here in the South

    [–] Young Georgia Needs to Vote Sleep_adict 19 points ago in Georgia

    As a genuine question... there are no fiscal conservative out there running? All I see is inflammatory propaganda, not one person running on a sensible platform aligned to what Deal, Barnes etc have done, which is be centrist and sensible on many topics

    [–] Getting married in a church in France- c'est possible? Sleep_adict 13 points ago in france

    The church, at the moment, appreciates the € more than anything. You will need to get all the docs from your church in the USA however, to prove you are real Catholics and not heathens, or worse baptists

    [–] Servicing a Ford at a Chevy Dealership Sleep_adict 1 points ago in askcarsales

    Do you really want the cheapest oil change?

    Spending a bit more for proper oil and a real filter will make the car last... unless it’s a lease then who carss

    [–] How to trade car in without co-signer? Sleep_adict 6 points ago in askcarsales

    There is, you can in those, but an in person appraisal and firm offer are always more accurate.

    [–] How to trade car in without co-signer? Sleep_adict 3 points ago in askcarsales

    Go to carmax and get a tease in offer... you’d be surprised how much gap there is between what you think it’s worth and a trade in value

    [–] 2009 Audi A6 3.2 127k miles for $8500 Sleep_adict 3 points ago in askcarsales

    Steer clear, unless it has a perfect service history

    [–] I did a detail today. Customer was happy until an hour later. Sleep_adict 4 points ago in AutoDetailing

    He prob wants you to delete all the pictures from what he said.... that’s good evidence

    [–] My brother [M18] and I [F21] are so sick of the noise from my stepbrother [M5] at home and I'm not sure what to do about it Sleep_adict 1 points ago in relationships

    To add, at 5 children should have a basic grasp of social norms and interactions... it might be worth working out how to have him checked for things like adhd, ASD etc... then you may have access to specialized services that can help. I’m not meaning to be rude or assuming anything, just knowing or ruling out early is better for everyone

    [–] ROI: Is Upgrading Trim Worth It? Sleep_adict 1 points ago in askcarsales

    Hint: ROI is negative on all new cars, except a few that we can’t afford...

    Depending on how long you will keep the car and the value to you of the features, that is what counts...

    However, to your point, ask for the leasing estimates on both. The residual values should tell you if the package helps reduce the depreciation curve a bit

    [–] Purchasing A Vehicle Sleep_adict 0 points ago in askcarsales

    Usaa credit union can give you better rates. Most credit unions can.

    Also consider GA Title tax... it will be on the value of the car when you title it in GA... careful not to pay tax 2 times...

    I would also recommend expanding your search outside 1 dealership network

    [–] Volkswagen Tiguan for newborn twins Sleep_adict 2 points ago in parentsofmultiples

    I’m going to say the obvious... minivans are fantastic. For ease of use and practicality, and value they are unbeatable.

    Just beware in the Tiguan, as with all VW products they are very well engineered and built, but repairs can be pricier than more value brands like Toyota

    [–] Used V8 sports car under $20,000 Sleep_adict 1 points ago in askcarsales

    Have you considered a classic? If not a daily driver that might appeal more...

    [–] Hybrid cars depreciation value question Sleep_adict 4 points ago in askcarsales

    Where the above is wrong is a gas engine in a hybrid will last more miles than a regular gas engine, as it’s driven better. So even if the battery dies you still have a gas engine car.

    Not to mention that now batteries are getting cheaper... for most 1kwh hybrid batteries it only $1k or so... the price of tires

    [–] In Walmart parking lot. Why? Just why? Sleep_adict 1 points ago in Shitty_Car_Mods

    With a car like that, I think he was probably hitting on the Check out ladies

    [–] Buying a Used Car before an Out-of-State Move Sleep_adict 1 points ago in askcarsales

    In my state, GA, if you bring a car and register it in state, even if you’ve owned it for years, you pay tax on its assessed value.

    Insane, I know