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    [–] Car buyer wants me to come to their bank with them? Sleep_adict 7 points ago in askcarsales

    Ok, let’s meet behind the walmart... you bring the car and title I’ll bring cash.

    Which would you prefer?

    [–] Mercedes AMG GTR Sleep_adict 7 points ago in carporn

    Where that plate is worth 10 times the car

    [–] Car buyer wants me to come to their bank with them? Sleep_adict 11 points ago in askcarsales

    Honestly, doing it at a bank and taking maybe 30 mins of extra time is way better than potential alternatives...

    [–] What’s the worst pain you’ve ever physically felt? Sleep_adict 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Pain is linked to nerves and the most sensitive pets of the body...

    I sliced off the tips of 2 fingers and lacerated the rest with a propeller... as it happened, I felt nothing, and calmly picked up the fingers and stoped the blood fountain... put them in ice.

    As soon as I got to the hospital, I relaxed as it was no longer up to me to keep things together. Holy crap. Lasted ages. Took 6 months of intensive fancy stuff to get the fingers back together and my hand working as normal. Intense pain all the time to stimulate the nerves.

    On the upside, I have no finger prints, just scare tissue

    [–] TR6 pre-purchase advice wanted Sleep_adict 3 points ago in littlebritishcars

    A repaint in a different color can impact the value of rarer cars, particularly if original.

    That TR is probably not on its first paint and let’s be honest, they are not rare or high value cars. Do whatever will make you enjoy it most!!! A respirator in BRG and putting chrome bumpers will probably add value in fact

    Edit: I would recommend not doing anything for a little while to change the looks until you get to know the car better...

    [–] Oh Sleep_adict -2 points ago in notinteresting

    That’s what she said

    [–] Parking attendants trashed my $347K Ferrari: lawsuit Sleep_adict -4 points ago in cars

    I expect them to clearly say “with an MSRP of $370k” or “an approx value of $250k”

    [–] what does this light indicate, its a corolla 2011 Sleep_adict 33 points ago in Cartalk

    Stop immediately. Check oil levels and top up.

    If the light persists then you may have oil pressure issues due to a faulty oil pump.

    [–] Ford Fiesta Vignale Sleep_adict 2 points ago in whatcarshouldIbuy

    This is outdated and USA based information. Op please ignore

    [–] Tax write off for building a shed Sleep_adict -3 points ago in tax

    Make sure you check if your county requires permits as well and you respect the setbacks...

    I know you came looking for a write off but the most probably your property taxes will increase since you’ve increased the value of your home...

    Of course if you were mega rich you could structure things to write off these things

    [–] My gf had her aunt cosign for a car, aunt removed my gf from the title but not the loan, and took possession of the car Sleep_adict 3 points ago in askcarsales

    I think everyone has them, just most people are careful not to put themselves in a situation...

    Sadly, when inheritance happens the nasty comes out

    [–] Napier Green 720S in the snow Sleep_adict 2 points ago in Autos

    Well, it’s mostly carbon fiber and other fancy things...

    Main issue is 720 hp going to semi slick rear wheels

    [–] Napier Green 720S in the snow Sleep_adict 67 points ago in Autos

    Looking at the tracks, reversed out of the garage to take the pic.

    I strongly applaud the owner. Beautiful picture and truest balls to do it