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    [–] Husband (27M) has been resentful of me (25F), because we went over budget on wedding, causing him to sell off all his investments. Sleep_adict 1 points ago * (lasted edited 28 minutes ago) in relationships

    Why didn't his dad have insurance?

    Edit: my point is with deductible etc the max out of pocket would be $5k or so. Not sure what the total cost of the wedding was not what the parents situation is, but if they commuted to help when they didn't have the funds/emergency that's not cool either

    [–] How to help my overweight daughter Sleep_adict 1 points ago in Parenting

    This may sound weird, but baby carrots... all snacks in our house were replaced with baby carrots... they are cheap and filling.

    [–] My [25, M] parents [49, M] [47, F] are treating my fiancée [25, F] harshly because of her faith. Sleep_adict 1 points ago in relationships

    Congratulation on becoming a caring person after being raised by bigots...

    There are many passages in the Bible that talk about reaching out, caring for others, etc which you could use to convince them, but it won't work. Hate, judgement, vanity is deeply ingrained in many SBs that they will only realize when they are judged by God himself

    [–] The Grand Old Party Sleep_adict 21 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    GOP= Group Of pedophiles?

    [–] Rebranding works! Sleep_adict 22 points ago in Parenting

    Our kids weren't too keen on fish, mainly salmon and talapia... We have rebranded it Nemo and Dori meat and the love it... salmon is pink like a blend of orange and white from Nemo!

    Yes, we will rot in hell as parents ;-)

    [–] My 14 month old son is a belly sleeper and wet in the morning Sleep_adict 2 points ago in Parenting

    We had a similar issue and in fact it helped with potty training... we started putting him on the potty as part of the bed time routine, and he would squirt out a bit, then potty again around mid night then again at 4am... little squirts and dry nappies... After a few months we transitioned the times to be more socially acceptable and by 24 months he was dry most nights and only going on once around 23:30... it was painful, but then washing sheets daily is really painful too

    [–] As an expecting father of a baby girl, what are some things that no one will tell me? Sleep_adict 8 points ago in Parenting

    If you are loosing it, put the baby down in a safe place and walk away, even if she's crying.

    You can't sooth a child if you are upset and stressed. Take some deep breaths.

    [–] I’m not even a parent yet and this infuriates me Sleep_adict 4 points ago in Parenting

    And the slight detail that vaccinations have nothing to do with autism...

    [–] Actually, they are doing pretty well on their agenda Sleep_adict 8 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    When one group owns the legislative and executive branches and also most states and is appointing political puppets to the judiciary then they will be the brunt of humor....

    Reverted the power play and the political humor will face the other way