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    [–] All lined up. [OC] Sleep_adict 1 points ago in carporn

    It’s the most surprising thing... Phantoms are massive in person... it’s just overwhelming

    [–] Looking for a used plug-in hybrid Sleep_adict 1 points ago in whatcarshouldIbuy

    Ford Fusion or cmax... dirt cheap and cheap parts.. reliable since the plug in power train is not ford... just the engine

    [–] Stumbled into this poor forgotten soul while looking for a parking spot. Sleep_adict 12 points ago in Autos

    Looking at the dust around, I would guess it’s been there less than a year... potentially parked at the beginning of last winter and not brought out this year... could be many reasons

    [–] understanding mileage expectations for $6,000 Sleep_adict 2 points ago in whatcarshouldIbuy

    However, older low mileage cars can be a problem too... depending how the miles were put on... cars need time to warm up and be driven vs short trips...

    Maintenance is critical as cars cusp the 100k/10 years

    [–] What is the "Thing we don't talk about" in your family? Sleep_adict 6 points ago in AskReddit

    Child support. Just saying, your mom deserves a few hundred k’s from deadbeat dad

    [–] How come the jury in the Manafort trial isn't sequestered? Sleep_adict 8 points ago in legaladviceofftopic

    It’s pretty insane to me too... particularly considering the comments/ tweets from POTUS... effectively trying to skew the jury?

    [–] What is a reasonable amount of time for an Au Pair boyfriend come to visit and stay in the home? I’m trying to find out what other host parents have allowed. Our Au Pair is asking for 5 weeks. Sleep_adict 6 points ago in Aupairs

    We did not put a time limit, but hAd strict rules:

    • he pays for his own food
    • it does not impact the work schedule
    • behavior has to be appropriate in public areas
    • extra trips/ car usage will be charged back -etc

    Laying it out firmly at the beginning helps set boundaries