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    [–] How are the Minneapolis guys holding up? Sloppy1sts 1 points ago in ems

    Remind him what he probably said about Kapernick. Or BLM.

    [–] Using privilege for good - women form a barrier protecting black protestors from police Sloppy1sts 9 points ago * (lasted edited 8 hours ago) in pics

    Trust me bro, I've already had this conversation and gotten massively downvoted for pointing out a simple fact. I've posted the story from CNN, which I shall do again, to no avail. I don't like the fucking cops. As an EMT myself, I've seen them do some fucked up shit, and as a decent human being, watching Minneapolis PD burn makes me smile. Fuck the pigs.

    But it's a cold hard motherfucking fact that they had a warrant for Breonna's residence with her name on it.

    Like I just said, they raided two places in connection with the same crime. They, wrongly or not, believed, or lied, I dunno, that she knew the guy they arrested earlier and had his drugs or money at her house.

    I'm not saying that she was helping him (after all, they found nothing). I'm not saying they had good reason to believe that and I'm not saying that, even if they did, it was worth staging a no-knock raid for. I'm not saying they didn't do a lot of shit wrong, and I'm not saying they don't deserve prison or that I wouldn't have shot them myself had I been the boyfriend.

    If they had a warrant from Breonna's house that just means not only are the police corrupt and/or incompetent, but the judge who signed off on it was too.

    Ding ding ding, no shit! Like I said, he probably reviewed the warrant for 5 minutes. It's pretty common that they just assume the cops have done their due diligence without actually checking too hard.

    [–] Using privilege for good - women form a barrier protecting black protestors from police Sloppy1sts 4 points ago * (lasted edited 9 hours ago) in pics

    Well, the truth is that they did have a warrant for this house. They suspected that it was a drop house for the other guy they had arrested's drugs or money. The girl who was shot was named as an acquaintance of the other guy.

    That's not to excuse their conduct on the raid, the lack of uniform, the lack of need for conducting a no-knock because of some drugs, or the judge who probably reviewed the warrant for 5 minutes or less before signing it, but they weren't at the apartment by mistake.

    Edit: Guys, I'm not trying to justify anything the cops did here. But, unless CNN is lying about it, they had a fucking warrant.

    [–] Is this a good present for a car guy? Sloppy1sts 78 points ago in cars

    "They're all German, babe, what's the difference?"

    [–] Is this a good present for a car guy? Sloppy1sts 20 points ago in cars

    Yeah, that comment makes it sound like he loves it because it came from her, but this is a legitimately dope gift.

    [–] We can finally end the almost 2 decade conflict... Sloppy1sts 1 points ago in JustBootThings

    Perhaps, but lip filler is usually so people with thin lips can look like people with full lips. This girl looks Hispanic, and they usually have fuller lips than white people. I don't see any reason to assume they're unnatural.

    [–] Casually pepper spraying out the window as you pass a group of peaceful civilians? That's policework! Sloppy1sts 0 points ago in ABoringDystopia

    Oh, so if I go burn down my local police station on my own, it's better in your eyes?

    Just because people wait until their are other people ready to fuck shit up alongside them doesn't mean it's nothing more than people who want to burn shit.

    You may be right that there is no actual revolution going on, but don't dismiss the pent up rage of an entire community facing decades of mistreatment as just people who want to set shit on fire.

    A one-man revolution ends with one man in prison.

    [–] 5/30/2020 3pm TPD Headquarters Sloppy1sts 11 points ago in tampa

    But I thought the deep state was against Trump and the Republicans, whom the corporations love.

    Or are you just using the Republican "Deep state" term to describe the corruption that anyone who isn't a blind fucking monkey already knows is rampant?

    [–] How are the Minneapolis guys holding up? Sloppy1sts 10 points ago in ems

    Don't forget the dozens, if not hundreds who showed up at his house to protect him.

    If they cared about justice or promoting solidarity with the community, they would arrest him, not enable him to sleep peacefully in his own home after killing a man.

    [–] Is your pc Cyberpunk ready? Here is my node 202. Sloppy1sts 19 points ago in sffpc

    You're welcome, that was my intention.

    psst, it's just a joke

    Also, OP said he used EL wire

    [–] 5/30/2020 3pm TPD Headquarters Sloppy1sts 11 points ago in tampa

    I thought the deep state was run by liberals...

    [–] How are the Minneapolis guys holding up? Sloppy1sts 32 points ago * (lasted edited 13 hours ago) in ems

    Sure, but they could have been predicted. That's how maligned people react to this kind of shit. What the fuck else are they supposed to do but burn everything to the ground. What other option do they have? They've been telling us how mad they are for decades, they've been asking nicely for change, and it has gotten them literally nowhere.

    If they have to burn a city down to get what they're justly asking for, then so be it.

    This isn't solely about the death of one man. It's the cumulative disorganized rage at decades of oppression in many forms. Happy, well-cared-for people rarely riot. If our society was truly free and just and the death of George Floyd was really a one-time thing, there would be no riots.

    George's death was merely the straw that broke the camel's back.

    When 10,000 people are out smashing shit, it's not because all 10,000 of them are shittier-than-average human beings. It's because of something else.

    [–] Official 2021 Acura TLX Reveal Video Sloppy1sts 2 points ago in cars

    I mean, yeah, no duh, same for Infinity and Nissan or Genesis and Hyundai, etc.

    That doesn't change the fact that Honda isn't putting manuals in their premium cars.

    [–] How are the Minneapolis guys holding up? Sloppy1sts 10 points ago * (lasted edited 10 hours ago) in ems

    And yet the problem still exists.

    If there is any one group of people who can fix the problems with cops in America, it's the fucking cops.

    Those hundreds of cops protecting the murderous cop and allowing him to sleep in his own bed for the past 3 nights? Yeah, if they wanted to promote any good will between themselves and the community, they would go in and arrest the man themselves. That way, he's protected from the mob and the mob has a sense that justice isn't being blatantly ignored. Instead, they stand there in solidarity with their brother because ACAB.

    What change? Well, it's not an easy one, but it would start by not hiring garbage-tier human beings in the first place, not training them such that they believe they are the literal embodiment of law and order and can do no wrong, and, you know, actually prosecuting cops instead of sweeping the issue under the rug 95% of the time. This cop murdered a man while 3 of his brothers stood by, and then the entire fucking department showed up at his house to defend him.

    The few cops who give a fuck about making policing accountable are run out of their jobs before long.

    Quit acting like these are isolated incidents and not part of a systemic problem. Let me know when they actually do something about it.

    [–] How are the Minneapolis guys holding up? Sloppy1sts 17 points ago in ems

    Don't worry, I haven't forgotten. There's a local cop with a Punisher skull on the front plate of his car and it makes me want to fucking vomit.

    A real Punisher cop would be killing corrupt cops who abuse and kill innocent people.

    [–] How are the Minneapolis guys holding up? Sloppy1sts 38 points ago * (lasted edited 14 hours ago) in ems

    I didn't say they were literal murderers. I'm saying that, by spending decades deliberately ignoring (and literally mocking) the cries of those who suffer abuse at the hands of the police, and showing support for law enforcement no matter what the fuck they do, they are supporting their actions and helping to resist the idea that there is a systemic problem in need of change. If you stand with the cops every time they fucking kill someone and keep perpetuating the "just one bad apple" bullshit, you're part of the problem.

    [–] How are the Minneapolis guys holding up? Sloppy1sts 54 points ago in ems

    Because a cop will fuck your EMS ass six ways 'til sunday if you interfere with his murder attempt.

    Cops only give a shit about us as long as we bend over for them like everyone else. They will never see anyone but their own as their true brothers.

    [–] How are the Minneapolis guys holding up? Sloppy1sts 2 points ago * (lasted edited 14 hours ago) in ems

    Man, people have been getting shit on and oppressed for decades. If they don't burn the city to the ground, nothing will fucking change just like it never changed after any other peaceful protest. They tried to kneel at football games and were treated like they were fucking ISIS because of it. If they burn a Target or something to the ground, fucking good. I say Target is just as culpable in George Floyd's murder as the officer who personally killed him. The capitalist systems in place have ensured that the protectors of wealth, i.e. the cops, face no accountability for any of their actions and are wholeheartedly supported by corporate entities like this. I hope they leave small businesses alone, but I accept that people in a rage aren't thinking that clearly, but calling them bad faith actors is practically just ignoring that this shit is the culmination of being abused and treated like second class citizens for-literally-ever.

    [–] How are the Minneapolis guys holding up? Sloppy1sts 12 points ago in ems

    This is a problem that's been ignored for like 50 years. The fact that it happened in the first place and wasn't prevented is more than enough of a problem on it's own.

    [–] How are the Minneapolis guys holding up? Sloppy1sts 60 points ago in ems

    By ignoring a blatant problem for 50+ years.

    Every asshole who has a thin blue line sticker on his car or who says "blue lives matter" or who bashed kneeling football players has George Floyd's blood on their collective hands.

    [–] How are the Minneapolis guys holding up? Sloppy1sts 2 points ago in ems

    National guard are full military,

    Just don't tell active duty guys that.