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    [–] [TOMT][Website][2000s?] Legal Document Repository Slouching2Bethlehem 1 points ago in tipofmytongue

    Nope, that's not something I would have forgotten about, and this was a lot more diverse.

    [–] What is that song, please !! Slouching2Bethlehem 2 points ago in NameThatSong

    Man, this song is seriously awesome! Sorry I can't help, but I'm really hoping someone else can...

    [–] Give thanks Slouching2Bethlehem 2 points ago in creepy

    Lol, as a lawyer, every time I watch that episode I keep thinking that if he was my client, I would argue that that wish didn't count, because it was not actually fulfilled to the letter due to the turkey being too dry, and hence it was not, in fact, the perfect turkey sandwich!

    [–] Give thanks Slouching2Bethlehem 27 points ago in creepy

    You can tell from the color of the skin that the turkey was overcooked, and therefore the meal will be terribly dry.

    [–] What's the best ufo footage of all time at the moment Slouching2Bethlehem 2 points ago in UFOs

    It was a couple of film students. They came right out and admitted it shortly after the footage was published.

    [–] Lost complete interest in ufo. Slouching2Bethlehem 0 points ago in UFOs

    That makes no sense.

    Desensitization, at least as I understand OP's POV, follows from the lack of hard evidence amongst all the crap and noise out there.

    However, if you saw one today in real life it would validate everything, and I doubt you would be quite the same from that moment forward.

    [–] Lost complete interest in ufo. Slouching2Bethlehem 0 points ago in UFOs


    That's the reason I come to this sub for the discussions and speculation.

    I have no need whatsover "to believe," the same way you don't need to have faith in the existence of a person you physically met IRL.

    [–] Band girl. Unkempt long ass hair 100% of the time. Slouching2Bethlehem 3 points ago in starterpacks

    Bullshit. This is a shameless repost from about 6 months ago, you Karmawhore.