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    [–] Joker² SmilingMisanthrope 24 points ago in awfuleverything

    You can see the child on the right is absolutely uncomfortable. I feel bad for him.

    [–] AmazonPrime/Starz Canada SmilingMisanthrope 1 points ago in PowerTV

    Yup, I'm ending my sub for this bullshit. Can just stream it online.

    [–] Everybody flexing on US SmilingMisanthrope 24 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    And coffee crisp. According to some tourists, that isn't a thing in the states either.

    [–] Lost in Translation SmilingMisanthrope 6 points ago in TalesFromTheFrontDesk

    Oh man. I used to manage a corner store. Had a month where it would happen every Sunday. Signs everywhere: Coffee machines, fridges, both exits, cigarette board, on the lottery screen, on the card terminals and still...

    Best was the woman who literally lifted the paper on the card machine to insert it.

    [–] Lost in Translation SmilingMisanthrope 9 points ago in TalesFromTheFrontDesk

    Both parents are Anglo. I've had my share of language oppression by the French and am sometimes salty about it.

    But, it takes just ONE entitled pseudo-business tycoon from ON for me to curse "les ostis de têtes carrés" .

    [–] Lost in Translation SmilingMisanthrope 21 points ago in TalesFromTheFrontDesk

    "I've travelled the entire planet a million billion times! I've never been asked for a credit card! raises voice , you're so obnoxious right now!!!"

    [–] Jokes on you! SmilingMisanthrope 36 points ago in TalesFromTheFrontDesk

    Politeness goes a long way. My hotel is often 100%, as well as all the surrounding hotels.

    If I'm not too busy during my audit and you're polite and understanding, I'll call my old hotel and see if I can hook you up with a good room and even get $40 - $80 knocked off the price.

    Act like a dick and I'll direct you to wait for a shuttle to the next hotel that I know is fully booked.

    [–] Free For All Thread SmilingMisanthrope 3 points ago in TalesFromTheFrontDesk

    No you cannot sleep in the lobby. Yes your flight is cancelled. Yes it sucks. Yes you're a PeriodicTable Member. But, still, no.

    You'll bitch about the lack of hospitality for not letting you sleep for free in the lobby. If I let you do it, I have to let everyone do it.

    You'd appreciate if I did it. But, if you paid for a room and had a 6am meeting in the same lobby with a colleague/friend/wtv, you'd be appalled at the fact that you have to wade through a refugee camp to find a spot to have a coffee in peace.

    Think for a moment.

    [–] Lost in Translation SmilingMisanthrope 25 points ago in TalesFromTheFrontDesk

    I agree wholeheartedly. But, I find admin at most hotels enable shit behaviour.

    At my old hotel this absolutely cheap, rude, entitled and blackmailing client had an issue with the room design and somehow made it to being upgraded to our brand new Executive room for the rest of her long stay.

    Her resv was Flexpedia prepaid for a standard room (ballpark of $120/night). "I'm not paying a dime more!!" was her response when we offered an upgrade the first time. This executive suite was brand new and our regulars were willing to cough up anywhere from the $400 to $600 a night to try it out. Nope, this bitch gets it at not a dime more for at least 5 nights. Of course, the pricing code discrepancy for that room took me an hour to figure out. Can you say I was livid when I found out why?

    [–] Lost in Translation SmilingMisanthrope 38 points ago in TalesFromTheFrontDesk

    Lots of people just take bitching at hotel staff as their small victory on a cancelled flight day.

    Canceled flight due to weather probably means that it's not only your flight cancelled. You won't believe the amount of idiots that are pissed and accuse us of lying when they find out we don't have rooms. Flights cancel at noon. By 2pm max, we're full. But, Mr. 1am walk-in thinks I'm just too lazy to make a reservation.

    Mr. PeriodicTableMember reserved just before 2pm the same day (because cancelled flight) and is livid we don't have an upgrade to offer.

    I sort of miss individually owned hotels, I had the freedom to give my 100% and also let people in on when I thought they were being dumb.

    [–] Lost in Translation SmilingMisanthrope 57 points ago in TalesFromTheFrontDesk

    Hotel clients don't read signs. Their brain is the first on and last off airplane mode when they travel.

    [–] Horsin' around with some new ideas SmilingMisanthrope 2 points ago in ketorecipes

    For anyone looking for exact measures and cooking time (per patty):

    • 1tsp Salt
    • 1/2 tbsp of fresh cut parsley
    • 1/2 tsp of Black pepper.
    • Diced red onion to taste.
    • 100g of ground horse meat.
    • 1 tbsp olive oil for coating skillet.

    Mix all ingredients. Make a patty.

    • Heat oil in skillet on medium.
    • Cook patty 3mins per side. Repeat.
    • Enjoy.

    [–] When they don’t take the hint SmilingMisanthrope 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    😂😂 inventing new syllables just to get by

    [–] No SmilingMisanthrope 32 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    I like running in the most inconvenient stuff. Running in the lightest running shoes and pants won't condition me for when I'm running someone down in boots and jeans, with extra weight on my back.

    I usually run in boots, jeans, a thick hoodie or crewneck, while wearing a backpack with my wrist weights and some extra items in it lol.

    All the sins.

    [–] Aquarius* SmilingMisanthrope 6 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Scorpios will throw cheeks if you let them think they're as intense and mysterious as they think they are.