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    [–] Because no one makes RomerG keycaps besides replacement Logitech ones, decided to test sanding the sides off. Looks better in person. Snagmesomeweaves 1 points ago in MechanicalKeyboards

    Yeah I saw somewhere someone posted that it works for mostly all the keys except what you listed. I think for now I’ll be sanding them to make my own pudding ones. If I get a new board, I’ll get cherry, I just liked Logitech as a brand and their software was good.

    [–] Because no one makes RomerG keycaps besides replacement Logitech ones, decided to test sanding the sides off. Looks better in person. Snagmesomeweaves 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in MechanicalKeyboards

    Couple years old and yes it’s where my nail must have scraped the coating off so might as well strip them all

    You can see some light bleeding through the 2 q and caps lock

    Used a 400 then 1500 sandpaper for the polish.

    [–] Debating between used and new civic hatchback, need some advice. Snagmesomeweaves 1 points ago in whatcarshouldIbuy

    I am leaning towards used but I was never expecting to get my money back on the car. I drove my current one 10 years and I would drive the civic until the repair cost doesnt justify the repair, new or used just changes the starting price/mileage

    TLDR wasn't planning on ever trading or selling, so returns or depreciation doesnt matter cause they will all be worthless ish after 7+ years

    [–] What is there to fear about buying a used 2017/2018 Honda Civic hatch if I checked for the recall status using their VIN? Snagmesomeweaves 1 points ago in Honda

    Was about to buy a used 17/18or new 2019 but convenes about the 1.5L T oil dilution has me concerned. Not exactly a cold state but my commute is less than 10 miles. And Honda said just drive more in the articles I read from consumer reports.

    [–] For my thesis, I made a more efficient virtual keyboard to use with a gamepad/game controller and would love your feedback! It's based on the T9 keyboard from old cellphones. You can test it in your browser on your computer. More info in comments. Snagmesomeweaves 1 points ago in xboxone

    It looks solid for text entry. For using to game on, wasd as your stock left stick forward , left, back and right would be a good toggle if that’s what you are going for, just cause less remapping needed, but in the end analog movement would be better and it would be easy to activate other inputs cause a lot of people don’t perfectly aim stick movements straight and are more diagonal ish

    [–] Students of Reddit, what was the reason for why one of your teacher's had a breakdown during class? Snagmesomeweaves 1 points ago in AskReddit

    6th grade

    Private Christian school, and a little background of the place.

    I wasn’t the denomination of this type of school (Methodist) stuck in Southern Baptist, where any music with a beat and wasn’t played on acoustic guitar or a piano was of the devil, meanwhile my church played modern Christian music as a full on concert stage production.

    Anyway you get the idea the school was up tight.

    Well we got an ex marine as our teacher in 6th grade. I was a good student and well behaved, I also ended up transferring to a different school where I would finish out until college because my class was so bad.

    A group of about 4 guys were troublemakers as most Christian schools are filled with either good kids or public school rejects. Well they were little ass wipes and would just terrorize, prank and do all sorts of things, he had no control over them then eventually the class. One day they start acting up and ran around the room when he was teaching and they wouldn’t listen, they then went outside of the school building etc. The teacher just broke down and cried, I felt bad for him because he had to deal with a nightmare of a class like mine, just got no respect from them which made teaching impossible. I think there were rules about having to do things a certain way and you couldn’t just whip their ass for misbehaving. So he couldn’t just grab them and escort them to their seats. The class then dissolved into corporal punishment of basically writing spelling/ vocabulary words and definitions 5-10x each which made it something like 500-1000 in total every time one of them acted up during the day, so basically every night. There are imprints engraved in my parents table of where I would write. Anyway I was pissed and so were my parents so they pulled my ass out.

    The school and church that owned it went bankrupt because the building they built for the school was way too nice and large for them so another school took over and is still alive.

    [–] Bought Ducky Shine 7 from MK, terrible quality control. Snagmesomeweaves 1 points ago in MechanicalKeyboards

    When my ducky shine 3 from 2014/15 ish had 12 dead led right after warranty ended I was kind of pissed about QC

    I’m convinced all exterior switch mounted LED are doomed to die.

    Leave for class, return (lived by myself) 2 dead LED, rinse and repeat until 12 died, and they are scattered around too, not wasd, things like page up and the an a numb pad 6 and stuff

    ESD/QC is a bitch

    [–] Massdrop ALT Snagmesomeweaves 1 points ago in MechanicalKeyboards

    I saw people were having issues with dead LED which is my concern with buying anything now cause my ducky shine 3 shit 12 led right when warranty ended. RomerG G810 led all still work since buying and been used for a few years now.

    [–] [review] My thoughts on Romer-G switches Snagmesomeweaves 1 points ago in MechanicalKeyboards

    LGS was fine but the newly updated software is actual trash now. I love my G502 mouse but the new software is shit about detecting the active game so all my profiles get messed up so I use the old software but, the old software randomly doesn’t support they keyboard for LED control etc anymore

    [–] [review] My thoughts on Romer-G switches Snagmesomeweaves 2 points ago in MechanicalKeyboards

    I’ve been using a g810 Orion spectrum for a couple years now and I like the switches. I had a ducky shine 3 and the browns are also good but they wobble a lot more and are less stable. Also the switch mounted LED died right after warranty ran out so it had 12 LED just die randomly. Like I left for class, came back (single person room) and an led was dead, then over the course of a month a total of about 12 dead LED on the shine.

    The mounted LED are much more protected on the RomerG. I know I didn’t ESD the shine 3 cause I didn’t have it die when touching and never pulled keycaps until they died to inspect them. I’m actually more concerned about wanting PBT keycaps but they don’t exist/ no one makes caps for RomerG which is the main issue. The switches aren’t for everyone but are genuinely a solid alternative to Cherry MX

    Just wish a company would make 1 set of romer G caps.

    [–] /r/MechanicalKeyboards Ask ANY question, get an answer Snagmesomeweaves 1 points ago in MechanicalKeyboards

    May be looking for a replacement for my G810 Orion spectrum. The cheap ABS key caps are worn on the edges so I’m about to mod them by sanding them to strip the black coating to basically make frosted clear wall caps. I actually like the RomerG switches. I had a ducky shine 3 with browns which I do like but it got 12 dead LED right after warranty ran out so I gave it to my younger cousin. The RomerG LED are mounted where they won’t die super easily and they are all still shining. I have a concern about brand for RGB keyboards and which to maybe go with for LED that won’t die easily to ESD, or just bad QC. I don’t think the issue is manly switch mounted LED vs Board/in the keycap like the exclusive Corsair ones. I wouldn’t mind switching back to browns but I just don’t want a dead LED nightmare again but I also want to put on nicer PBT caps.