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    [–] OOF SneakyGandalf12 1 points ago in funny

    But why is this dog sad??

    [–] Alice's Escape SneakyGandalf12 2 points ago in brakebills

    Where is P40 anyways. I just realized he hasn’t made an appearance this season? Or am I wrong?

    [–] Pearl SneakyGandalf12 9 points ago in TheVampireDiaries

    Lexi was a great character! I remember being really pumped for her to be around for a few episodes, and then nope. Just kidding. Byyyyyye

    [–] Pearl SneakyGandalf12 7 points ago in TheVampireDiaries

    Fuuuuuck... I forgot about her mom. Damn it. More onions.

    [–] Pearl SneakyGandalf12 12 points ago in TheVampireDiaries

    I liked her, more after she got her mother back because she got to be genuine with her intentions. Watching her lose her again, permanently, made my heart hurt.

    [–] Pearl SneakyGandalf12 11 points ago in TheVampireDiaries

    Jenna’s is my first worst! I lose my shit every single time. Ric’s is really hard, too, because he was their last “parent.” I know it was short lived but still.

    Jenna, Ric, Pearl. Top three.

    Four is Bonnie’s grandma, btw.

    [–] Perfect cosplay doesn't exis.... SneakyGandalf12 1 points ago in funny

    I’m not sure if I should upvote or downvote this ☹️

    [–] Perfect cosplay doesn't exis.... SneakyGandalf12 432 points ago in funny

    Didn’t even notice that at first lol

    [–] A skyshard was found in the wild. SneakyGandalf12 10 points ago in elderscrollsonline

    It’s be awesome to cast a shadow me. I’d let it deal with all the bullshit while I go nap

    [–] I think eventually Zenimax or whoever developed ESO should open Cyrodiil up to non pvp players. SneakyGandalf12 5 points ago in elderscrollsonline

    This. I’d rather developers add new DLC, new chapters, new anything. It’s a waste of resources to re-create a PVE version when it was always meant to be a PVP zone in the first place. It’s like suddenly allowing PVE areas to be PVP simply because I’d like to roll up on some unsuspecting person who’s just questing and playing casually. It makes zero sense.

    [–] I think eventually Zenimax or whoever developed ESO should open Cyrodiil up to non pvp players. SneakyGandalf12 5 points ago in elderscrollsonline

    Dude... you need to chilllll. People are giving you very valid responses to your post, you just don’t seem to be liking them. You opened it up for discussion which means not everyone is going to agree with you. RELAX.

    Cyrodil is the ONE pvp zone in the game. It doesn’t exist to add to any storyline, it’s literally there for people who want to play pvp. Every other alliance zone you go to is pve and safe. You can still explore cyrodil, but it’s at your own risk. Be sneaky or avoid enemy areas if you want to explore it, but they definitely don’t need to add a pve cyrodil.

    [–] My sister rescued this baby girl and gave her new ears SneakyGandalf12 19 points ago in aww

    Fuck that. Vick didn’t wake up one day and realize he was doing a shitty thing and decide to change. He got caught. He paid his price because he was made to do so, not because it was the right thing to do.

    Genuinely a reformed person worth admiring? Not only did he bankroll the whole thing, he was also responsible for the hanging and electrocution of dogs that didn’t “perform” well enough. He didn’t humanely put them them down, he and his partners tortured them to death. Admire all you want.

    [–] Japanese bonsai owners urge thieves to water stolen 400-year-old tree worth $127,700 SneakyGandalf12 82 points ago in news

    About 15 years ago my mom had a sago palm stolen out of our front yard. We had a few of them, but the one that was stolen was certainly the biggest, and she had grown it since it was a baby tee (I know nothing of plants and what they’re called when they’re littles).

    My brother and his best friend ended up driving around our neighborhood later that afternoon and found the damn thing in someone else’s yard. Same old planter pot thingy and everything. They took it back and put it back in our front yard, and it is now a funny family story.

    I never thought until then that people would steal plants. I hope this couple gets their tree back. 400 years is a lot more history than that sago has.

    [–] Crowd waits 12 hours in cold weather for a chance at free medical services in Knoxville, Tennessee SneakyGandalf12 6 points ago in pics

    So... part of me is happy that there were free medical services being given out because lord only knows how many people benefit from things like this.

    A bigger part of me, however, is heartbroken that people have to sit in the cold, risking further illness, just to get assistance with something that should be a given considering the country we live in.

    First world country, but you gotta freeze your ass off for twelve hours to see a doctor. Fucking unbelievable

    [–] How old is Galadriel during the War of the Ring? SneakyGandalf12 38 points ago in tolkienfans

    This post made me realize that I know NOTHING about Tolkien’s works. Maybe it’s time I read more than just LOTR lol