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    [–] [S4] After that finale... SneakyGandalf12 2 points ago in brakebills

    I agree with this 100%. It was hard to say goodbye to Q, but it was done so well that I’m afraid if they took it back it would just take away from it all.

    [–] Choo choo danger noodle coming through SneakyGandalf12 0 points ago in aww

    Ngl, I watch the first one every time it’s on. It’s up there with Lake Placid.

    [–] Choo choo danger noodle coming through SneakyGandalf12 25 points ago in aww

    Ball python owner here. I had Max since he was an itty bitty, handled him regularly, kept his tank where he could see everyone. He ended up being very easy to handle. He’d stay in my sweatshirt pocket and sleep or stay around my neck or wrist. He was even ok if I had to touch his head, although I tried not to. Overall I’d say he was friendly and made a very good pal for me, but like someone else said all the affection was on my end. It’s not something he looked for or desired.

    [–] [Spoilers] Share what You didn’t Like About S8E1 SneakyGandalf12 4 points ago in gameofthrones

    I agree with you. Their romantic field trip did nothing to advance a story that now only has five more episodes to wrap up. It’s apparent their an item now, but I wish that little rendezvous would have at least had them figuring out how he was able to ride a dragon at all. Or discuss how to feed them. Or do anything that wasn’t simply fan service.

    It’s a small gripe on my part because I overall really enjoyed the episode, but at this point, with so little show left, I don’t have much interest in any of the romances.

    [–] Lucio wallride SneakyGandalf12 2 points ago in OWConsole

    This is what I use as well. I don’t notice my thumb getting tired anymore, just feels really natural

    [–] TBH: I wouldn’t mind if season five SneakyGandalf12 4 points ago in brakebills

    This. It hasn’t felt like they went to school for a couple seasons now. I get it, there was stuff going down (and I personally really loved last season with all the quest stuff), but it’d be cool to watch them go back to class and learn more about their disciplines. Like let’s see the gang freak out about midterms or something

    [–] > Accessing archived file... Decryption status: IN PROGRESS Target: Located SneakyGandalf12 2 points ago in Overwatch

    If you put all the clues together (voice lines, emotes, etc.) it’s suspected that her nanobyte tech somehow stopped her aging

    [–] “Guests” SneakyGandalf12 2 points ago in Target

    I like it

    [–] Time lapse of little brb gettin' its wings. SneakyGandalf12 13 points ago in aww

    I’m just drunk enough for this to make absolute perfect sense.

    [–] My favourite picture from the Stage 1 Final - Super staring at the final image of GOATS SneakyGandalf12 16 points ago in Competitiveoverwatch

    Double sniper is my least favorite, too. Goats isn’t all that exciting either, but I’ll take it over double sniper any day

    [–] California man charged in fatal ‘swatting’ to be sentenced SneakyGandalf12 2 points ago in news

    This guy definitely deserves what he got, but how was the officer not charged with anything?? 20 years for a phone call, but fatally shooting an unarmed man yields nothing? I don’t get it

    [–] Excuse me, coming through, make way SneakyGandalf12 2 points ago in funny

    The one that looks like it’s cheering itself on is basically me on my daily run

    [–] Two days before the return cutoff :| SneakyGandalf12 12 points ago in Target

    Unless I’m lod, then I don’t wanna hear it, Karen. Gtfo with you bullshit story. This totally valid seasonal return also manages to piss me off lol

    [–] When your dps can’t get any elims sometimes you just have to do it yourself SneakyGandalf12 12 points ago in Overwatch

    Your last point is huge. If the enemy team has a Zarya that knows what she’s doing, I will almost always save my Moira ult to counter hers

    [–] When your dps can’t get any elims sometimes you just have to do it yourself SneakyGandalf12 18 points ago in Overwatch

    Had a widow yesterday that demanded a pocket (I was mercy). I’m gold, though, so my spidey senses told me to hold back. She overextended our first run on defense and got picked off first by their widow.

    I think I made the right choice.

    [–] I didn’t leave my profile open so you could judge my time in gold SneakyGandalf12 3 points ago in OWConsole

    Agreed. I’m about to hit gold border, and I’m a solid gold player. I had two back surgeries fairly close together and ended up one bed rest for what felt like ages. Clocked a lot of time playing Overwatch, amongst other games, during that period. It’s also the first FPS I’ve played because they normally make me pretty nauseous.

    I peaked in plat for a couple of seasons, but then Brig came out and stunned me back to gold. No big deal, it’s just a game to me. I put in a fairly decent amount of time now and try to improve/adapt, but ultimately I have a lot of other things to do with my day as well. Getting flamed for having a gold border but still being in gold is a given at this point despite the reasoning behind it.