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    [–] Just finished making my dog a Halloween costume! SoDakZak 4 points ago in funny

    I’m so disappointed in myself right now for not thinking of this first.

    [–] He actually did it! SoDakZak 19 points ago in madlads

    So did he find the lime light?

    [–] For the last 40 years I’ve stolen millions... SoDakZak 0 points ago in confession

    Look at the copperz wantin’ my stoppers.

    Darn pigs getting crafty. You’ll never catch me!

    [–] Amazing interactive art installation SoDakZak 27 points ago in interestingasfuck

    I’m deaf in one ear, what did the Braille say?

    [–] Best of Japan SoDakZak 414 points ago in funny



    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

    .... they wore their belts on their hats.



    [–] Best of Japan SoDakZak 286 points ago in funny

    Haha their pants fell down like the pilgrims always did.

    [–] Tiger and his driver today.. SoDakZak 0 points ago in golf

    Of course Koepka played amazing golf, but tiger didn’t need three more under, Tiger needed one more under to take the lead and who knows what that would have changed in Brooks. Tiger effed up his tee shot and ended up dropping a stroke as a result when he needed to just play a ball in the fairway. He parred or birdies the entire week with a 3 wood and with his driver he shanks it and goes Bogey. Like ffs. Play for the easy par and a shot at birdie. Don’t bring bogey into play; which tiger does every time he brings out his driver. End of story.

    [–] Tiger and his driver today.. SoDakZak 0 points ago in golf

    Except he made his moves the two days before by putting his driver in the bag and using his 3 wood. Hitting 315 in the trees vs 290 in the fairway is not a better strategy, especially for the best iron player of all time.

    And brooks average isn’t 338 it’s 313 off the tee

    [–] Tiger and his driver today.. SoDakZak -1 points ago in golf

    How many fairways did his driver hit? Especially that one way left on 17 wtf. Just get stuff on the fairways and greens. This entire week he still got his birdies when he went 3 wood. He brought bogeys and doubles into play when he used driver.

    [–] Tiger and his driver today.. SoDakZak 5 points ago in golf

    Changing things? He basically put his driver in timeout and was able to pick birdies out with ease this weekend. Now he sticks with it and it’s been fucking him over. What gives?!