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    [–] Calligraphy SoDakZak 1 points ago in gifs

    Upside down and inside out,
    Wong is on the brush writing passages now.
    Swirl on the clef, twist when you write
    Watch him groovin, it’s a sight!

    [–] oh that’s what it’s made from SoDakZak 5 points ago in funny

    Stop jerkin off gorillas to get gorilla glue

    [–] You know it’s true [OC] SoDakZak 6 points ago in memes

    No, if you just wanna fuck Ackbar, then you’re just Admirasexual.

    [–] [Breer] Vikings QB coach Kevin Stefanski will replace John DeFilippo as OC SoDakZak 81 points ago in nfl

    So what you’re saying is JDP just lost a lot of future money in 10 months.

    [–] Thousands of mailed ballots in Florida were not counted SoDakZak -14 points ago in news

    This is why this shit needs to be electronic and something you can do INSTANTLY from home. No middleman, no significant “time” between casting and it being counted

    [–] Venice, Italy is further north than Green Bay, WI and Minneapolis, MN. SoDakZak 2 points ago in Showerthoughts

    I actually did! I’m a geocacher and was looking up caches in Venice and the latitude is a higher number than both of those places (I’m from the Midwest).

    Edit: yes, I am redditing in the shower now too

    [–] The Iron Maiden SoDakZak 93 points ago in WTF

    The irony is she looked board

    [–] High effort aquameme SoDakZak 410 points ago in memes

    P. Saruman, 42 Warg-Puppy Way, Mordor

    [–] M/24/5'6 [398lbs to 155 = 243lb] never going back. I didn't have any sort of surgery, any nutritionalist.. Any trainer. I learned mostly through youtube and forums. SoDakZak -9 points ago in progresspics

    Honesty I enjoy reading and learning new things on YouTube every week. I have an intense amount of energy now really enjoy being able to do random things like running 3 miles just because.

    Maybe you should ask OP!

    [–] My friend got to attend an ugly sweater Christmas party for dogs and I’ve never been so jealous in my life! SoDakZak 112 points ago in aww

    Oh, it was specifically a golden retriever ugly Christmas sweater party! Haha should have been more specific in the title

    [–] Aaron Rodgers has thrown 359 consecutive pass attempts without an interception, breaking Tom Brady’s record. SoDakZak -1 points ago in nfl

    Was just refuting that this guy thinks I’m dumb based on a statement of opinion. The fact that he needs to resort to calling someone dumb devolves the conversation to nothing. Refute me with proof that he’s a great leader of men. I watch every game and was just at the Cardinals game... I haven’t seen Aaron be a motivator.

    I do see him off by himself all the damn time though.