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    [–] She's in medieval Japan, so she has to be promiscuous. SoFetchBetch 2 points ago in menwritingwomen

    This sub and these comments are what I’ve been seeking. It’s like instant headache relief. Thank you all.

    [–] In The Sorrow Of War. Was not expecting some Murakami-type stuff in a book about the horrors of the Vietnam war... SoFetchBetch 1 points ago in menwritingwomen

    Um the context of this piece of writing makes it absolutely disgusting and out of place.

    It is writing a woman terribly. It regards her as a sex object in the context of rape and tragedy.

    [–] There is a bat in my bag SoFetchBetch 1 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    To be safe mention it to your doctor. The incubation period can be long apparently so it’s unlikely but possible.

    [–] A ”feminist” script I was asked to work on. The author seems to have a particular fixation... SoFetchBetch 36 points ago in menwritingwomen

    My mom told me that boys (or girls, both & all of be above in my case) would want to touch my breasts and she told me they’d want to touch me all over and that I should explore those parts by myself when I’m alone so that when the time comes I’ll know how to speak up about what I like and what I want and what I don’t want.

    I’m glad my mom taught me this.

    [–] My (37M) wife (38F) kept encouraging our son (14M) to meet new friends since we moved. He's become good friends with the girl next door (14F) and my wife is upset. SoFetchBetch 1 points ago in relationships

    Dude he’s way too old to not have had the talk from you! What are you thinking!? This should have happened at 11/12. GET GOING!!!

    Make sure you mention protection, consent, and mutual respect. It would also be an awesome and cool thing for you to take the time to let your son know that girl’s bodies are different and need more time to be ready for physical stuff so make sure to take his time and talk openly.

    It’s better to just get over the “awkwardness” and get dialogue going so it’s not “weird” for him anymore. It’s just human bodies. Nothing weird and nothing to be ashamed of.

    [–] Some things are better than money! SoFetchBetch 7 points ago in wholesomememes

    Maybe similar to heart-wrenching.

    [–] “Oh yum what are you cooking?” SoFetchBetch 57 points ago in ZeroWaste

    Lol that’s kind of immature of him.. does he understand that the boiling kills all bacteria?

    [–] Not every deep position hits my cervix but why? SoFetchBetch 1 points ago in sex

    I wonder if it’s your A-spot that is being stimulated

    [–] 👏Say👏It 👏Louder👏 SoFetchBetch 7 points ago in TrollXChromosomes

    This happened at my university too and the cops were involved and nothing came of it because of the rule you mentioned. I was raped in the dorms and when I went to the school they didn’t file a police report. I was naive at the time and didn’t know that they should have offered me that option.

    [–] "You'll want kids when you're 30 hahaha" Think again. SoFetchBetch 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I have a theory that it’s because subconsciously, women who felt pressured or forced into having children young are brainwashed to believe that what happened to them is the good and right way of things and so when they see another woman who isn’t taking that on they get totally confused.

    [–] But hes not interested SoFetchBetch 1 points ago in creepyPMs

    I completely understand. My boyfriend also has the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen. He is a painting come to life. Love is grand!