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    [–] Judge Orders Full Gag Order for Roger Stone following Instagram Post SomaSovari 2 points ago in politics

    He's just going to violate it and land himself in jail.

    Good move by the judge, I feel.

    [–] Mueller’s Team Prepares Return To Old Jobs In Sign That Probe Really Is Ending SomaSovari 20 points ago in politics

    I've heard too many times during the last couple of months that Mueller is wrapping up. I'll believe it when the bombs start dropping.

    [–] Justice Dept. preparing for Mueller report as early as next week SomaSovari 1 points ago in politics

    We dont know when this thing is coming out. But I hope the case is so far in advance that it's impossible to stop. Remember they're still a bunch of sealed indictments.

    [–] New banner SomaSovari 1 points ago in DragonballLegends

    Did a single pull and got SSG Goku. Said "fuck it" and did a multi, got SSG Vegeta.

    Guess I used up all my luck lol

    [–] Still Getting My Money's Worth SomaSovari 67 points ago in pics

    I'm afraid to sort by controversial.

    [–] Megathread: Bernie Sanders announces 2020 presidential run SomaSovari -4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in politics

    Not sure how to feel about this, tbh

    Edit: Don't take my skepticism for not being supportive.

    [–] When you're not only a nice guy but you also hate natives SomaSovari 1 points ago in niceguys

    Imagine flying off the handle like this and still believing you're in the right.

    [–] Trump Violates Constitution and Undermines America’s Safety with Emergency Declaration SomaSovari 1 points ago in politics

    Except you completely dismissed the first part of my post and just wanted to make nonsensical straw man argument.

    Am I being punked? Or are you just purposely this dense? I'm guessing the latter.

    Enjoy the rest of your Monday :)

    [–] Trump Violates Constitution and Undermines America’s Safety with Emergency Declaration SomaSovari -4 points ago in politics

    Sure. Whatever lie you want to tell yourself.

    That's a lot of hate you got there from a party that claims to be peaceful. Wonder who the real hypocrite is here.

    [–] I love it SomaSovari 3 points ago in u_SrGrafo

    You have to give me an edit. It's for my son's birthday and I already told him you'll give me one

    [–] [Monitor] Acer XF270HU 27" 1440p | 144Hz |FreeSync | IPS | $369.99 SomaSovari 1 points ago in buildapcsales

    So what's the difference in quality between this and the Predator other than the Gsync?