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    [–] Nicole Kelly trying her new Bionic arm Sorendeed 30 points ago in gifs

    Not a paedophile dash murderer but a paedophile slash murderer!

    [–] What is going on with maintenance? Sorendeed 1 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) in LogresMMO

    Yes it's quarter past 7 PST. Maintenance is still ongoing for everyone. Looks like we'll just have to wait :P

    Edit: up now.

    [–] Help - King Club Quest Sorendeed 1 points ago in LogresMMO

    Ahhh got it, thank you!

    [–] In Faroe Islands they are slaughtering dolphins and whales. Right now. In a Public event. Sorendeed 36 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) in vegan

    Culture shouldn't be untouchable.

    Underaged marriage is culturally acceptable, but it's still immoral. Foot-binding was also a cultural norm but now the Chinese reject it because they understand it was abuse.

    A hundred years ago, sure people needed to eat what was around to survive. Do people need to go looping the heads off sentient beings now? No.

    Also the term "cultural importance" is funny. Just because humans practise awful things doesn't mean it is 'culturally' important. It's important to put an end to such practices.

    [–] UK Fox Hunt kills off 25 of its hounds after bovine TB outbreak. Sorendeed 3 points ago in vegan

    Oh I hope so too. Jeremy does say some things that I find disagreeable with... But he still had and continues to have my vote, as with the majority of British vegans I'd suspect! :)

    [–] UK Fox Hunt kills off 25 of its hounds after bovine TB outbreak. Sorendeed 4 points ago in vegan

    Just a suggestion OP but you could crosspost this to r/unitedkingdom and r/ukpolitics

    Fox hunting is really controversial over here but people don't seem to understand it's as barbaric as eating meat. Cognitive dissonance I suppose.

    Anyway, as sad as this is I am in no way surprised. So long as the narcissistic Etonians fill up the seats in Westminister, fox hunting will carry on.

    [–] Grenfell Tower fire: Jeremy Corbyn suggests using empty Kensington properties for victims Sorendeed -2 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) in unitedkingdom

    Historically, seizing private property has never worked out well.

    Comments are more reasonable in other subreddits though, thank God.

    Edit: Ah good ol' r/unitedkingdom Downvoting anyone who so much as begins to disagree with their precious Corbyn.

    Never mind that in order to achieve this, they would have to buy the properties for market price. I can't help but think there are cheaper and more 'acceptable' options for rehousing but never mind, on with the circlejerk.

    [–] Block of flats on fire (west london) Sorendeed 7 points ago in unitedkingdom

    Refurbished with flammable cladding apparently from a company that went bust.

    One exit, no centralised fire alarm and no sprinklers.

    [–] Block of flats on fire (west london) Sorendeed 11 points ago in unitedkingdom

    Just now Sky News interviewed a man named Ahmed(?) claiming authorities told residents to stay inside. To block their door gaps with towels and wait.

    Reminds me of how operators told 9/11 victims to stay put, those that did died.

    [–] Manchester attack brings Muslim integration into focus Sorendeed 6 points ago in ukpolitics

    People have such extremist views on Muslim integration.

    From personal experience, it's more of a middle of the road issue. I've never spoken to a Muslim that supports terrorism and hates English people, but I have met plenty that sympathise with terrorist groups like Hamas and have incredibly intolerant views.

    I don't know if many people here went to a school with a large Muslim student body, but I did and the amount of homophobia, anti-semitism and racism to other ethnic minorities was outstandingly poor. That was a dozen years ago so I can't imagine how bad it must be now.

    A mate of mine is a teacher and he told me when their form class held a minute's silence for the Manchester attack's victims, a bunch of his Muslim students started arguing what the point was since "thousands of Muslims die every day". He had to sit them down and explain to them that they're British, the attack happened in Britain and the victims were British.

    This school is in London btw. I don't know how well integrated the rest of the UK is but it's pretty piss poor in my neighbourhood.

    Oh and you don't beat the intolerance found in large parts of the British Muslim society by dishing out racism and intolerance towards them. These comments are fucking digusting.

    [–] Manchester attack brings Muslim integration into focus Sorendeed 6 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) in ukpolitics

    Times of India can be quite biased, especially against Muslim Pakistanis so it would be better to link the original BBC research as a source.

    Just an example, Times of India forgot to mention that their birth defect claim, was conducted only in Bradford. And Bradford doesn't represent the whole of the UK nor the entire British Muslim community.

    Edit for typo.

    [–] You never fail to amaze me Sorendeed 22 points ago in europe

    Unionists banding together; Scottish people don't want another independence referendum right now.

    This election was really polarising. Many people dropped their 'true' votes (for Green Party, SNP and UKIP etc) to strategically vote for Labour or Conservatives.

    [–] Just remember that today is important Sorendeed 19 points ago in london

    Singapore was and is in an entirely different situation than London though.

    [–] Incident at London Bridge. Anyone know what's happening? Sorendeed 3 points ago in london

    I'm at home but cheers, hopefully there's minimal casualties.

    [–] Incident at London Bridge. Anyone know what's happening? Sorendeed 10 points ago in london

    No, nothing confirmed yet about the suspects other than the police are searching for 3 of em.

    [–] went through an interesting phase sophomore year and thought this looked good and was fine to wear in public Sorendeed 3 points ago in blunderyears

    I can't believe people here aren't able to tell that this is a Halloween costume...

    If OP's not lying then she should follow up with more proof, but that won't happen.

    [–] Seoul rejects Trump demand, won’t pay for missile system Sorendeed 2 points ago in worldnews

    THAAD is shit, they might as well invest into their own nuclear programme.

    US only wanted this deal to go through to increase their pressure on China. It was never about North Korea.

    [–] Prey – The First 35 Minutes of Gameplay Sorendeed 1 points ago in Games

    Yea, I watched the demo and it will definitely be a better experience if you go in blind. I'm kinda sad I was too curious :/

    [–] [Question] What hair colour is best for neutral-tone pale skin? Sorendeed 2 points ago in AsianBeauty

    I think that's the most sensible option so I'm booking an appointment rn. :)