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    [–] Expo Line and the skyline SounderBruce 1 points ago in vancouver

    This train was heading westbound.

    [–] Multiple people shot at 3rd and Pine SounderBruce 12 points ago in SeattleWA

    Route 522 doesn't go to any of the Link stations. The suggested routes (other than the shuttles ST is deploying) are Routes 10/43 to Capitol Hill and Route 70 to the U District.

    [–] Multiple people shot at 3rd and Pine SounderBruce 24 points ago in SeattleWA

    Sound Transit is currently running Link trains from Angle Lake to University Street, not University of Washington. You can find buses to Capitol Hill and the U District on 3rd near Pike/Union if you wish to avoid the area.

    [–] Expo Line and the skyline SounderBruce 7 points ago in vancouver

    Taken with a telephoto lens from a fence at Clark Drive and 4th Avenue, a short walk from VCC-Clark Station.

    Just below is a Via Rail train, but I decided to keep it out of frame just this once.

    [–] Multiple people shot at 3rd and Pine SounderBruce 15 points ago in SeattleWA

    Not near, but on the platform according to The Times.

    [–] Seattle's waterfront, after demolishing the elevated freeway SounderBruce 9 points ago in urbanplanning

    I'd rather ban the cruise ships than spiff up an area for their passengers. They are ruining the marine ecosystem here.

    As for the four-lane highway, it's necessary to keep the still-working industrial areas moving because everything about this project was poorly designed.

    [–] The United States of America: Alaskan perspective SounderBruce 17 points ago in MapPorn

    It remains the gateway thanks to the way that the state's airline network is positioned. Alaska Airlines is based in Sea-Tac after all and routes a lot of its traffic from Alaskan cities to its Sea-Tac hub.

    [–] Seattle's waterfront, after demolishing the elevated freeway SounderBruce 11 points ago in urbanplanning

    Source: WSDOT on Flickr

    The end result will look a bit different. Four through lanes (expanding to eight because of parking + ferry + bus needs), a protected bikeway, wider sidewalks, and parklet spaces that spread east into the city on side-streets.

    [–] ORCA4ALL wants everyone to get a free unlimited transit pass SounderBruce 10 points ago in SeattleWA

    We'd need a new funding source, since the other option would be to cut into operating costs. Have to replace 30% of revenue.

    [–] Link | Seattle's Rapid Transit Systrm SounderBruce 15 points ago in transit

    All agencies use the Orca Card system and most have free 2-hour transfers (just excluding the state ferries). Most of the suburban expresses have a higher fare, so the difference from your last fare or pass is deducted.

    [–] Link | Seattle's Rapid Transit Systrm SounderBruce 19 points ago in transit

    Sound Transit crosses county boundaries and has an entirely different funding system because it was set up 20 years later by the state. Metro does provide service on contract with ST for some express routes (and drivers for Link), but the whole system has smooth connections between the five big agencies.

    [–] You can fix one SMALL pet peeve about the Seattle area (but not its people or their behavior), what do you fix? SounderBruce 2 points ago in SeattleWA

    Get an amendment to repeal the 60 percent bond requirement before the 1968 subway vote. We then get trains to Redmond in 1985 instead of 2023.

    [–] A new league is forming in the United States that will have promotion and relegation. They want to move from the franchise model to the club model. Hazard, Ba, Sow are among owners. SounderBruce 10 points ago in soccer

    We already have interleague play in the US Open Cup, which has run since 1914. Of course MLS quality is lower, but it's our league and it's easier to get invested in, thanks to being in the same continent. Just enjoy it for what it is.

    [–] It was estimated that in Seattle in 2016, 9,130 metric tons of CO2-equivalent emissions came from passenger rail, 65,500 from buses, and 1,625,891 from cars & light passenger trucks. SounderBruce 11 points ago in Seattle

    That's on Metro for not adding commuter runs, but they are limited by the number of drivers and coaches they have on the Eastside. Things will be better once Link comes and relieves some of the pressure by eliminating Route 550 and other trunks.

    [–] [Post Match Thread] Seattle Sounders at Colorado Rapids (9/7/19) SounderBruce 35 points ago in SoundersFC

    I was stuck under covers with a slight fever for this one, but I imagine it was more enjoyable than watching.