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    [–] Fear of judgement is ruining my life Southernish_History 1 points ago in socialskills

    This has bothered me for 20+ years. Only recently I’ve been able to overcome it. The only thing that worked for me was to convince myself who fucking cares what they think. I’m not going to let them cripple my life and little by little I started putting one foot out of my comfort zone and before I knew it I had enough confidence and it barely bothers me anymore. When the feeling comes up I quickly force myself to do what I was going to do before the feeling of anxiety became overwhelming.

    [–] It really is Southernish_History 1 points ago in antiwork

    Start your own business! Work less and make more

    [–] Hahaha! Southernish_History -6 points ago in funny

    It’s best now, the current guy can even speak English lol