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    [–] Why do most Lunas not build manta anymore SpaceGhost379 10 points ago in TrueDoTA2

    I think the main reason it has fallen out of popularity is the return of MoM as a farm accelerator over Manta.

    [–] Notes in piano roll not always playing back when clicked SpaceGhost379 1 points ago in StudioOne

    Audition Notes. On the left side of the MIDI editor. I think that's what you're looking for!

    [–] Can't Miss Restaurants in Chattanooga? SpaceGhost379 3 points ago in Chattanooga

    Taco Mamacita has some really good food (Peruvian Chicken/nachos), their tacos are so underwhelming. Pretty much everything is overpriced. Taconooga is just a short walk away and 100x better

    [–] How to make a staircase your bitch SpaceGhost379 19 points ago in blackpeoplegifs

    Good point. Someone has definitely injured themselves trying to jump down that exact staircase on a skateboard. Probably took multiple tries falling as well!

    [–] 5:55 SpaceGhost379 2 points ago in phish

    I love the album version, but it always sounds empty without the horns live. It could be a really cool jam vehicle, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

    [–] Heating up a dab after a long week SpaceGhost379 61 points ago in trees

    And everyone in the aisle was doing it!

    [–] Lion showing her joy at seeing her old caretaker visiting her at her new sanctuary. SpaceGhost379 6 points ago in AnimalsBeingBros

    It's more likely for us to come down on him like the crashing of 1000 waves, but castration works too

    [–] I'm not're crying! SpaceGhost379 493 points ago in DunderMifflin

    He even says something along the lines of "wow, nobody from work came and I brought my brother" as if he is doing her a favor. That, and "Your art, was the best art, of all the art"..

    Don't be a Roy

    [–] An egg falls out of the pair of jeans Frank lifts up when Frank and Charlie are boiling denim SpaceGhost379 73 points ago in IASIP

    IIRC the first mention of hard boiled eggs is S5E8, Paddy's Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens. Gotta have one to keep on your desk!

    [–] Negative Nancy thread SpaceGhost379 3 points ago in Umphreys

    Right there with you on that one! "In the Kitchen" is the same way for me. Forever chasing one as great as 4/1/14 in Chattanooga. Great jam that ended up becoming "Rocktopus"!

    [–] EG Day 2 SpaceGhost379 1 points ago in DotA2

    And sold to the butcher in the store

    [–] Obama and Putin at the G20 summit SpaceGhost379 1 points ago in pics

    The most underrated actor in Hollywood

    [–] GOP nominates Trump for president SpaceGhost379 1 points ago in politics

    Reddit News: We'll Finger Anything with a Pulse

    [–] Dave Mirra Dead -- BMX Legend Dies at 41 ... Apparent Suicide SpaceGhost379 1 points ago in sports

    If you've never played the "skate" series, I highly recommend you check them out if you like extreme sports games. They are more realistic than THPS (still highly unrealistic), and the dual stick input feels really natural once you get used to it.

    [–] I just want to be pure... SpaceGhost379 10 points ago in IASIP

    Not too hard, not toooo soft..

    [–] A massive piece of Jade. SpaceGhost379 10 points ago in pics

    "You can see by these cahhvings"

    [–] Underrated moment in the PT SpaceGhost379 30 points ago in StarWars

    Not only is he destroying democracy, he is using it as a weapon!