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    [–] Planning a trip to Tennessee SpaceGhost379 3 points ago in AskPhotography

    If you have the time, I would highly recommend taking a day or two to visit Chattanooga as well. It's a beautiful city with a lot of easily accessible trails really close to the downtown area!

    [–] Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve Found a Unicorn SpaceGhost379 5 points ago in Bass

    He's my favorite member for this exact reason. Also, he is the one that wrote the Dean Town melody IIRC. He has such a subtle impact on their presence as a band, but his parts are always EXACTLY what the song needs.

    [–] My latest acrylic painting. Getting super weird with it. SpaceGhost379 189 points ago in pics

    This painting seems like if Dali made a 70s prog rock album cover. I'm getting some serious Yes vibes from this. Awesome work!

    [–] Single player World of Warcraft SpaceGhost379 1 points ago in gamingsuggestions

    Was it Guild Wars? Never played any of these games personally, but I had a friend that was very into both.

    [–] Thanks Ovechkin. SpaceGhost379 3 points ago in caps

    I love that they waited until the Caps were completely finished with their summer with the Cup to make this announcement. Let them have their fun with the team, then make a very reasonable rule change for the future. Let people keep doing ridiculous shit with the Cup, but also keep it safe.

    [–] Jamiroquai - Canned Heat [Funk/Rock] SpaceGhost379 14 points ago in Music

    All of the Jamiroquai discography will scratch that itch for you. Their later stuff gets more electronic, but it's still amazing music. Also check out the band Incognito.

    [–] JAY BEAGLE APPRECIATION THREAD SpaceGhost379 2 points ago in caps

    Serious bummer as a Caps fan, but very happy for him as a Beagle fan. He's been a hard worker ever since I started watching hockey in 08-09. I remember him being one of the top prospects from Hershey in NHL 09. Definitely the right way to go though. On top.

    [–] What was your favorite underrated moment from the Cup run? SpaceGhost379 18 points ago in caps

    The time when the Tampa fans were yelling "HOLTBY" when they had scored ZERO goals that game.

    Or whenever Ovi scored a late goal in one of the Penguins games, and Ovi ran into the glass where a Pens fan had his beer. Watching that guy give Ovi the middle finger was hilarious!

    [–] Studying music theroy SpaceGhost379 2 points ago in musictheory

    The Guitar Handbook will get you SO far with a couple of reads.

    You can learn theory on any instrument (bass for me), but chordal instruments like piano or guitar will probably help speed things up. Theory is an immensely broad topic, so just go in with a positive attitude and willingness to learn! Keep revisiting things that don't make sense. I couldn't tell you how many times I've studied the circle of fifths and said "Oh, now I get it", but I know I still don't fully understand it. There is ALWAYS something that you don't know. See that as an opportunity, not a hindrance

    [–] Getting a trick shot hole in one SpaceGhost379 4 points ago in sports

    You can clearly see another camera on a tripod in the second shot. We don't see the footage from the guy w/ the phone.

    [–] Happy Cinco de Cuatro Everybody! SpaceGhost379 29 points ago in arresteddevelopment

    I just thought today how Cinco de Cuatro will be at the end of the new season 4. I'm very excited to watch this remix, just because how crucial that event was for the entire season. Saving that until the end will end up great!

    [–] Nothing screams first world problem more than trying to decide which piece of your food you want to eat last cause the last flavor in your mouth matters. SpaceGhost379 471 points ago in Showerthoughts

    This just gave me some serious customer flashbacks to my old serving job at a steak house. I once had a customer order salmon well done with "no pink" lol.

    Luckily, the grill cook was one of the nicest people I have ever met. Cody, if you're reading this, you are the man!

    [–] [DISCUSSION] GK Bass Amps SpaceGhost379 1 points ago in Bass

    I've been playing on a GK 1000rb through a GK 115 neo cab and I LOVE it. I've gigged regularly with it for around 4 years now, and I've only recently started having issues with a couple of pots. My buddy has one of the backline series amps, and it sounds great as well!

    [–] Quick maths SpaceGhost379 14 points ago in IdiotsFightingThings

    The stolen money would be covered by insurance. But if someone stepped in and got hurt, the company will probably have to pay some sort of medical bills.

    [–] Why do most Lunas not build manta anymore SpaceGhost379 9 points ago in TrueDoTA2

    I think the main reason it has fallen out of popularity is the return of MoM as a farm accelerator over Manta.

    [–] Notes in piano roll not always playing back when clicked SpaceGhost379 1 points ago in StudioOne

    Audition Notes. On the left side of the MIDI editor. I think that's what you're looking for!

    [–] Can't Miss Restaurants in Chattanooga? SpaceGhost379 3 points ago in Chattanooga

    Taco Mamacita has some really good food (Peruvian Chicken/nachos), their tacos are so underwhelming. Pretty much everything is overpriced. Taconooga is just a short walk away and 100x better